The Way of the Immortal Master - v2 Chapter 2272 Calculate

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The most important thing for all cultivators should be their own path.

If it is something related to the road, I am afraid that any friendship with anyone can only be a cloud.

With the resources mastered by the major holy land sects, as long as they are willing to pay the price, they should be able to come up with things that are enough to impress Jianjun Banxue.

The attitude of Jianjun Banxue has already shown her choice. No matter how dissatisfied or unwilling Meng Zhang and the Taoist people of the ancient capital are, there is nothing they can do about it. They can only accept the fact painfully.

After the two had finished talking, the Taoist people of the ancient capital left in a hurry.

The sudden change of Jianjun Banxue's attitude will cause a series of changes and bring many troubles.

The crisis facing Taiyimen is just one of them.

The Taoist people of the ancient capital have to face many troubles in the future.

Can the organization of the Ascension Society continue to exist? What should the leader of the Ascension Society, Gu Chen Shangzun, do? Can the Taoist people of the ancient capital continue to retain the position of the deputy director of the Tiangong?

Without the protection of Jianjun Banxue and the position of deputy director of Tiangong, the Taoists of the ancient capital would probably face the revenge of the major sects of the Holy Land directly.

Of course, given the current situation Mengzhang and Taiyimen are facing, there is no way to help the Taoists of the ancient capital.

Meng Zhang thought about it carefully. During this time, the Taiyi Sect was preparing for the battle with all his heart, and he almost forgot about the real dragon clan and didn't pay attention to the movements of the real dragon clan. It really shouldn't be.

If you had known that the True Dragon clan was approaching the East China Sea, Taiyimen might have done something.

The reason for such omissions is mainly because Meng Zhang is very wary of the true dragon clan, does not have too many expectations for it, and even subconsciously resists the true dragon clan.

Now that both the family and the sect are facing a huge crisis, many principles have to be changed.

Next, Meng Zhanghui will send someone to actively contact the True Dragon Clan to deepen its connection with the Taiyi Sect. It is best to let the True Dragon Clan hold the Holy Land Sect for a while in the East China Sea.

Now the major holy land sects are restrained by other things, leaving a precious respite for the Taiyi sect.

Meng Zhang needed to think carefully about what he could do after Tiangong couldn't count on it at all.

While Meng Zhang was thinking hard, he suddenly felt a strong heart palpitation.

Having had a similar experience, he immediately reacted that this was someone using the Heavenly Mystery Technique to calculate something related to him.

Meng Zhang didn't dare to neglect, he immediately closed his eyes and sat cross-legged, and began to perform Dayan's magic calculation to reversely calculate it.

After entering the Void Returning Stage, Meng Zhang's Heavenly Secret Art gradually increased to the level corresponding to his cultivation.

After Meng Zhang became the superior in the late stage of returning to the virtual world, although the improvement of Tianjishu couldn't keep up with the speed of his cultivation, the level of Tianjishu was slightly lagging behind.

However, his current Heavenly Secret Art cultivation base can still be regarded as one of the few powerhouses in the Junchen world.

Except for Gu Lao, who was in the dark alliance, who had deceived him once, other people used the Heavenly Mystery Technique to calculate the information related to him, and never tried to deceive him.

And the reason why Gu Lao didn't alert him back then was because Gu Lao had only tasted it at the time and didn't make in-depth calculations.

If Gu Lao wanted to calculate his relevant information in detail, he would also be alert in time.

After Meng Zhang began to calculate with his eyes closed, he soon had a result.

This is someone who is calculating the whereabouts of the Dalinghe God.

Because Meng Zhang captured the Daling River God and brought him back to Taiyimen for detention, it was only inferred that it was on him, and it aroused his vigilance.

The practice system circulated among the indigenous gods in the Junchen world is primitive and backward Shinto.

Many indigenous gods use their power in a very superficial way, and they do not have as many Taoist techniques as cultivators.

Especially in terms of celestial secrets, there is a big gap between the overall level of the indigenous gods of the Junchen world and the cultivators.

During the war that invaded the Junchen world, the celestial masters among the cultivators made a big loss for the native gods.

Many aboriginal gods are ridiculed by cultivators as ignorant of days and secrets.

However, there are exceptions to everything.

The overall level of celestial magic of many indigenous gods is far inferior to that of celestial masters among cultivators, but there are some special cases.

A very small number of indigenous gods have a good level of celestial secrets. Whether they are used for calculation or reverse calculation, they can cause some threats to the celestial masters among the cultivators.

When Meng Zhang captured Dalinghe God, he found that some kind of divine secret technique was used on his body, which could block the calculations of the secret master to a certain extent.

This method is very subtle, cleverly using the rules of heaven in the Junchen world.

The indigenous gods are the native rulers of the Junchen world, and they are inevitably favored and even sheltered by the Heavenly Dao of the Junchen world at some point.

When the cultivators invaded Junchen Realm back then, the first thing was that there were true immortals using their means to blind Junchen Realm's Heavenly Will.

As Meng Zhang entered the late stage of returning to the virtual world, especially with the continuous improvement of the level of Heavenly Secret Art, he felt more and more that there seemed to be a problem with the will of Heavenly Dao in Junchen Realm.

In connection with the current status of Junchen Realm, Meng Zhang boldly guessed that the reason why the will of Heavenly Dao in Junchen Realm went wrong should be related to several true immortals in deep sleep.

Of course, the consciousness of the Heavenly Dao in the Junchen world is generally still functioning normally, and Meng Zhang is temporarily unable to explore it in depth.

Although the Heavenly Mystery Technique on Daling Heshen looks primitive and rough, the effect is very good.

Not only can it block the calculation of Tianjishu, but it can even counterattack to some extent.

If it is replaced by Meng Zhang, in the absence of sufficient clues, it is not an easy task to calculate the whereabouts of Da Linghe God.

Daling Heshen was caught by Meng Zhang inadvertently, and it was really bad luck.

Now, there is a celestial master who is calculating the whereabouts of Dalinghe God, and spontaneously triggers the heavenly secret technique on Dalinghe God.

The celestial master who made the calculations this time is very clever, and the level of celestial secrets is almost no weaker than that of Meng Zhang.

If there is no external force to intervene Daling Heshen's means will definitely not be able to shield the other party's calculation for a long time, it is only a matter of time before his specific whereabouts are discovered by the other party.

Of course Meng Zhang would not allow this to happen.

Meng Zhang's biggest advantage now is that he is still hiding in the dark.

The other party mainly calculated the whereabouts of Da Linghe God, but he did not realize his existence, nor did he expect that there would be an equally powerful Heavenly Mystery Master watching and waiting for an opportunity.

The information provided by the Taoist in the ancient capital before, let Meng Zhang know the general story of the matter, and now he can easily guess the situation he is facing.

In the confrontation with the Secret Technique, whoever has more information will be more likely to take the initiative.

Meng Zhang didn't know who the other party was, but he only knew that the other party must be raised by the Holy Land Sect.

Among the major holy land sects, Guantian Pavilion takes "the way of viewing the sky and the journey of holding the sky" as its purpose.

It is said that he has a unique ability to observe the operation of the Heavenly Dao, which is why he can claim to be the spokesperson of the Heavenly Dao.

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