The Sovereign's Ascension - Chapter 1189 - Fight Zhao Yan (1)

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Chapter 1189 - Fight Zhao Yan (1)

The moment Lin Yun finished speaking, his aura and Zhao Yan’s aura changed. They immediately started attacking each other. At this moment, they were focused on trying to find the other person’s flaws.

“Zhao Yan is someone ranked in the top thousand and he even has a decent reputation in the Eastern Desolation. There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of his name. Even lesser Elysium Core Realm experts can’t fight him once he uses his saint artifact.”

“I wonder where that weirdo came from to dare to act so arrogantly. He’s not even an empyrean! He should feel proud that Zhao Yan is willing to fight him.”

“Interesting. He refused the saint artifact offered by the Hidden Sword Pavilion. Does he think that his sword is a divine artifact?” No one was optimistic about Lin Yun, but it wasn’t surprising because Zhao Yan was famous.

The fact that Zhao Yan was in the top 1,000 on the Empyrean Ranking that had no age limit was a testament to his talent. Everyone knew how terrifying Zhao Yan’s ranking was since there were tens of millions of empyreans.

Everyone here was confident of Zhao Yan’s strength, and all of them felt that Zhao Yan would be able to crush Lin Yun before he ran out of moves.

As for Zhao Yan, he wasn’t as optimistic as the crowd. His expression gradually became solemn when he saw that Lin Yun was terrifyingly calm. When he ran out of patience in the confrontation, he directly chose to attack Lin Yun.

Grabbing onto the sword hilt, Zhao Yan’s aura began to change with lightning flickering out of his body that filled the entire sky with thunderclouds. When he drew his sword, his sword intent in the greater mastery exploded out and created a dazzling sword ray that lit up the entire plaza.

His sword intent was surging violently as if it were about to devour Lin Yun whole. But his sword aura soon faced an immense obstruction just when it was about to reach Lin Yun. When Lin Yun drew his sword, a sword hum echoed out from the stage with a similarly sky sword intent in the greater mastery.

When the two sword aura clashed together, the rumbling explosion made all the audiences’ ear drums tremble.

“Sky sword intent at greater mastery!” Everyone was shocked as they looked at Lin Yun. They couldn’t believe that Lin Yun had actually cultivated his sword intent to such a high level when he hadn’t even reached the Empyrean Realm.

This scene caught everyone by surprise and they couldn’t help exclaiming at Lin Yun’s sky sword intent.

“I knew it!” Zhao Yan smiled because his instinct was right. Lin Yun was someone who had already grasped the sky sword intent before reaching the empyrean realm.

Letting out a ferocious roar, Zhao Yan took a step forward and appeared before Lin Yun in the next second. Activating the core saint rune of Lightning Shadow, his sword pressed down on Lin Yun like a gigantic mountain.

When the massive and pure energy descended down, it sent ripples into the air. If Lin Yun didn’t have a strong physique, the pressure would have damaged his organs.

Lin Yun poured his origin energy in his sword to face the attack. But even so, he was still forced to take several steps back. A saint artifact was ultimately a saint artifact, and it was still terrifying even though Zhao Yan didn’t bring out all of its power.

“First move.” Zhao Yan smiled.

The Flower Burial Sword buzzed in Lin Yun’s hand when he clashed with Zhao Yan. It was like the sword was unconvinced by the Lightning Shadow as the Flower Burial Sword was only a transcendent dao artifact.

Tightening his grip on the sword, the Flower Burial Sword emitted a faint layer of light as countless petals made the surroundings look like a scene out of a dream.

Before Zhao Yan could even think more about it, a sword ray had already bloomed before him with a cold light comparable to a star. Furthermore, the sword ray was accompanied by a powerful gale that made the surface of his skin start stinging. “Why don’t you take a sword from me too!”

Zhao Yan swung his sword in retaliation, but all he destroyed was an afterimage of Lin Yun. Meanwhile, Lin Yun’s sword had nearly stabbed into his right shoulder.

Lin Yun’s speed made Zhao Yan’s face change as he quickly retreated. It seemed like Lin Yun could predict the future as he moved like an Azure Bird and stabbed the center of his forehead. Lin Yun was going in for the kill.

When the two figures clashed, sword rays and afterimages flew about. When Zhao Yan landed on the ground, he realized that he couldn’t retreat anymore and had no choice but to raise his sword in front of his chest.

When Lin Yun’s sword collided with Zhao Yan’s sword, it created sparks that forced Zhao Yan to retreat. But Lin Yun didn’t end there. An Azure Bird flew out of his body as he executed the first sword of the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords, “Sun Concealing Clouds!”

“Lightning Serpent-Dragon!” Zhao Yan also summoned his holy spirit martial technique that unleashed a lightning serpent-dragon.

Since Lin Yun’s Azure Bird couldn’t be comparable to a genuine holy spirit, it gave Zhao Yan the opportunity to catch his breath. Zhao Yan took the opportunity to attack and unleashed a ferocious lightning serpent-dragon with his sword.

He wanted to destroy the Azure Bird with one strike so that Lin Yun couldn’t fully unleash the power of the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords. As long as Lin Yun took half a step back, he would lose.

“Storm Clouds and Wind!”

“Firmament Stirring Clouds!”

“Clouds Manifesting Dragon!”


“Soaring Azure Sky!”

Unfortunately for him, Lin Yun caught him by surprise. Lin Yun merely flicked his wrist and unleashed ten of the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords. Boundless sword intent swept out and sliced the lightning sword in half. At this moment, ten Azure Birds were flying around Lin Yun that directly suppressed the aura given of Zhao Yan’s holy spirit.

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