Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband - Chapter 1228 - Two Hours

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With teary eyes, Ming Yusheng looked at his friend, "Tell me this is not true?" Lu Jinhai held Ming Yusheng to support him. Lu Jinhai had gone through such a situation before so he could understand Ming Yusheng's pain.

The doctor looked at his friend helplessly, "We will wait for two more hours till we declare him brain dead," the doctor added.

Zhang Jei, who couldn't stop crying, hurried to the doctor as she asked, "Two hours? That means there are still chances for him to return, right? How can you say that he is already gone? She exclaimed.

With this, everyone had some hope in their minds that Ming Rusheng would be back and looked at the doctor to answer.

"Mrs. Ming, we had already declared it but I wish to give a family some time as I know you all for a long time," the doctor said, "There is no way we can do anything more to save him. If there is no movement which is next to impossible, we will have to make a decision." 

Lu Lian didn't know how to even react to it and clutched onto Wen Zac's arm, "Why is that doctor talking nonsense?" she mumbled.

With his own eyes teary with this news, Wen Zac looked at the lost-looking woman and held her closely as he rubbed her hand to calm her down. He too didn't know what he should say to her. 

Jiang Yuyan looked at her brother who too looked at a loss. No one had any answer to anything. Leaving Lu Lian to Wen Zac, Jiang Yuyan went to elder Ming who was sitting silently but no tear left his eyes as if he was utterly shocked to even cry. Ming Lan was holding her grandpa's hand while crying and waiting for him to react while elder Lu could only accompany his friend silently.

"Do something. You are a doctor," Ming Yusheng begged his doctor friend. 

The doctor could only hold his tears back as it was his friend who was begging him and the one inside the ICU was someone he had seen growing up in front of his eyes. 

"I am sorry, Yusheng."

"Can't we wait more than two hours?" Ming Yusheng asked. 

"As you wish," the doctor couldn't deny the request. 

"I want to see him," Zhang Jei requested. 

"From outside the glass wall," the doctor agreed.

The family members went to see him while Lu Lian felt like she had no strength left and lost her balance as she mumbled, "I….want to see him…."

Wen Zac and Jiang Yang helped her while Jiang Yuyan asked Ming Lan to look after her grandfather and went to Lu Lian whom Wen Zac carried in his arms and took her towards her room as per what Jiang Yang suggested. 

"Grandpa...Don't you want to see him?" Ming Lan asked, suppressing her crying voice. She was shocked, she was hurt and wanted to cry her heart out but couldn't do it. She had to take care of her grandpa. 

Finally, tears rolled down Elder Ming's eyes and he said, "Will you take me to him?"

She could only nod and stood up to hold elder Ming's hand. 

They walked towards the ICU in the VIP section where the entire area was empty and well secured so no one could enter there. 

Standing outside the glass window, Zhang Jei could only cry and Ming Yusheng didn't know what to do or react. Their precious son with whom they had breakfast the previous morning and talked with him was lying lifelessly on the bed, trapped in so many bandages and dependent on the life support system to breathe even. His handsome face was terribly swollen and redden with so many cuts and scratches. His neck was warped in a thick belt to keep it steady while various devices were attached to his bedside. His mouth and nose had tubes in them.

Ming Lan also reached there along with elder Ming who stood at the glass wall and touched with his hands and he couldn't stop crying, "...My Rusheng…"

Ming Lan too couldn't stop but cried even more as never even in her dream she thought that this day would come when she will see her brother like this. 


Wen Zac kept Lu Lian on the bed but even in her half-dazed condition she couldn't stop mumbling, " go to him…I want…."

She didn't stop and tried to resist sleeping on the bed. 

Jiang Yang went to the patient's bedside to inject her medicines that were already kept there. Once Jiang Yang held Lu Lian's hand to give her a shot, she pulled it with a light force and begged, "No...don't…" she cried, "I... don't.. want to sleep…take me to him please."

Jiang Yang stopped and stepped aside as he leaned down closer to her, "If you want to go to him, you have to listen to me."

With her eyes closed, she nodded and cried, "I will."

Jiang Yang said again, "To go to him, you need energy. If not, you won't be able to stand. Will you drink what I will give you now?"

Since she arrived at the hospital she refused to eat or drink anything when it was almost going to be twenty-four hours.

She opened her teary eyes and looked at Jiang Yang, "I will."

Jiang Yang gave her an energy drink that was meant for the starving and weak person. Sitting quietly on the bed, she had it and slowly finished it. 

She looked at Jiang Yang, "Can I now?"

"No. wait for some time," He said and gave her fruits to eat."

She had medicines for head injury and needed to fill her stomach though supplements were given to her through IV.

Jiang Yuyan looked at her brother as she knew he was doing it on purpose. Given her condition, she would not do anything it was clear. 

Once she finished it, she looked at Jiang Yang, and he said, "In five minutes."

Lu Lian looked at the wall clock. The doctor had said two hours only. She had no time left. She needed to go to him and each passing moment felt heavy to her. 

After five minutes, Jiang Yang finally spoke, "We can go now."

Lu Lian stepped out of the bed and walked with Jiang Yang. If she had enough strength left and had known where they had kept Ming Rusheng, she would have run to him.

Jiang Yuyan and Wen Zac followed them.

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