Turns Out I’m a Great Cultivator (I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot) - Chapter 907 Gou Dao invincible

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"Oops, the road seems to be unstoppable!"

Xiao Chengfeng's face sank, and his scalp felt numb.

The strength of Chu Kuangren is indeed beyond imagination, and it is definitely out of the category of the strongest. This is just a corpse. I dare not imagine how terrifying it would be at the peak.

"Fuck, you will die when you die, and even the corpse is uneasy!"

Da Hei was also a little panicked, and frantically took out the avenues of soil from his leather pants and threw it on the corpse, "This dog let you go to the ground for safety, you can rest in peace quickly, don't come out and harm people!"

The great road turned into a wall of earth, surrounding the corpse of Chu madman, a powerful force of suppressing the heavens and the earth, weeping ghosts and gods, trying to bury the corpse, however, around Chu madman, golden runes surround A vision, like a golden bell covering himself, isolating the great road from the earth.

Until Da Hei hollowed out the avenues of land, he still couldn't get the corpse, but began to decline.

"It doesn't work?"

Da Hei's brows furrowed into a ball.

The Great Dao is endless, it can be transformed into ten thousand, and it is endless. It is definitely the thickest soil between heaven and earth. However, even so, it still cannot seal the corpse.

If the master does not take action, who else in the world can get the corpse?

"A mere corpse, it shouldn't be enough for an expert to do it himself."

Gou Long opened his mouth and said, he stared at the corpse, and suddenly said: "Silly dog, did we miss something, what is the best match for the avenue?"

Da Hei was stunned for a moment, while Yang Jian and Xiao Chengfeng's eyes lit up at the same time, and shouted, "Fertilizer, it's fertilizer!"

"That's right, the soil can't bear the avenues, so fertilize it. Fertilizer can greatly enhance the soil."

The **** dog's eyes suddenly lit up, and then he said: "It's a pity that the feces at the foot of the mountain are not brought, and it's too late now."

"Hehehe, I never miss anything when I do things. Even if it's feces, I can bring it with me as much as I can, and it really comes in handy."

Gou Long laughed, and his Gou Dao once again showed a miraculous effect, which was simply breathtaking.

"Brilliant, as expected of Gou Long, you are really Gou."

Yang Jian exclaimed in admiration.

"Let's see the power of fertilizers combined with the avenues of soil!"

Gou Long raised his hand and flipped it over, and immediately there was an extra bucket of pure natural fertilizer, and he poured it down on the corpse without saying a word!


Fertilizer blends with the road.

In an instant, the activity of the avenues of interest rose sharply, as if it came alive, and a shocking force erupted from the violent squirming, suppressing the golden light of the corpse, and quickly approaching the corpse.

"Ah, no! What did you do? Why do you stink so much?!!"

The corpse's mentality collapsed immediately.

Not only does it have to face the mighty avenues, but it also has to accept foul-smelling chemical weapons. This is a double blow to the mind and body, which makes him unable to bear it directly.

"One bucket is not enough, there is still another bucket!"

"Secretly tell you, I also have a little old fertilizer in my collection. I'll let you taste it today."

Gou Long raised his hand and turned it over, took out another bucket, and dumped it towards the corpse.


A strong stench spread out instantly, making the faces of Da Hei and others changed, and they wished they had chopped off their noses.

Da Hei was immediately convinced by this wave, and said, "Damn, I really want to impress you Gou Long! You can hide this stuff?!"

Gou Long stroked his beard and said with a smile, "I'm a person who wants to be steady when I do things. I will keep useful things for emergencies, just a little bit."

"Terrible, Gou Dao is invincible."

Xiao Chengfeng, the king of pretending, was amazed.

Aside, the undead were equally shocked, and he was stunned.

Originally, he thought that the **** dog was enough to use his pants to cover his head, but he never expected that Gou Long would be even more ruthless.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a little sympathy for Chu Kuangren.

The protector of this life can't afford to offend...

"Ah, ah, no, you **** are so despicable, I will fight with you!"

The corpse of Chu Kuangren is going to go crazy. It was invincible in its last life, and even the avenue was trampled under its feet. What a splendor.

With the addition of aged fertilizer, it couldn't hold it any longer, the golden light all over its body dimmed instantly, and it was doused with blood by the avenues.

All its golden bones were gone, replaced by swarthy black, and the whole body exuded a stench, and the whole body was dimmed to the extreme.

"Death to me! All have to die!"

It shouted furiously, and swung its teeth and claws toward Da Hei and the others.

Covered by the avenues, its power has been weakened to the extreme, but it is still very scary, and it wants to go to the last madness.

"It wants to die with us, so exit first!" The undead said solemnly.

This situation is no longer worth fighting for.

He raised his hand and waved, and the power of the superpower enveloped everyone, and everyone retreated to the back.

They left this space and headed for the crater,

However, the corpse of Chu Kuangren was already mad. It held a sigh of relief, mobilized the only divine power left in its body, suppressed the power of the seal of the road, and also pulled Da Hei and them to die together.

This shame, only blood can wash away!

Outside the crater, the pause button was pressed for the battle between Qin Manyun and the others and the Zihei Dao-devouring dragon since the battle between Dao Xiyuan and Chu Kuangren's corpse.

After all, the power emanating from the volcano was so powerful that it made all of them palpitate, and they didn't know what was going on inside.

Suddenly, their hearts jumped, and they felt that a strong aura within the volcano was rapidly emerging from the outside.

"Did you come out?"

Their eyes were condensed, anxiously waiting for the results within the volcano.

"Hehe, the master is invincible in the world, he must be back again, you are finished."

The purple-black Dao-devouring dragon sneered, only it knew how terrifying the master was, even if only the corpse was left, it was above the Xeon!


The next moment, the undead took Xiao Chengfeng and others to break through the magma and came out of the volcano.

Seeing that Xiao Chengfeng and others were all right, Qin Manyun and the others were all relieved.


Immediately after that, a jet-black thing rushed out, exuding a tyrannical and terrifying aura, standing directly on the head of the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon, roaring: "Kill them, kill me. he…"

However, before he could finish roaring, the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon turned sideways in disgust, and then the dragon's tail violently smashed him into the rock wall, and even opened his mouth and sprayed a wave of destruction at him.

"What kind of shit, so stinky, dare to stand on Benlong's head, courting death!"

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