The Side Character's Hidden Boss! - Chapter 315 - Continue the Program

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Chapter 315: Continue the Program

Translator: Lonelytree

Orchid touched her duck mask, “To be honest, he is not our biggest problem. Did you notice that starlet?”

Kerria and Edelweiss followed Orchid’s finger. Edelweiss gasped in shock. “Wait… wasn’t she the one from the cruise ship? Why is she here?”

When they were at 22 High School, dealing with those students, the organization had set its sights on her. Later they learned she was an artist from Huan Yu. Once this identity was revealed, it caused quite a ripple among the organization.

It was why Mo Li was invited to Goddess of the Sea. However, the invitations were intercepted by the higher-up in the organization every time.

Dong Yun loved to ruin underage girls so he tempted his fate much too often. He kept demanding Mo Li to be on the cruise. It was why Flower Appraisal approached Yu Xuan to use her hands to deal with Dong Yun.

“Is she part of our organization?” Edelweiss asked. After all, Mo Li meant jasmine in Chinese. It was also a type of flower.

The organization had recruited another new little girl as a member? Edelweiss was rather annoyed when she thought about it. Initially, their organization didn’t have that many girls but for some reason, the number of female members suddenly increased and people started to call them a brothel.

“Keep her information from the internet for now. Before we find out her connection to the higher-up, we mustn’t make rash steps.”

“Understood.” Kerria yawned lazily. Such a shame that she could not kill this Mo Li, she loved ruining great minds.

Back on the island, Xiao Rui reached a standstill with the celebrities. “What we need to do now is to contact the outside world and then send in the nearest police force!” Xiao Rui said seriously. His superior sent him to this mission probably to prevent this from happening. But now 2 people had died and they still had no idea what was really happening.

“It’ll take some time to repair the power box. Before that, we have no signal. We might as well continue the shoot.” Zhu Wen said calmly like the death of the 2 people had nothing to do with her.

This intrigued Mo Li. She was suspicious of Zhu Wen. She was a coroner so she was used to being around dead bodies but what about Zhu Wen? Why was she so calm?

“I personally don’t think we should make a big deal out of this. So what if 2 people have died? We should deal with them quietly and arrange 2 replacements for them. Or else it’ll be a waste of the popularity the show has earned.” Jin Chuan groused and Chu Guang concurred. Finally, they were gathering fame, how could they stop the program now?

“That’s right. We will not show the two victims in the final edit. And we can find new blood to join us. We already have a waiting list. The program team will explain to the audience what happened to the two. After all, I’m sure this is just an accident.

“At the time, we were all at the campsite and only the two of them were missing. They were probably sneaking off to do some nasty things and got caught in the trap.”

Zeng Jia had to pull her eyes away. Just the smell of blood was enough to turn her stomach. She couldn’t imagine that Mo Li had touched Qian Yao’s body.

Xiao Rui and An Wan were surprised by these people’s heartlessness. Even after 2 deaths, they still wanted to continue the show.

The crew who was repairing the yacht reported that the engine had died. So they would have to seek rescue through a smaller ship.

After Qian Yao and Lin An died, Zhu Wen had the rookies from Huan Yu and Le Yun take over their spots. No one seemed to care that much about Qian Yao and Lin An’s death. A simple cordon was set up around the crime scene to prevent people from approaching and that was all.

Everyone agreed that the shooting should continue.

Zhu Wen smiled as the cameramen set up the equipment. “Let us continue then. First, we’ll have a little game called truth or dare to warm up!”

Chu Guang glanced at Zhu Wen. He assumed this would just entail a few unimportant questions. He had to snatch this opportunity to attract new fans.

“I volunteer to go first!” Chu Guang stood up.

Zhu Wen smiled satisfactorily at him. Then she asked someone to bring out the polygraph.

Chu Guang was shocked when he saw the machine but since he had volunteered, he had to carry on.

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