Your Majesty, the Spectacle Has Missed the Country! - Chapter 476 Find the Golden 7 Cities!

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When Salazar took a deep breath and strode through the door of the Padilla Council Hall...

He saw many familiar faces.

Not only was Brigadier General Mansour Hausen in military uniform already seated, but even Sherman Goldberg, the former Grand Elder and now the Director of the Padilla Council of State, had already arrived.


There were also a number of Idar naval officers who had had a relationship with Salazar.


Salazar hurriedly and cautiously came to stand behind Sherman Goldberg, daring not to make the slightest sound.

Something big must be happening!

Even though he didn't know today's issues, Salazar could smell an unusual meaning in the slightly tense atmosphere.


After a pin-drop audible silence,

The door of the government affairs hall was pushed open again, and a young man with a disheveled shirt and a face covered in blood and dirt was carried up by several Idar soldiers on a stretcher.

It was also at the moment when he saw this person's vaguely recognizable face, Salazar Hausen's eyes couldn't help but change.

First was astonished,

Then it's unbelievable,

However, in the end, these emotions are all down to dignified!

Salazar had seen the man on a stretcher.


In this land in the southwest of the Abandoned Land, his name is too loud!

His full name is - Jungle Explorer, Game Breaker, Monster Hunter, Soul of Tilkinson, "Dawn of the Morning", Cruz Domingos of the Storm!

As the most powerful warrior in the city-state of Tilkinson and even the entire West Coast of the Abandoned Lands, Cruz Domingos' name is known to everyone.

He once lived alone in the deep forest full of mutants for a week, and once set a human record of beheading hundreds of mutants within a month.

This warrior born in the city-state of Tilkinson is almost the object of worship for children on the West Coast of the Lost Lands!

It is for this reason,

Cruz Domingos is known by the world as "Dawn of the Morning", and the people of the city-state of Tilkinson regard him as an omnipotent hero and pride!


At this moment,

Looking at that serene, white cheek, and the lethal wounds on Cruz Domingos...

Anyone can realize...

The most powerful warrior on the west coast of the continent has already died of exhaustion and heroic sacrifice in a war and conflict that broke out at an unknown time.


Mansour Hausen said:

"Last night, the city-state of Tilkinson encountered a beast tide again. The attack of a large number of mutants made the city-state of Tilkinson unable to support it and finally collapsed."

"Almost tens of thousands of residents in the city-state sacrificed their lives, and all the adult men in the city-state walked up to the city, protecting hundreds of women and children from escaping."


Sherman Goldberg couldn't help but stare.

And Salazar Knox on the side exclaimed directly:

"How is this possible? Now should not be the time for the outbreak of the beast tide!"

For a long time, the outbreak of the beast tide will make the human beings living on this land face a huge threat.

Indigenous peoples like Salazar have lived on this land for most of their life. They have been wrestling with mutants since they can remember, and they are naturally very clear about the living habits of this non-human creature.


People and the others have long since summed up the laws and omens of the coming of the beast swarm after repeated trials and tribulations and setbacks.

Most of the time, early spring is when the mutants are most active.

At that time, they had just woken up from hibernation. The hunger in their stomachs and their innate violent and bloodthirsty nature often prompted mutants to gather together and attack human settlements.

But when is it now?

It's autumn now!

It won't even be long before winter begins!

The outbreak of the beast tide at this time is completely unreasonable!

Since Salazar was born, he had never encountered such a strange thing.

And to the surprise of the people present,

General Mansour Howsen could only say helplessly:

"Maybe so, but... the beast tide really happened!"

"The body of Cruz Domingos and the people who fled to the city-state of Tilkinson near the Idar military base are iron proofs of the outbreak of the beast tide!"

The Tilkinson city-state that General Howson spoke of was the one closest to the inland among the many city-states on the southwest coast of the Abandoned Land.

It is for this reason,

Although the city-state of Tilkinson also learned about the arrival of the Idar people, and also sent students to study in Iraq,

But due to the distance,

However, it has not yet been brought under the rule of the Idar Principality, nor has it been sheltered by the Idar military.

I saw Mansour Hausen Jianjun looked around and set the agenda for this meeting:

"We need to know why the beast tide is happening! Otherwise, if such a beast tide is heading towards the province of Padilla, the consequences it will bring will be unimaginable!"



The officials from the Padilla Council Office who were present couldn't help but fell into contemplation.

In fact, as early as a few months ago, the activity of the mutants had already begun to show signs.

Not only are these inhuman beings increasing in number, but their temperaments also seem to be becoming more brutal.


No one associates such a situation with the sudden beast tide.

Looking at the expression on Mansour Hausen's face, Sherman Goldberg, the head of the Padilla State Department, couldn't help asking:

"Has General Howson already had any ideas?"


Hearing the question raised by the former great elder, General Hausen nodded without hesitation.

"I have made contact with the main country of Idar last night, and received instructions from the Idar Ministry of Defense."

"According to the advice given by the Minister of Defence Sarah Coron and the Idar Central Intelligence Agency, the Idar army stationed in Padilla province will send a team of sharp soldiers in a light armoured infantry vehicle to the lost Explore the interior of the land!"

"Going inland?"

After hearing Mansour Hausen's words, even Sherman Goldberg, who has always maintained indifference and calmness, inadvertently revealed a look of consternation.


Facing the astonished gazes cast by everyone, Mansour Hausen nodded extremely seriously.

"According to the information you gave earlier, the number of mutants probably started to increase gradually three or four years ago, right?"

Sherman Goldberg thought for a moment, and then gave an overwhelmingly positive answer: "It is true."

"In that case... Have you ever thought about why this is?"


"Perhaps before this, the increase in the number of mutant species and the gradual expansion of the scale of the beast tide made you have no time to think about and consider these issues."

"However, today's land has become the territory of the Duchy of Idar! It has become a territory ruled by the stalwart Duke of Idar, Bruno Stuart!"

After that, General Howen took a breath, and then asked righteously:

"Are the Idar soldiers going to fight forever with these mutants who don't know where they came from and how many mutants there are?"

Haven't waited for others to pick up the conversation,

Mansour Hausen continued on his own:

"How many mutants are there in the Abandoned Land? Where do these extra mutants come from? As for the seven golden cities in the interior, are they real forces?"

"So many doubts, we need to get a real answer through the exploration and dedication of Idar soldiers!"

"General Howson!"


While Mansour Hausen was speaking,

Sherman Goldberg, the Minister of State Affairs of Padilla, finally seized an opportunity to interject:

"I agree with your proposal! But what do we need to do?"


Mansour Hausen obviously did not expect that the old man in front of him would be so knowledgeable, so he said: "According to our plan, the Idar military will send more than ten Idar scouts to ride on light armored infantry. Drive to the interior of the Empire."

"And we hope that the Padilla Council can provide a guide who has a better understanding of the surrounding environment and the habits of mutants."

And as the voice fell,

Everyone present turned their attention to Salazar Knox standing behind Sherman Goldberg.

This actually makes sense.

after all…

Salazar Knox is really a worthy candidate.

The reason why he is called the lucky Salazar by many is mainly because this guy is often killed.

If it weren't for the threat posed by mutants, this guy would have drifted farther and farther on the road of adventure and travel—how cheap and how far.

When he first met the Idar, it was because of Salazar's whim, he had a frank exchange with the mutants in the forest, and then in order to say goodbye to the mutants, he jumped into the sea and gave A chance for the Idars to scoop him up.


Familiar with all kinds of killing methods...

Uh, no, it's Salazar Knox, the Liaison Deputy of the Padilla Council, who has a full understanding of the geographical environment and the wild beasts of the mountains. Naturally, he is the most suitable candidate, there is no one!

If you were someone else, you might be hesitant at this time. After all... no one has ever really been to the legendary Seven Golden Cities before, and it is not an exaggeration to consider this trip to be a life-and-death experience.

But Salazar never thought of it that way,

At the moment when he felt the eyes of everyone, he took this errand without any hesitation:

"I don't have any problems!"

"If you can really reach the legendary Seven Golden Cities, it will be a blessing in this life!"

Salazar also knew in his heart that if he wanted to go to the Seven Golden Cities, he would have to pass through an uninhabited no-man's land and make his way through the pursuit of mutants, but...

The Idar soldiers are not vegetarians either!

Didn't you see the light armored infantry vehicles parked at the entrance of the Padilla Government Office?

With this kind of means of transportation that spans the ages, it seems that going to the Seven Golden Cities is no longer an impossible task!


It is also one of the reasons why Salazar is so willing to take up this errand!

In his opinion, if the Idar people can't reach the Seven Golden Cities, then no one in this world will be able to reach the legendary land deep in the interior.

Just for this possibility, it was already worth his risk!

Golden Seven Cities!

In the legend of the Lost Lands, the Seven Golden Cities possesses an extremely powerful barrier that can seal the mutants out, so that humans can be unafraid of external threats.


As safe as... the Principality of Idar on the other side of the ocean!

"Get ready and leave early tomorrow morning!"

"My adjutant, Major Amel Weasley, will be the commander of this operation."

"When you come back safely, I will personally apply to the Duke for your Idar Hero Medal!"

General Howson originally thought that he needed to talk a lot, but he didn't expect this young man named Salazar to be so straightforward.


He suddenly got up and walked out in great strides.

Before leaving...

He also has to arrange the weapons and supplies to be carried,

Because even with a light armored infantry vehicle as a vehicle, no one can be sure that these soldiers who went to explore the inland of the lost land will return safely.

When the first ray of autumn morning light finally lifted the veil-like mist, a convoy carrying Idar soldiers slowly drove out of the Padilla military base.

Two light armored infantry vehicles were in tandem, and camouflage hunting gear had been smeared on the hard light brown steel plates of their bodies.

Led by Major Amel Weasley and supplemented by Salazar Knox.

This expedition team with a total number of only seven people will traverse the vast no-man's land, and will gallop all the way to the northeast amid the chasing and besieging of mutants.

And their destination is also very clear, that is to explore the legendary Golden Seven Cities!

Although there were only a few extremely vague maps in their hands, and although none of them had ever tried to head towards the inland of the Abandoned Land,

But there is no doubt that…

The long-range communication device installed inside the light armored infantry vehicle and the surrounding hard steel plate provide them with a strong sense of security. UU Reading

Because although a reliable voice communication system has not yet been established, the armored vehicle has also been able to communicate with the information transfer terminal located in the Padilla military base in a way similar to "telegram communication".

"This is the base camp, now start testing the remote communication link."

"Call base camp, here is the groundhog, we are heading north, the current speed is thirty miles per hour, everything is normal."

"Call the base camp. This is the rabbit-tailed mouse. Now it is following the groundhog. There are no safety hazards around the body."

"The base camp will keep communication open at all times, please report your current location every hour..."

on the way.

Major Amel Weasley was lost in thought as he watched the sights passing by the car window one by one.

Golden Seven Cities…

It's a word that is repeatedly mentioned by the local population, one really knows it, or where they are located.

Is it one city, or seven different cities?

Where did the so-called enchantment covering the city and the rumors about the Seven Golden Cities come from?


Only when they really arrived at the legendary land in the middle of the continent could they see what was hidden behind the curtain.

I don't know why,

Major Amel Weasley seemed vaguely aware that,

When he really finds the Seven Golden Cities, the changes that have taken place in the Abandoned Land during this period of time will be answered!

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