The Mysterious World Under Steampunk - Chapter 1610 dryad friend

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The latest website: The scene that the tree demon Rutasi showed after entering the forest made Leo think of the black forest.

The ability to let the forest automatically avoid a path and attract friendly beasts, insects, etc. in the forest is the innate ability of the tree demon. It can also be said to be the ability bestowed by the white deer, but this ability is not in all forests. It can only be effective in the black forest. Once it leaves the black forest, only the white deer can use this ability, and the tree demon's innate ability is like disappearing.

In fact, not only this ability, but many abilities and talents of the Dryad are related to the Black Forest. Living in the Black Forest, the Dryad is a powerful and extraordinary race. Once it leaves the Black Forest, the Dryad is just an ordinary It is only an intelligent creature, so the tree demon will rarely leave the black forest if it is not necessary. These are the group secrets that Leo inquired from the tree demon when he lived in the black forest.

Now the tree demon Lutasi can actually use her innate abilities in the green emerald forest, which means that this green emerald forest is also a part of the black forest, just like the black forest in the world of Velen.

However, after traveling for a while, Leo felt that something was wrong again, because if it was really a black forest, then there should be a lot of extraordinary creatures living in the green emerald forest, but his spiritual net and reality The number of extraordinary creatures discovered by the Eye during this period is less than ten, which is really small.

Although there were doubts in his heart, Leo did not ask the tree demon Lutasi who was leading the way in front of him, but followed him silently.

After running at full speed for about a morning, the tree demon Lutassi suddenly stopped. From behind her, she could see her tail and ears flapping in circles, her hooves pacing in place, as if she was on the spot. Hesitate about something.

"I want to take a detour to see a friend." After hesitating for a moment, she suddenly turned her head and said to Leo. At this time, her tone was not asking Leo, but telling Leo her plan directly.

Leo was not in a hurry, and was also curious about who the tree demon Lutassi's friends were, because he remembered that people in this world could not see the tree demon Lutasi, and it seemed impossible for the tree demon Lutasi in this situation. It's good to have friends, so driven by curiosity, he nodded and agreed with the other party's idea.

Seeing that Leo agreed, the tree demon Lutaxi also showed a smile, then turned around and walked towards the southeast, Leo followed closely.

Not long after walking, the two came to a small pond deep in the forest.

It is said to be a pond, but it is actually more like a lake. Judging from the regular circular shape of the pond, this pond should have been dug out in the depths of the forest, and if you see the villa building opposite the pond, you can also guess it here. Someone's vacation place.

Whether it is the construction scale of the opposite holiday villa or the construction area of ​​the artificial pond, it can be inferred that the manpower, material resources and financial resources spent on building these things are definitely not a small amount, and the entire West Green Emerald Forest area has money, power and power. There is only one person who can do this, and that is the West Green Emerald Count Family.

In Leo's memory, the current West Green Emerald Earl is definitely a rare war madman in the Middle Kingdom, and also a few local nobles who do not give Barbarisa any face.

This West Green Emerald Earl has been out for years to fight against his feud, Roro Hill, since he succeeded him. After more than twenty years, he returned to his West Green Emerald Palace to handle political affairs for no more than ten days, and the rest of the time was spent. Commanding the army in the border area of ​​the West Green Emerald area, and during this time all the government affairs of West Green Emerald were handed over to his palace minister and countess, and his behavior also directly led to the people of the West Green Emerald area. Many mistakenly believe that their lord is the countess.

Also because he stayed with the army all the year round, the West Green Emerald Earl's behavior was extremely rude and arrogant, without any noble demeanor. Although he was loved by his army and soldiers, it made the Central The other nobles in the kingdom greatly despised and hated him, especially when he rudely shredded the mediation letter sent by Barbarisa and stripped the messenger naked, the nobles in the Middle Kingdom were basically gone. He was excluded from the aristocratic lineage, and even the other two bloodlines in the Green Emerald Region cut off contact with him.

According to the behavior of this West Green Emerald Earl, he should have long ago lost the support of other noble lords and had no backup materials, the army was scattered, and he was defeated in the battle with Roro Hill, but in fact he was fighting with Roro Hill. In the war of Roro Hill, there were winners and losers, and he even won more battles, and he never lacked logistical materials. The countess who is the envy of most noble lords in the kingdom.

The internal affairs ability of this countess is of course needless to say. During the 20-year campaign of the West Green Emerald Count, the finances of the West Green Emerald region did not collapse, and the private taxation did not increase. The overall atmosphere was extremely stable. Everything can be said to be the result of the Countess's outstanding performance in government affairs.

In addition to government affairs, diplomacy is also the countess' outstanding ability. Unlike the Countess of West Green Emerald, who is disgusted by dogs, the Countess of West Green Emerald is the darling of the aristocratic circle in the Middle Kingdom. The noble lady's tea party will inevitably send the countess the highest standard invitation letter, which shows her status in the aristocratic circle of the Middle Kingdom.

It is precisely because of this countess' mediation that the various war materials needed by the West Green Emerald Earl can be purchased smoothly and delivered to the front line. It is no exaggeration to say that the entire West Green Emerald region has returned. It exists entirely because the countess is still alive, otherwise, the West Green Emerald region would have long since disappeared.

As for whether the Countess of West Green Emerald knew about his wife's important letter, there is no doubt about that. Just from his rude behavior and irritable personality, he heard unsightly rumors among the people, such as the Countess's lover relationship with the palace minister. , after the rumors that his daughter might be someone else's, he still didn't dare to question or get angry in front of the Countess, so he could feel who the real ruler of the West Green Emerald region really was.

Just as Leo was recalling the relevant information about the Count of West Green Emerald and other dignitaries, his mental net sensed that a group of people were coming out of the villa opposite the pond, so he looked around and saw that it was A group of uniformly dressed servants, men and women, surrounded a girl in a wheelchair. The girl was dressed in gorgeous clothes, and the accessories on her body were either gold or gems. Although the girl had a beautiful face, she There seems to be a problem with his eyes, the eyeballs are glass-like and have no pupils, looking like a pair of fake eyeballs made of precious stones.

Looking at the group of servants guarding the girl, and looking at the security guards of the nervous girls around, Leo easily guessed that the girl's identity should be the daughter of the West Green Emerald Earl, known as Lady Devina of West Green Emerald Light.

"Is she your friend?" Watching those servants push the noble girl into the pavilion next to the pond, and the maid carried her to the prepared soft slump in the pavilion, Leo asked the tree demon Lutaxi knowingly. asked.

"Yes." The tree demon Lutaxi nodded and replied.

In fact, Leo didn't need the tree demon Lutaxi to answer, he already knew the answer, because his spiritual net could feel that there was a power belonging to the tree demon in the girl, this power was not hurting the girl, but It's like maintaining the balance of power in the girl's body, because this girl contains an extremely powerful power, and this power is innate to her, but she can't control it, so this power does not give her. Whatever the girl does, it keeps hurting her, and now the girl's eyes and legs are the result of that force.

If there is no dryad power in the girl to maintain the balance, then the girl may have been killed by her own power now, and judging from the purity and concentration of the dryad power in the girl, it is obvious that the dryad Lutasi has more than Once the power was injected into the girl's body, it could undoubtedly be judged that the relationship between the tree demon Lutaxi and the West Green Emerald Light was not just a simple friend.

It's just that Leo is not particularly interested in the relationship between the tree demon Lutaxi and the noble girl. He is more interested in the girl herself, because judging from the current situation of the girl, this noble girl is likely to be a noble girl. Witch.

After coming to this world for such a long time, from the new continent to the old continent, I have passed through many countries, met many people, and collected all kinds of information related to extraordinary power. Leo and Sylvia have never been there. This world sees any information related to witches.

In this world, there are many women with extraordinary power, but some of them also have their own power, or their souls, or their blood, but these women are not witches. How to define a witch and what kind of power they have The power is the witch. There is no conclusion about these, and the way to find the witch is also very simple, that is, the feeling. There is a feeling between the witch and the witch, and Leo can imitate the power of the witch. Naturally, I have that feeling. , and now the noble girl in the pavilion on the other side of the pond makes him feel like a witch, and she is a witch who is not awake, and from the situation that Leo has grasped now, she may also be the only one in this world. witch.

According to Sylvia, a witch is no different from an ordinary woman at first. Only after two awakenings can she qualify as a witch. One awakening is the awakening of the soul, and one awakening is the awakening of power. , Under normal circumstances, witches wake up their souls only after their powers are awakened. Only a few witches with special abilities will awaken their souls first, and these two awakenings will happen in succession, one of which is basically one of them. After the end, another awakening will be opened immediately. In this case, after two awakenings, the witch not only has the power of the witch, but also has the method of using and practicing the power of the witch.

And now this noble lady Devina seems to have only completed the power awakening, but the soul awakening has not been turned on, which leads to the fact that she has the power of the witch in her body, but there is no corresponding control and practice of the power of the witch. method, this should be the main reason for her current bad state.

As for the reason for this, it is likely that the witch's power in this noble lady was passively triggered by some kind of opportunity or external force.

Thinking of this, Leo turned to look at the tree demon Lutaxi and asked, "Did you cause the power in her body?"

"What nonsense are you talking about! How could I hurt my friend?" The tree demon Lutassi glared at Leo with dissatisfaction, and said, "It was already like this when I met her, I only wanted to save her. Injecting the power of nature into her body."

Just as she was speaking, the noble girl seemed to be instructing the servants to leave. Perhaps it was not the first time they had heard such an order. , and then left the pavilion one after another, only those guards were still watching the surrounding movement in the woods not far from the pavilion.

"Let's go over there!" Seeing that there was only one noble girl left, the tree demon Lutaxi was about to leave, but she suddenly stopped and asked Leo, "Can you be invisible?"

"Yes." At the same time as Leo replied, he used his psionic energy to create a layer of light and shadow illusion to wrap himself around, which looked almost like being invisible.

Seeing that Leo had achieved the effect of invisibility so easily, the tree demon Rutasi was also a little surprised, but she did not ask more, but walked towards the opposite side of the pond, her hooves stepping on the water like a As if stepping on the ground, there was not even a single ripple.

Leo also followed and placed his psychic energy directly on his feet. The whole person slid on the water like ice skating. He followed the tree demon Lutaxi to the other side of the After the two landed, She walked directly into the pavilion. The moment she entered the pavilion, the noble girl seemed to sense the arrival of Leo and the tree demon Lutaxi, stood up, turned to look at the two, and asked: " Are you here? My friend." After speaking, she hesitated again and said, "It seems that there is a new friend."

Although the girl looked at her and felt as if she had seen through the invisible self, Leo knew very well that the other party only felt the slight fluctuations in the surrounding energy, thus determining their position. This situation and spirit The net is somewhat similar, but the difference is that the other party seems to not only feel himself, but even feel the tree demon Lutaxi who is between reality and shadow at this time.

"Yes, my friend." When the tree demon Lutaxi heard the question, she also answered, but her answer was useless, because of her special state, except for Leo, the world's One cannot hear her voice.

But the noble girl in front of her didn't seem to need to hear the tree demon Lutaxi to know what the other party was saying, as if she took the words without hindrance, but also seemed to be talking to herself, saying, "It's been a while since we last met. It's been a month, and I miss you a little."

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