Jun Ye Can’t Help But Tease His Wifev5 Chapter 126 Battle of Dusk
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Rumor has it that the empire's first general, Shen Chengfeng, has a quirk that does not allow anyone to touch his body!But on a certain day, not only did he touch people, but also slept with a certain person!For countless generations, it is rumored t

Jubov2 Chapter 478 Science, Education and Culture Department
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Wang Cheng: Boss Chu, I think my mom will not agree two hundred percent with our affair, so I have a once-and-for-all proposal, do you want to hear it?Chu Yifeng: Let's hear it.Wang Cheng: It's very simple, why don't we break up and not worry about a

Juvenile Medical God~ 032 life
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The King of Hell sentences you to death by midnight, but I can ensure that you live past morning.The young man, Qin Lang, received the inheritance of a poison school by chance. He uses poison to kill people, uses poison to save people and he uses poi

Jun JiulingChapter 235 NO.
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In the winter of Taikang Year 3, a girl pays a visit to her future in-laws, the Ning Family of Beiliu, Yangcheng.After her engagement was denied, the girl decided to hang herself in front of the Ning Family to show them her sincerity.When the girl wh

Jin Yong Martial Arts Otherworld Rampagev9 Chapter 681 postscript
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The vast Kunwu Mountains, one hundred and eight thousand.Spiritual ethereal sword rising, sweeping the summits of the nine provinces.A modern day otaku is reborn in a wuxia world, becoming the little shishu of a little sect. Unexpectedly discovering

Jiang Chao Ge and the Spirit WeaponChapter 189 Finale volume
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Jiang Chao Ge, people called him "money hungry Jiang". Went from a street hooligan to a newly appointed city official. The difficulties he experienced along the way he hid deep inside himself and did not say a word about it. He only wants be blinding

Journey of the Infinite WizardChapter 1289 : Countdown
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The horse-drawn carriage model bought in the antique market, who knows that this horse-drawn carriage can actually take people through the heavens and all realms. Experience one world after another, grow up in different worlds, and colonize different

Joy of LifeChapter 117 The conspiracy of the dark speaker (below)
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That lonesome night as he lays dying in the hospital, fearing of death and desiring the taste of life, his mind became unprecedentedly complex with mixed emotions. Myasthenia gravis an incurable disease where one's muscle slowly degenerated until th

Journey To Become A True GodChapter 1225 - All Groups Have Gathered
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Ye Chen was an honest and hardworking man, but he caught his girlfriend who was having an affair with a wealthy second generation, because of his sadness he decided to return to his hometown to calm down, while on his way he met a god cultivator a

Junior Brother Always Wants to Bend MeChapter 81 Extra four
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In this story, the gong and shou are the same soul.Su MuJin's previous existence was extremely miserable. After being reborn, he realized he could rely on the knowledge from his previous incarnation and his natural talents in order to reach the pinna

Journey to the West: I Am Entertaining in the Great TangChapter 1566 Journey to the West, goodbye!
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Qin Hao took the system and opened a magical bookstore through Journey to the West.There are all kinds of novels, movies, games, mobile phones, and computers in the store.Guanyin: "Buddha, the monkey of Monkey King is crazy. I can't cover my eyes any