The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness - v2 Chapter 5707 It must be very cool.

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Chapter 5707 must be very cool.

Just in the moment when Vala was in the belly, Ye Jian followed a right leg and swept it again to the right side of Vala.

Vala raised her right hand, experiencing fierce light in her eyes, blocking Ye Jian's leg, and using her own iron-clamped left hand, trying to catch Ye Jian's calf.

"Chinese armed police, huh, huh, tonight, let's see if you die, or I die." Vala's smile, leaves, shrubs swaying wildly, like two beasts in the fight.

Ye Jian is able to understand the Burmese language. The eyebrows are high and pick up, smirking. "Of course you are dead, I live."

After she finished, she slammed her feet up and climbed the branches of a thick arm with her arms. With her arms as the support point, all the strength was poured into the legs.

"Call..." That was the sweeping leg, and the wind that swept out.


The branches were swept off by the legs of the leaves, and a twig was drawn to the face of Vala, who was lying on the floor. Immediately, she pulled a trace on the face of Vala, which was hot and painful.

Ye Jian chuckles, "How do you feel? It must be very cool."

This is a psychological tactic. The previous Ye Jian did not like to talk before the fight. He felt that when he said that he would play, he would be very unsettled.

But later, her summer team told him that while playing and saying that it is a tactic, you must know what to say, turn the words into a weapon that breaks the other's self-confidence, or anger the other, then you can take the opportunity to find Out of the weak point of the other side, and then wait for the opportunity to shoot, quickly and quickly, to maintain physical strength into the next fight.

Ye Jian remembers what the Xia team said.

The recidivism she faced was the Kachin Vara, a guy who lived in the depths of the jungle for many years. Hunting was his skill. He changed his perspective. At this moment, she is the prey in the eyes of Vara. Becoming a prey yourself is to quickly solve this hunter with strong physical strength and endurance!

Prey kills the hunter, good, very energetic!

The sound of the fighting in the jungle is extraordinarily large. The sound of the branches of the "哗哗" has never been broken, and the sound of the leaves is broken in the middle, which makes the whole atmosphere more thrilling.

Vara’s bottom is a light enemy. He did not put the Chinese armed police in his eyes. He did not put the leaflet as a woman in his eyes. The enemy on the battlefield was enough to kill people.

He did not know that he was facing an armed police, but a special soldier.

The chest was smashed by the leaves, and the whole person fell behind, and then hit the back of the tree and hit the tree. He bumped into his chest and tumbling, and there was no next move. A black shadow passed through the leaves, like a dress. The sharp arrow on the string came straight to him.

At this moment, Vala, the pupils tightened, and there was a panic.

Vala subconsciously went down, knowing that Ye Jane directly hit his throat.

"Drink!" In the eyes of the blind man, there was a low whistling sound. Ye Jian put all his strength on his left leg and stepped on the throat of Vala.

I only heard the sound of the neck vertebrae slamming, and the head seemed to shift in a moment, and Vala fell silently, lying still in the bushes.

Ye Jane put away his left leg and carefully walked to the front of Vara. Two fingers of his right hand were stretched out to explore the breath of Vala who had fallen to the ground. He took his pulse and confirmed the inanimate character. At the location of the flood, an "OK" gesture was made.

Wara, who was quickly resolved, did not understand until she died. She was looking for the best hidden point and why it was discovered.

I will see you tomorrow.

(End of this chapter)

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