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It was pitch black all around.

There is also the sound of water coming from the ear.

Li Muchuan looked around, and the darkness made him unable to see where he was.

But from his own touch, he can perceive that he is in the water.

I just don't know, is it on the bottom of the sea or the bottom of a lake?

He should have come back, but Li Muchuan was a little unsure of where he was at the moment.

However, Feng Yi has already started scanning, and I believe his location will be located soon.

Feng Yi hasn't completed the scan yet, Li Muchuan thought for a while, and let out a tentative sigh.

Then with a weak perception, Li Muchuan noticed that the gas was floating down from his chin.

"Good guy, did you stand upside down by yourself?"

"Fortunately, my strength has improved a lot at the moment. If I were to be buried in such deep water in the past, I wouldn't have to drown directly."

Li Muchuan shook his head thinking of this.

When he was about to continue to observe the surroundings, he saw that a little white spot had begun to appear on his body.

This is Feng Yi about to start teleporting.

Just now, Li Muchuan gave it an order to leave here with him.

Seeing that Feng Yi is now activated, it seems that Feng Yi has completed the scanning of the surrounding area and determined his position.


Hearing the sound of water, Li Muchuan felt the sun in the sky when he opened his eyes.

The long-lost orange sun.

"The temperature is a bit high, it should be... summer?"

Li Muchuan felt a little bit, and could feel the hot weather at the moment.

Probably guessing that it is summer right now.

"Look at how many interference points the world has earned first."

Li Muchuan looked at the screen while twisting his clothes.

This quantum teleportation also has a little flaw. The clothes are wet, and they are still wet after being teleported.

After pinching the clothes on his body, Li Muchuan shook his head, forget it, just change to new ones.

"Interference point: 321345443."

Hey, this time the number of interference points has become more than 300 million, which means that this time the interference points should have earned tens of millions.

Because of the tens of millions of interference points, it is somewhat distasteful.

As a result, Li Muchuan only looked at the approximate amount before, and when he saw more than 200 million, he was lazy to read more.

So this time, seeing that the number of interference points has become more than 220 million, there is no way to calculate how many interference points the world has earned this time.

But how much is to earn tens of millions.

I don't know how many interference points they earned for the other two.

Thinking of this, Li Muchuan glanced around subconsciously.

This Feng Yi directly transferred him to a small alley, and there was no one left or right, but it is not good to want to change clothes on the street right now.

After thinking about it, Li Muchuan immediately ordered, "Select the destination, at the unmanned spring pool."

"The order is accepted, the destination is being confirmed, and the destination is Shennongjia."

The next moment, Li Muchuan disappeared in the alley in an instant, and when he appeared, it was already beside a spring.

Seeing the clear spring water in front of him, Li Muchuan took off his clothes and rushed directly into the spring water. After washing it, he put on clean clothes.

Wait until the clothes are changed, and the next moment the teleportation lights up again.

Returning to Li Muchuan in the alley, he walked out.

After changing into clean clothes, I immediately felt a lot fresher.

Li Muchuan took out his mobile phone and glanced at it. When he saw the time when the automatic calibration was completed, he couldn't help but stop.

"It's been 32 years now..."

It has been five years since he left this world?

It's been five years...

It's been a while since I left this time.

Thinking of this, Li Muchuan pulled out the software from his mobile phone and sent a message to a few relatives.

Just when the software was just clicked in, a line of words popped out on the screen, "The software version is too low, please upgrade first."

"Depend on..."

Seeing this, Li Muchuan couldn't help but let out a foul language.

After thinking about it, it's true that this software has been low for the past five years.

After clicking on the software upgrade and upgrading the other software one by one, Li Muchuan had already walked to the street at this moment.

"Ah this..."

In front of Li Muchuan at the moment, is a green belt.

The road in front of it has become a green belt, and there should be no road now.

"This is, there are no fuel vehicles, right?"

Li Muchuan looked at the scene in front of him, thought about it, and probably guessed it.

Fuel vehicles have been completely withdrawn from the market, so even roads have been banned.

I don't know how far the technology has developed in the past five years.

Li Muchuan looked up, and the next moment he saw countless aircraft flying in the air.

The tail light of the aircraft at this moment is a bit colorful, but it is not dragged for a long time.

It looks like there should be rules.

Otherwise, someone would have installed the taillights on the tail of their own aircraft and pulled out the taillights that are more than ten meters long.

In addition these aircraft...

Li Muchuan took a closer look and found that the predecessors of these aircraft should be suspended cars.

There should be some improvements now.

Li Muchuan took a few casual glances and then retracted his eyes.

Walking a few steps forward, I saw a large commercial street in front of me.

In the commercial street, the appearance of the entire shopping mall building in front of it has changed.

The smoke rose, and the rising smoke seemed to cover everyone on a street.

After a while, when the smoke cleared, two soldiers and horses quietly appeared on an empty battlefield.

With the extremely distant sound of the horn, the soldiers began to charge.

At this moment, the aura of killing blows directly to the face.

At this moment, everyone on the street seems to be involved in the war.

Countless people stopped at this moment and looked at the picture in front of them.

"Virtual projection technology."

Li Muchuan looked at the scene in front of him, and after looking at it carefully, he immediately came to this conclusion.

When everyone looked at the picture, it was as if these characters were by their side.

Li Muchuan took a closer look, it should be virtual projection technology.

Moreover, the position of the projector is multi-faceted. In order to prevent being blocked by humans, images are generated and complemented from all angles.

So the tourists look very real and can't see where the picture is missing.

"It seems that the technology has made a lot of progress, and this technology is used in business."

Li Muchuan glanced at random, then found a bench and sat down.

"Insert a piece of news, the latest news from China's space ministry, China's first space carrier will be launched tomorrow."

"It is reported that this space carrier is equipped with a 4-level curvature engine, which can fly at superluminal speed. The carrier is equipped with dark matter bombs and has a crew of 38,000."

"This will be my country's first space carrier. It is reported that in addition to the information disclosed, the mothership is also equipped with countless other my country's most advanced technologies."

"The name of this mothership has been booked, and the name is 'Kunlun'."

Kunlun, this name is okay.

Looking at the news scrolling ahead, Li Muchuan couldn't help but smacked his mouth.

"No, why aren't there frigates or something?"

Li Muchuan suddenly raised his head and looked at it carefully, as if it didn't say how many frigates this mothership was equipped with.

This is a little strange.

Previously, Li Qingxiao's mothership was equipped with thousands of daughter ships.

Combat theory Li Qingxiao's side should have gone through a lot of tests and can't go wrong.

If this is the case, why is there no sub-ship or something, is it not reported, or is it not built?

Li Muchuan thought about it, forget it, just ask Liu Jianhui back and he will know.

Thinking of this, Li Muchuan is no longer tangled up in this matter.

"Kunlun! Hahaha, I just said that there were so many people fighting for the name of Jiangling, Yangcheng, etc. What's the use of fighting over and over? The name is not based on the place name at all. here!"

"In my lifetime, I can still see the construction of a space carrier. I heard that this mothership is very impressive. It is equipped with a lot of advanced technologies that we have secretly developed for many years. I just don't know what technologies are?"

"Who knows, anyway, I heard that half of the ore resources dug up in the Haotian project were used for the construction of the mothership. This mothership is like a big ore eater!"

"As for the space carrier, it's normal to eat a little more resources. I remember when the Haotian project just came out, it was said that the Haotian project could greatly alleviate the shortcomings of our country's lack of resources. At that time, there were still many people who were puzzled. , I think we have the Great Black Star, a complete planet, and Huaxia, how can we fall into the situation of insufficient resources? Now it seems that I understand that a space carrier will have to go so much. Resources, if you want to produce a few more ships, where can you fill in so many resources?"

"Isn't it! How much is the cost of this space carrier? It seems that there is no specific figure out until now. It seems that there are many things that can't be calculated. I just heard that the cost of the space carrier is Dawuxing. The sum of three years of tax revenue."

The people on the side were discussing, and their faces were full of excitement.

Thinking about their past, they were looking forward every day to whether they could produce aircraft carriers and whether they could produce a few more.

But now, who is going to count on those things, it's more exciting to produce motherships.

Spaceship! That is used to counteract the future interstellar war.

Especially the curvature engine, which has directly reached the fourth level.

The four-level curvature engine can directly fly faster than the speed of light.

When it comes to flying faster than the speed of light, what they knew at the very beginning was wormholes, and it was only through wormholes that they owned Dawuxing.

And next, is the curvature engine.

With the curvature engine, their side is really in control of superluminal flight,

"It's nine o'clock tomorrow, and you must see it at nine o'clock tomorrow, when your mothership leaves the dock!"

"That's not right, let's see what the captain of the space carrier looks like, how long and how tall!"

"It's very exciting to think about it, but I guess those guys abroad are a little worried."

"Those guys from abroad? Who cares about them now, those old antiques, they were too lazy to get to know them a long time ago."

Speaking of foreign countries, many people directly shook their heads.

In the few years that Dawuxing came out, due to the rapid development of Dawuxing, I often went to see the reactions of those people abroad.

Want to see, they have never seen the world.

But now, no one cares anymore.

From the overall point of view, everyone has actually unknowingly positioned themselves in space.

They are not limited to the earth, nor will they be intrigued with others in such a small place on the earth.

In the eyes of everyone, space exploration is the goal, the direction,

This is the development of Huaxia over the years, which brings them confidence and goals.

Apart from these, Dawuxing has gradually opened up visas to foreign countries.

The visa is a little more difficult, but people from abroad have the opportunity to go to Dawuxing to play.

Therefore, it is very rare to see a few foreigners on the Dawuxing side.

It is probably like seeing foreigners around the countryside in the last century.

It's just that things have changed.

On Dawuxing, when everyone saw a foreigner, the thought was how could there be a foreigner on Dawuxing, did the other party sneak over? Do you want to call the police and arrest him?

Instead of seeing foreigners in the last century, they feel that the other party is very rare and fresh.

"The software is updated, send a message to the family."

Li Muchuan had withdrawn his eyes at this moment. When he saw that the software on his mobile phone had been updated, he immediately clicked it and started sending messages.

For the chat in the crowd, Li Muchuan just listened casually.

I have to say that even if I haven't come back for five years, great changes have taken place on the Chinese side of the earth.

Look at the clothes worn by the people around you, and the materials of all clothes are developing in the direction of technology.

The reason why I say this is mainly because their clothes are a bit like a display.

It's not that exaggerated, but it's true.

But in terms of style, it's really pretty.

A few people were pulled down from the chat box, and Li Muchuan sent messages one by one.

There is nothing on my sister's side, just send the message.

It was only when he got to his parents' side, Li Muchuan felt that his head was huge.

On the chat interface, his parents sent him a lot of messages, as did his sister.

In the long news ~www.novelbuddy.com~ Li Muchuan could feel the care from his family.

Li Muchuan was sure that his parents would be very happy when he came back suddenly and would care about him very much.

It's just that when this concern has passed, it will start to ask questions to the bottom of it.

Thinking of this, Li Muchuan only felt that his head was very big, and he sent a message to inform his family that he had returned, so that they should not worry, and explained that he would choose a time to go back.

After doing this, Li Muchuan put down his phone.

Parents should all settle down on the **** star now, or they have to go to the **** star.


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