The Rebirth of the Giants - Chapter 1204 No more regrets! (over)

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   Chapter 1204 No regrets! (over)

  She walked over and sat down, smiling and asking, "What do you think?"

Lu Haoting glanced at her and said with a smile: "It's nothing, just think, time is so fast, when we were in Jiangzhou, you were so young! When Xiaoyu was a teenager, he didn't have much relationship with me. Well, I’m busy with my business outside and don’t go home much."

   "Because you are here, I just know that this little guy has admired me very much since he was a child, and he wanted to help my big brother to strengthen the mainland family."

  "This flash, many years have passed, and now, the little guy is going to have a family, and there are children!"

   Gu Yunxi smiled and leaned on his shoulder, "What's the matter? Feeling old?"

   "I don't think my brother Hao Ting is old. He is obviously as handsome as before, no one can compare him!"

  Lu Haoting happily, stretched out his hand to hug her and lay in his arms, looking at her with a smile in his pitch-black eyes, "Tell me, since when did you like me?"

Gu Yunxi smiled, "I don’t know, I’ve been on your thief ship since I was a child, and later found out that you were pretty good, so I just stayed with you. After all, you are rich and handsome, in case you can’t find a better one. , Am I losing a lot?"

   Lu Haoting angrily said: "You say it again?"

   Gu Yunxi smiled with curved brows and eyes, and slightly sat up close to his chest, hugging his waist.

   "Actually, I don't know when it was. When I was a child, you raised it. Later I found out that I can't live without you. At that time, I only felt that I was safest only by your side."

  "You are my greatest confidence. Brother Haoting loves me the most. You are my heart, the softest and most vulnerable forever to rely on. No one can replace it!"

  Lu Haoting hugged her, kissed her on the forehead, and said gently, "Do you want to be home? After the New Year, I will take you back again?"

  Gu Yunxi paused, "What's the matter?"

   "It's nothing, just feel that you had a hard time when you were a child, and finally found your family, but you have to stay with me in the Lu family. Everyone has their own home, but unfortunately you don't."

   "No matter how nice the Lu family is to you, this is the place where I grew up, with memories of my childhood, but unfortunately without you, the feeling in my heart is different."

   "I often take you back for a walk. Your relatives are in the Zhuge imperial clan. You haven't had much contact with them since you were a child. Now that you grow up, you have to go back and see more."

  Gu Yunxi smiled, "Okay! This is what you said, after that, we will go back once a year."

"By the way, I contacted my family before. Mom and Dad said they would come to see me! There are also a few older brothers. The older brother will definitely stay at home to manage the country. He doesn't have so much free time, but the other brothers just It's different!"

  Lu Haoting was taken aback, "That's okay! When will they come? I will arrange a place for them to live."

  "The specifics have not yet been determined, but it should be at the end of the year."

   "At that time, we will accompany them to celebrate the New Year."



  Gradually outside the window, a light rain began. The two sat in front of the French windows, looking at the garden in the rain outside the window. Time flies and fleeting, Lu Haoyu, who was in his teens, is now about to get married and have children.

  Gu Yunxi leaned against Lu Haoting’s arms, listening to the sound of rain outside the window, thinking about his past and present.

  In this life, I finally lived what I dreamed of, no regrets!

  My friends, it’s summer vacation. I hope you all have a nice summer vacation and hope that the flood will pass soon!

  Here, it's all over, good night!

  (End of this chapter)

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