To The Lovely You - Chapter 1513 Hou Akira Lee Min Ho Extra (13)

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   At that moment, Hou Xiaoting felt a warm current flowing from her heart. After knowing Lee Minho for so long, she realized for the first time that he, who was usually gentle and elegant, could be so domineering.

   She didn't cry when she was fighting with those two just now, but when she heard his voice, she cried unpromisingly: "Minho, they slandered me and said I..."

   Lee Minho's delicate eyebrows furrowed tightly, and he grabbed Song Yi who was on the ground, and punched and kicked again.

   And Song Yi's ex-girlfriend just watched from the side, not daring to shout. Anyway... just when someone helped her teach the scumbag a lesson by the way.

   Half an hour later, Song Yi had been beaten to the point of lying on the ground and could not get up. Li Minhao took Hou Xiaoting's hand and forcibly took her away from the scene: "Don't leave!"

  Hou Xiaoting flattened her mouth, and shed a few more tears in grievance. Why is Lee Min Ho so fierce! When he talked to himself in the past, he had never been so fierce!

  The crowd of onlookers also gradually dispersed, leaving only the gossip that remains immortal. Li Minhao and Hou Xiaoting are a pair of CPs that spread in the school.

   "Minho, am I wrong? Forgive me!" Hou Xiaoting pitifully begged Lee Minho for mercy, "Thank you for coming to save me today."

"I forgive you? Why should I forgive you? I'm not who you are." Lee Minho gave her a cold look, "I really don't want to care about you! I have warned you again and again, but you are Do not listen!"

   "Minho, I know you're doing it for me..." Hou Xiaoting sucked back her tears and took Lee Minho's hand, "You're my good friend! should be my boyfriend now."

   Hearing these three words, Li Minhao was stunned for a long time, but he didn't come back to his senses: "You...what did you say?"

"I know, you said it was my boyfriend to help me get out of the siege." Hou Xiaoting lowered her eyes, "But ah, now everyone has said this, you have to cooperate and continue the show! Otherwise, I will suddenly Wouldn't it be embarrassing to be dumped?"

   "..." Lee Minho didn't speak, he was acquiescing.

   Even he didn't understand why he said that on a whim.

"Haha, Minho, I know you are the best!" Hou Xiaoting happily took his arm, "Don't worry, as long as you play with me for a few months! Then I will say you were dumped by me and then We can break up."

   "Why did I get dumped by you?" Lee Min Ho was very upset when he heard this.

   "Did you want me to be dumped by you as a girl? Is this appropriate?" Hou Xiaoting persevered.

   Lee Min Ho suddenly stopped talking...

   In the next few months, the two of them really seemed like that, playing a pair of temporary CPs. In other words, it is a snack CP.

Hou Xiaoting held Lee Min Ho's hand while eating snacks one afternoon and said, "Min Ho, I think we are actually quite compatible. Look, I am so beautiful now, do you count as a handsome man and a beautiful woman? Then we both It's so edible, isn't there a common language?"

   "Well, that's right." Lee Minho thought for a while and nodded. He has always been cautious in doing things, and getting his approval is 99% reasonable.

   "Why don't we just make do with it?" Hou Xiaoting said in a half-joking tone, her beautiful eyes swirling on Li Minhao's face.

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