The World Civilization Million Lords - Chapter 4824 , response (2)

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As the top combat power of the winged people, there is no doubt about the strength of the six-winged holy winged species, but this time, the opponent did not show excessive self-confidence as usual.

After all, judging from the information that the winged people have learned so far, the number of top-level combat powers on the coalition side is not large.

Taking this into account, the six-winged saint who came over did not hesitate at all. As soon as he came up, he directly launched the top divine technique 'Divine Judge', waving the golden holy sword, and slashing towards Zhong Mo, obviously intending to Defeat Zhong Mo and the others first!

Twice successively, the almost unreasonable actions of the winged troops made Zhong Mo a little annoyed.

However, he also knew that the six-winged holy-winged seed had the highest status among the winged people. If he killed a six-winged holy-winged seed now, it would be troublesome.

Knowing how bad the situation inside the coalition is now, Zhong Mo, who didn't want to make things worse for the time being, naturally didn't plan to kill...

As soon as he thought of this, facing the golden holy sword that slashed over, Zhong Mo was unafraid, and Qiankun Huajin turned his palms and came out!

At the moment when the palms wrapped in thick and powerful energy touched the golden holy sword, the force of the pull made the six-winged holy winged seed instantly change his face.

"What's going on? The holy sword is not under my control?!"

At this moment, the heart of the six-winged holy winged seed was filled with shock and anger.

The other party didn't know what method he used, but when he put his palms together, his golden holy sword began to be out of his control.

Before the golden holy sword completely let go, the six-winged holy winged species quickly controlled the golden holy sword to shrink, in order to get rid of Zhong Mo's palms, and then launched a pursuit.

However, Zhong Mo didn't give him this chance at all. Almost at the same time he controlled the golden holy sword with his Qiankun Huajin hand, Zhong Mo's extreme movement technique of chasing the cicada in eight steps was already displayed.

In an instant, Zhong Mo, who had defused the attack of the golden holy sword, had already rushed in front of the six-winged holy winged species.

All of this happened too fast. The six-winged holy-winged species who shot him have undoubtedly rich experience in actual combat. Therefore, before he started, he had already predicted various situations in his mind, but he never thought of it. After the actual fight, it turned out to be such a situation, which caught him off guard for a while.

In the face of an opponent of Zhong Mo's level, a moment of helplessness is enough to decide life and death.

At a critical juncture, the suppressed six-winged holy-winged, the first reaction was to explode with force, forcing Zhong Mo back.

In this regard, Zhong Mo did not panic, and directly used "Northern Ming Magic".

His "Bei Ming Divine Art" is not only used to absorb the skills of the personal soldiers and speed up his recovery when he is weak.

In fact, in the actual combat process, "Northern Underworld Magic" can also absorb the power from the enemy and turn it into one's own use.

However, due to the fact that the power of belief in the winged human beings is completely different from the properties of the qi and internal energy that are common in their warriors, even the "Bei Ming Shen Gong" has no way to convert it into its own power.

But it doesn't matter, Zhong Mo can make adjustments, absorb the energy of the other party, and then throw it away directly. As long as he doesn't absorb it, no matter how different the nature of the belief power is, it can't affect him.

Not to mention, Zhong Mo has also mastered the two unique skills of "Tai Xuan Jing" and "Qiankun Hua Jin Shou" at the same time!

Now, once it is put into use, with the "Tai Xuan Jing" as the bridge of grafting, Zhong Mo first absorbs the energy bursting out of the six-winged holy winged species with the "Northern Underworld Magical Art", and then uses the Qiankun Huaqiang to leverage the power , once cooperated, the power is greatly increased!

At that moment, the six-winged holy winged seed that was hit by the energy vomited blood and flew out on the spot. This attack hit him incomprehensibly.

He could feel that what erupted from Zhong Mo's palms was exactly what he had just burst out in order to break free from the opponent's suppression, forcing back the opponent's belief power.

He really never dreamed that he would vomit blood one day because of his faith.

Moreover, Zhong Mo's method was also extremely strange in his opinion. For a while, the six-winged holy-winged species, who had no clue in his mind, didn't know how to deal with it at all.

At the same time, at this juncture, he couldn't care about anything else, and he gave the order to retreat without hesitation while flying towards the distance at the fastest speed.

During this process, the six-winged holy-winged species had turned back for a confirmation.

If Zhong Mo came after him, he would have to find a way to deal with it.

The result was beyond his expectations again, and Zhong Mo actually stayed where he was, without any intention of chasing after him.

It can't always be the other party's exhaustion, right?

Similar thoughts flashed through the Seraph's mind, but were quickly denied by himself.

Zhong Mo, who stayed there, didn't look exhausted no matter what.

Under this premise, carefully recalling the other party's previous actions, the six-winged holy winged seed is not stupid, and soon realized that Zhong Mo seemed to be showing mercy before.

Thinking of this, and then thinking about the other party's current actions, doesn't that mean to let him go?

This made the face of the six-winged Saint-winged species, who had always been extremely arrogant in his bones, look a bit ugly in an instant.

However, as a superior among the winged people, this six-winged holy winged species still has some brains for the time being. Putting aside the bad mood, he quickly understood the meaning of the other party's actions. The Holy See is completely deadlocked.

Through the previous contact with the known cosmic coalition forces, the winged people also know that the army stationed on the battlefield is actually a coalition force composed of multiple forces.

And it is precisely because of this that the existence of the coalition forces is extremely complicated for the winged people, not to mention the language barrier between them.

Such and Zhong Mo's merciful men, although they successfully conveyed some information to the six-winged holy-winged species, they obviously did not reach the kind that would allow the other party to directly change their treatment of the coalition forces in the future. the point of strategy.

But no matter what this six-winged holy-winged seed was thinking about, for Zhong Mo anyway, his first priority now is to **** Ye Qingxuan back to the frontline base of Ye's Chamber of Commerce.

At the same time, Zhong Mo, who successfully repelled the six-winged holy winged species, did not relax because of this.

This time, he repelled the six-winged holy-winged seed in a short period of time, which seemed to be relaxed and comfortable, but in fact, Zhong Mo actually took advantage of his martial arts skills, and he did not use his combat power for the opponent at all. Opportunity.

This is the effect that can only be achieved by the cooperation of multiple top martial arts and divine arts. After all, he is not in the heyday at present, and he does not want to take risks.

And the same situation, if it happens again, and the other party is mentally prepared, it will never be as easy as this time.


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