X- Epoch of the DragonChapter 2140 Dialogue between the "devil"
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A normal person, Xin Yun, received a second chance by transmigrating to an unknown world. But because he chose to indulge in women, he lost his chance to become the most powerful. When he gets caught by the force a struggle between the nine most powe

Xian Wang Dotes On Wifev2 Chapter 2529 Gracefulness (1)
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She is an expert in medicine, the only daughter of Yun Tian, Yun Valley's master.Her parents died, leaving her alone in this world. She fell from heaven to hell. She had a marriage prospect but her future husband broke it off. The entire world vie

Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!Chapter 392 Capture three levels (seventh)
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This appears to be this type of story:Soon after knowing that she was going to marry Song Shi An, Su Tang made a firm resolution to barter to get a bill of divorce within one month!The reasons are many with one being crucial, that pan of cold noodles

Xiling Empire~ Testimonials
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This isn't the struggle of an empire, nor the tempest of another world, and definitely not a cultivation story. This is actually a super serious (not really), super hard sci-fi novel about saving the world. Take what I'm saying seriously.(Don't)Okay,

Xianxia: My Disciples are Insane!Chapter 498 - The Heavenly Dao of the Soul, and the Law of Void Was Upgraded Again?
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After transmigrating through ten years and silently registering his name at the Shanmen for ten years, the system finally issued Ye Changge his first task: to take in some disciples! Disciple One: A very ordinary mortal who carries an axe every da