Alliance God-level Summoner - Chapter 506 , iron barrel array

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Susu Susu~

Before long, a large group of half-human-high ants appeared.

【Monster name】Blood beetle

[Monster Level] Bronze 1 ~ Gold 5

[Monster Skills] Giant Burst, Hardening, Rapid Crash, Blood Burst

The blood beetle ant's forelimbs are thick and bloody, and it is integrated with the surrounding maple-red environment. The tentacles are slightly raised, and the dark red eyes have a strong bloodthirsty meaning.

"This is a blood beetle!"

Seeing hundreds of blood beetles in front of him, Hill's face suddenly turned pale.

The blood armor ants are famous in the Fire Cloud Forest. They live in groups, with a large number and strong combat effectiveness. Most monsters do not want to encounter them.

He had seen it with his own eyes before, hundreds of blood beetles gnawed more than a dozen huge monsters into a pile of bones in a head-on.

Fortunately, he was alert and hid in the tree in time, which saved his life.

"Blood ants, bronze 1 to gold 5~"

Xiao Yao said calmly: "According to our plan, leave the gold level to me, and you will take care of the rest."

"Yes~" Everyone responded in unison, and there was no trace of panic on everyone's face.

Although there are a large number of blood beetles, for them, it is really a small scene.

The strongest blood beetle ants are only gold level 5, and they are not even as good as the blood flame wolves they encountered yesterday.


Seeing the group of monsters waiting in front of them, the tentacles of the blood armor ants swayed slightly, and issued an order to the blood armor ants army.

"Kill them!"


Hundreds of blood beetles started at the same time, like small tanks, rushing towards everyone with a violent momentum.

"Hill, just stay where you are and don't move!"

Xiao Yao protected Hill, who looked nervous, in the center of the team, and then said solemnly, "Iron barrel formation!"


In an instant, all the beasts moved their positions.

Lao Niu and Xiao Ke spread out, protecting the team's head and tail like two door gods.

Zach, Maokai, Skarner, and Kha'Zix, four melee masters interspersed between Xiaoke and Lao Niu, served as the first layer of defense to block the opponent's attack.

Ali, Rainbow Horned Deer, Wood Elf, Twitch, Beautiful Dream Beast, and Shadow Cat are standing slightly inward, serving as the second layer of protection, delivering long-range firepower and providing support at any time.

Gargoyle, Feiyu Qingluan, Holy Light Unicorn, Magic Teng and other flying war beasts are suspended in the sky, acting according to the opportunity.

Xiao Yao and the others stood at the center of the iron barrel formation, directing the entire battlefield.

The Iron Barrel Formation is one of the tactics that Xiao Yao and his friends developed together. In the face of large-scale enemy attacks, although this tactic will make some war beasts lose their mobility, it can protect the Summoner's safety to the greatest extent. .

clap clap clap~

The blood beetle ants rushed over quickly, their heavy bodies stepping on the fallen leaves, making a constant crackling sound.

Xiao Yao stared at the front calmly, seeing that the blood beetle ants had entered the attack range, and then said solemnly: "The first wave, start!"

As soon as the voice fell, all the beasts with long-range attacks immediately smashed their skills.


Feiyu Qingluan let out a soft cry, its wings vibrated, and more than a dozen groups of washbasin-sized flames shot out.


The Holy Light Unicorn accumulated enough energy, and the unicorn glowed with white light, and then suddenly shot a Holy Light Cannon.

Approaching, the Wood Elf's [Dance of Grass Blades], the Rainbow Horned Deer's [Rainbow Flying Blade], and the Gargoyle's [Petrification Ray] all shot forward.

Among them, the most destructive is undoubtedly Twitch's [Poisonous Barrel].

Now, the gold level 4 Tuqi has used the [Poisonous Barrel], and its coverage has been close to 50 meters.

A w skill smashed down, and the formation of the blood armored ants was directly missing a large piece, and Tucci's [Poisonous Barrel] was just thrown at the front of the blood armored ants' team, those who rushed into the poisonous fog range before they could turn around The blood beetle ants died the moment they stepped into the poisonous fog.

The first wave of offensive went down, and the number of blood beetles was directly reduced by nearly one-fifth.


Seeing everything, Hill's eyes widened. He didn't expect Vulcan's companion to be so powerful. Of course, the most powerful one was the Vulcan spirit beast, the mouse holding a bow and a crossbow and exuding madness.

At this time, seeing that her subordinates were seriously injured before they touched the enemy, the blood armored ant queen, the leader, could not help but let out an angry neigh.


After receiving the order from the queen, all the blood armor ants were like taking drugs, and suddenly burst out with a powerful impact, their speed doubled sharply, and they rushed towards the crowd.

For a time, the ground shook violently, and bright red leaves were thrown all over the sky, blocking everyone's eyes.

"Maokai - the grip of nature!" Xiao Yao said coldly.


Maokai squatted half-squat, the huge palm of the tree pressed to the ground.

In the next second, huge roots spanning dozens of meters burst out of the ground and kept surging forward.

bang bang bang~

Any blood beetle ants that were touched by the roots were all nailed in place, and the whole body was tightly bound by the roots, making a constant creaking and tense sound.

On this occasion, the long-range firepower hit these controlled blood beetles precisely, causing dozens of blood beetles to die in an instant.

The two waves of offensive ended. Although the blood armor ants were killed and injured many times, they still rushed to the iron barrel formation composed of war beasts and entered the stage of close-range killing.


Xiao Ke, who had long been unable to hold back his killing intent, let out a long whistle and instantly entered a bloodthirsty werewolf state, his sharp claws danced wildly, and the hard carapace was as fragile as paper in front of him.


Lao Niu's attack is still so simple and unpretentious, but it is extremely violent. Every blood beetle ant hit by his heavy punch will burst with its carapace, and its internal organs will turn into a lump of flesh.

At this time, the rest of the war beasts also performed quite dazzlingly.

The first layer of iron barrels composed of Zac, Snaka, Maokai, and Kha'Zix kept most of the blood armor ants out, and almost all the gold-level blood armor ants were precisely killed by Mo Teng and Tucci, while When the silver-level blood beetle faces four of them, basically two moves will kill them.

Even if some blood beetles can pass through the gaps in the first layer of iron barrels, they can't break through the second line of defense consisting of Ahri, Rainbow Horned Deer, Wood Elf, Twitch, Beautiful Dream Beast, and Shadow Cat. Hill stood in place, watching the blood beetle ants like a surging red tide, constantly attacking the "iron barrel" frantically.

But these spirit beasts are as stable as a rock, not giving the blood armor ants a chance to break repel their attacks again and again.

With the passage of time, the nervousness and panic in Hill's heart disappeared completely, replaced by infinite longing for the future of the tribe.

With the protection of so many powerful spirit beasts, perhaps the Vulcan tribe really has a chance to regain its glory and become the most powerful tribe on this land.


Seeing that the momentum of the blood beetle ants was getting weaker and weaker, Xiao Yao ordered Tucci: "Kill the queen."

The reason he didn't kill the queen ants directly was because he was worried that once the queen ants died, the remaining blood beetles would flee, and the experience gained would be much less.

In addition, the main purpose of this battle is to accumulate experience points for teammates. Otherwise, with just one [Nantian Fury] from Xiaoke, almost all the blood armor ants can be wiped out.

Ah ho~ (give it to me)

Tucci quickly climbed to the tree next to him, the bow and crossbow were angled down, and he quickly pulled the trigger.


A sharp breaking wind sounded!

The black arrow precisely hit the head of the Blood Armored Queen in the distance, killing her in one hit.


As soon as the blood armored ants died, all the blood armored ants seemed to have lost their souls.

At this moment, the war beasts immediately sounded the horn for a counterattack.

bang bang bang~

The iron barrel formation bloomed in an instant, and all the war beasts attacked in all directions, harvesting the life of the blood beasts.

At this time, the blood beetle ants no longer had any thoughts of resisting, and they turned around and ran away one by one.

In the face of this group of "ants" who lost their homes, the war beasts were full of firepower, and they even let out excited howls when they were killed.

In less than a few minutes, all the blood beetles were completely slaughtered.

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