The Sovereign's Ascension - Chapter 1188 - Sword Fanatic, Zhao Yan

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Chapter 1188 - Sword Fanatic, Zhao Yan

Feng Xiaoyu’s words caused an uproar in the plaza, especially among the local geniuses from the city. All of them could feel their blood boiling because Lin Yun was an outsider, and he was no one compared to Feng Xiaoyu. Furthermore, Feng Xiaoyu described Lin Yun as a bully, so no one was willing to let Lin Yun leave now.

Feng Xiaoyu sneered inwardly when she saw this scene because she didn’t want Lin Yun to leave when the fun was just beginning.

Lin Yun looked at the youth in front of him, knowing that this was all orchestrated by Feng Xiaoyu. He said, “I blinded your younger sister. I’m not someone who won’t admit my actions, but she wanted to blind me first.”

“It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you blinded my younger sister. Whoever loses this fight will blind themselves. If you want to leave after that, I won’t stop you.” Chen Ying looked at Lin Yun with killing intent brewing in his pupils.

Seeing how unreasonable Chen Ying was, Lin Yun stopped being polite to him, “Get lost.”

“You don’t have a choice! You have to fight even if you don’t want to!” Chen Ying stomped his foot on the ground and charged toward Lin Yun. He wasn’t in a hurry to use his holy spirit martial technique and merely relied on his astral energy to attack.

Anyone could tell that Chen Ying was a lot stronger than Yan Zijing. As Lin Yun squinted his eyes, a cold light flashed through his pupils. Releasing his sword aura, Lin Yun instantly became unfathomable like a mountain. It made Chen Ying feel as though he was stuck in a sea of mud. Lin Yun was clearly just standing before him, but his sword couldn’t reach Lin Yun no matter how he tried.

W-What’s going on? Chen Ying was consumed by fear and quickly retreated. But just when he took half a step back, Lin Yun had already drawn his sword. A dragon roar sounded out, destroying Chen Ying’s sword, and the powerful wind forced him to close his eyes.

Half a moment later, he recovered and opened his eyes. When he looked at Lin Yun once more, his eyes were filled with fear, “I lost…”

“Leave your eyes behind then,” said Lin Yun.

“D-D-Don’t…” Chen Ying squinted his eyes upon hearing Lin Yun’s words. As his legs began to tremble, he sobbed, “I-I was only joking. Furthermore, don’t you want to leave? I’ll clear the way for you.”

But a sword ray lit up in the next second that stabbed Chen Ying in the eyes, causing him to fall to the ground while screaming in pain. The scream was so loud that everyone looked at Lin Yun cautiously. They weren’t prepared for his ruthlessness.

Both Yan Zijing and Chen Ying were defeated by Lin Yun with just one sword. One’s throat was sliced while the other person was blinded. It was the first time in Sword Assembly history that such a bloody event occurred.

“How the hell is he so strong?!” Feng Xiaoyu’s face was ugly on the platform because the two people she had prepared were nothing before Lin Yun.

Sheathing his sword, Lin Yun gave Chen Ying a kick, sending him flying like a ragdoll, “Who are you to stand in my way when I want to leave?”

“This fellow is too arrogant…” Many geniuses gritted their teeth wanting to teach Lin Yun a lesson. However, they all knew that if they had to restrict their strength in the Heavenly Soul Realm, the majority of them wouldn’t be able to beat Lin Yun. If they went up recklessly, they would only end up like Chen Ying.

Just when silence enveloped the entire plaza, a person slowly landed on the stage and stood in Lin Yun’s path, “Brother Lin, don’t be in a hurry to leave. You’re definitely capable of participating in this Sword Assembly with your strength. It just seems like there was a misunderstanding about the invitation.”

Lin Yun raised his head to look at this person. It was Zhao Yan, one of the four experts of the Sword Assembly, ranked within the top 1,000 on the Empyrean Ranking.

The Empyrean Ranking covered the entire Eastern Desolation, with the first tier ranging from one through 1,000.

“You’re going to leave just like that? I believe you didn’t enjoy fighting with those two pieces of garbage. Fight me. I’m sure that you will enjoy our fight. I’m just not sure if I’ll find it interesting!” Zhao Yan squinted his eyes with his pupils radiating brightly when he looked at Lin Yun.

Looking at Zhao Yan, Lin Yun merely smiled, “You’re thinking too highly of me. The Sword Assembly is too dirty, and I have no interest in it.”

“You’re afraid of me?” Zhao Yan smiled. “You still have a chance of winning since I have to restrict my cultivation to the Heavenly Soul Realm. Since you’re from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect, I believe that you’ve practiced the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords. Let me experience it!”

On the platforms, everyone who heard what Zhao Yan said was surprised because they didn’t think that Lin Yun could pique Zhao Yan’s interest. After all, Zhao Yan’s ranking was too high.

“Just what’s so special about him? He’s only in the Heavenly Soul Realm. How can he possibly fight Zhao Yan!” Feng Xiaoyu’s face was dark. She was clearly unhappy about Zhao Yan’s words that embarrassed her. After all, he made it seem like she was the one fooling around and causing trouble.

Gongsun Yan, who was the strongest, smiled, “He’s not a simple person in the Heavenly Soul Realm.”

“Oh?” His words instantly drew everyone’s attention.

“His first sword wasn’t bad. A lot of people here can still deal with Yan Zijing, so it didn’t mean much. But the second sword wasn’t easy to deal with, and only those with sky sword intent know how strong his sword aura is. Zhao Yan is known to be a sword fanatic. Since someone has caught his attention, he naturally won’t be concerned with the other party’s identity.” Gongsun Yan continued.

Everyone was shocked when they heard Gongsun Yan’s strong evaluation of Lin Yun. But Feng Xingyang retorted coldly since he naturally had to protect Feng Xiaoyu, “You think that highly of him?”

Gongsun Yan continued with a smile, “We’ll know soon enough.”

Regardless of Gongsun Yan’s strength or reputation, he was the strongest among the younger generation. In fact, he was a popular candidate.

His words had caused a huge wave that made everyone more interested in the battle between Zhao Yan and Lin Yun.

Back on the stage, a voice sounded beside Lin Yun’s ears when he was facing Zhao Yan, “Brother Lin, this scar faced man is a sword fanatic. Since you have become his target, he won’t let you go even if you leave the Sword Assembly. You have to fight him.”

Ye Feifan sent the message to Lin Yun. He was smiling and winking at Lin Yun trying to flatter Lin Yun.

“He’s right. I’ll chase after you even if you leave the sword assembly,” smiled Zhao Yan with fighting spirits brewing in his pupils. “Fight me!”

Lin Yun thought for a moment before he smiled, “Interesting. It’ll be interesting to fight a sword fanatic like you. Let’s go then.”

“Don’t disappoint me then!” Zhao Yan snickered and summoned a black longsword from the sword box he was carrying. “The name of this sword is Lightning Shadow. Its core is a seventh-grade lightning saint rune. It has 300 saint runes, and I used it once to slay eight lesser Elysium Core Realm experts!”

“Flower Burial,” replied Lin Yun.

“That sword of yours isn’t a saint artifact, right? I’m not used to using another sword. You can borrow a saint sword from the Hidden Sword Pavilion, and I believe the pavilion master will give me face to do this,” smiled Zhao Yan before he turned to look at Feng Xuanzi.

“Permitted,” said Feng Xuanzi. The moment he agreed to it, ten sword servants flew onto the stage while holding onto sword boxes. There was no question that the sword boxes all contained a saint artifact, and the quality definitely wouldn’t be inferior to Lightning Shadow.

Seeing that Feng Xuanzi actually agreed to lend Lin Yun a sword, the atmosphere instantly became tense. THey had a feeling that the Sword Assembly had finally begun.

“Young Master Lin, pick one. Furthermore, you don’t have to return it,” said the sword servants proudly.

“Take all of them, Brother Lin. The Hidden Sword Pavilion is rich, and they won’t mind it.” Ye Feifan smiled and his words made the sword servants’ lips twitch.

The sword servant who stood at the front glared at Lin Yun because he was really worried that Lin Yun would take all ten swords. But Lin Yun didn’t even open the sword boxes before rejecting their offer, “No need. Flower Burial is enough for me.”

“You sure about that?”

Lin Yun nodded his head, which made the sword servants lock their brows together. However, they didn’t hesitate to leave. This also made everyone baffled and wondered if Lin Yun was courting death.

Zhao Yan was briefly stunned before he smiled, “No worries. I can understand you. Since you don’t wish to change your sword, then I won’t take advantage of you. Consider it my loss if you can last ten moves from me.”

The moment he finished speaking, he sensed a cold gaze directed at him. When he raised his head, he saw that Lin Yun was staring at him coldly. “You’ve already restricted your cultivation to the Heavenly Soul Realm, so you can’t unleash all the power of your saint artifact. I won’t be satisfied with just ten moves. You better fight for real because I won’t give you another chance if you lose.”

When Zhao Yan heard what Lin Yun said, the smile on his face froze as his expression became solemn.

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