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Crossing Over to the Dragon Ball Worldv32 Chapter 164 Lava Beastmaster
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This is a story of an ordinary otaku crossing Sun Wukong in "Dragon Ball"; this is an invincible YY novel, there are many worlds, many girls!Leisure, entertainment, round your dreams. Solemnly declare: This is an invincible stream yy novel, there are

The Black Technology Era of Xueba~ New book "I didn't want to be a big brother"
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Xiao Ming, a junior in high school, experienced the whole life of a high-tech planet Pan Shaxing science and technology warrior after staying up late to watch a novel suddenly die.Xiao Ming, who was dying to death, found that science courses have bec

Become a Hundred Billion Gods From the Beginning of Sign-inChapter 783 How dare I forget you Mr. Jiang!
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Ding! Jiang Chen sent a courier and got the experience life sign-in system!Reward a Lamborghini poison, blast, cool and handsome!"DingThe hidden event is activated, the sign-in is successful, and the reward is one billion.""DingThe hidden event is ac

The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with meChapter 2236 season finale
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On the day of her escape from prison, she had died unexpectedly and was reborn into the body of Madam Huo.He was the heir to the number one financial magnate. She had charged out of nowhere and from then on, the obedient and weak Madam Huo had starte

Live Surgical Broadcast~ New book "Doctor Sleepless" has been uploaded
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A surgeon accidentally got the blessings of a system, shocked the medical industry, and rejuvenated countless people. - Description from Novelupdates

The Man from Hell~ It's over, thank you for your companionship
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The Demon Empire in the universe was reborn and came back! Enemies should kneel down in front of him! Beauties should lie down in front of him!"I am a demon. I enslave gods and immortals! If you don't succumb to me, I will convince you by force!"Ye F

Myriad Worlds Inventory BoxChapter 3070 . Conclusion and testimonials
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Huang Feng, who graduated from a second-rate university, had no choice but to work as a security guard, but accidentally obtained a super storage box, advanced technology? Magic pill? The elixir of longevity mine, mine, all mine! - Description fr

I Know EverythingChapter 490 Again predicted
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Sky is not born of Shen Huan, millennium is like night.This is a rebirth who wants to release himself, and has an interesting life story after getting a less serious system. - Description from Uukanshu

I Have a DragonChapter 102 Advanced Blazing Scorpion
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Feng. Liu Di is a city in the city. He has only one mind in mind:I am the king, where do you live? !! - Description from 69shu

Super Farm Systemv2 Chapter 1312 Century Wedding (the finale)
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In the magical China, there are such a number of times to reject the special hiring of the world's top hotels, and several times to reject the magical farmhouse music interviewed by international TV.The farmhouse is located in a remote corner of the

Rebirth of the Entrepreneurship EraChapter 788 Fengchi Zhisuke
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Xu Yiyang, who was only late in his life when he was middle-aged, returned to 1999 in a dream.At the turn of the millennium and the turn of the century, he realized a truth:Not only to be famous early, to start a business and make money, but also ear

Global Catastrophe: I Am Cultivating Immortals in the RefugeChapter 171 : Notification 1
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January, the 1st.Cataclysm day comes, the core beasts of the underground spring out, the sun's spots burst out, the cold current of one hundred degrees sweeps the world, the prehistoric beasts reappear, and the alien creatures descend on the earth!To

Master Xiuxian in the CityChapter 1017 A new starting point [final ending]
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The master Xiuxian failed to cross the calamity, the soul came to the earth, and became a waste fiance of the school flower. The school fiancee wants to force him to remarry, the hypocrite and uncle who is greedy for money fights for his family prope

My Talent Is Really Averagev2 Chapter 1 。
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Yanagawa was helpless, my cultivation talent was really average.You are cultivating, but I am leveling.Every time the host breaks through, the system will be upgraded, bringing new functions.After coming to this world, Liuchuan just wanted to upgrade

Rebirth of the World’s Richest ManChapter 1694 How to compare
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Jiang Xiaobai, a 21st century economics college graduate, was reborn in 1979 and witnessed the arrival of that era with his own eyes.Unstoppable, everything grows wantonly, dust and dawn rise, rivers converge into rivers, unknown hills rise to peaks,

I am Trapped on the Same Day for a Thousand Yearsv6 Chapter 453 Start learning
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Wu Chen crossed the new world, but was trapped on July 7th, 2020, and continued to reincarnate! He has been indulgent, doing evil, and desperately violently committing suicide hundreds of times in different ways, but every new day, everything will co

Goodnight, Mr. CEO!Chapter 1733 :The ending chapter·The finale (final)
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The person I love, I want to be able to occupy his entire life. Before he touches me, he has no past, leaving a blank waiting for me. "siege"In the eyes of outsiders, that man is sinister and cunning, with ruthless methods, everyone avoids it for fea

The First StrongChapter 156
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[Free New Book] The predecessor of the Immortal God reincarnate and reborn in the third year of high school. Based on the many exercises in the memory of previous life, he practiced again from scratch. There are many traces and treasures left by his

Peak StrengthChapter 231 Hit bankruptcy
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I will go forward step by step, until one day I surpass you, Dad! !!Zhao Gang, who has graduated from the World Hunter School, returns to the city. He inspires his own country and surpasses his father who is already at the top of the world. - Des

Damn It, I’m the Villain Rich Second-generation Father?Chapter 487 The sky in Kyoto is about to change
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He Tiancheng traveled through Shuangwen's novels and found that he turned out to be a villain!With a net worth of tens of billions, crossing is the pinnacle!After obtaining the system, prevent the protagonist from pretending to be forced, change the

Rebirth of the Tech Madman~ End of this testimonial
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The crash of a plane caused the fall of a large number of elites who participated in a famous forum. Their memories were compressed to the extreme by the huge energy that broke out in an instant. With the incomplete soul of an IT engineer, they cross

Urban: Town Country War GodChapter 619 North Xinjiang stability
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He was originally a dandy boy, but he was forced to flee in embarrassment after experiencing a radical change in his family. After five years of gold and iron horse, he returned strongly!The enemies of the past are all frightened, and I am like a nig

Entertainment World: The Wild God of GourmetChapter 658 [Back to where the dream started]
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Leaving the electrical capital of automation, away from the bustling city filled with smog, he wants to travel the world, go to isolated islands, swamps, mountains, rainforestschallenge the most exciting adventures and find the most primitive food!Th

I’m a BillionaireChapter 963 Chen Yao's pride
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Shen Fei was originally a poor student. He was despised by everyone, and his girlfriend looked down on himself. One day, he received a notice from the family. The family asked him to go back and inherit hundreds of millions of fortunes."Master, if yo

Mr Gu’s First Doting Marriage (Mr.Gu,Don't get hooked!)Chapter 2785 Extra 930: Understanding
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This novel is also known as Mr.Gu,Don't get hooked!"This is my first time, it hurtsooh, it bleeds"The man looked at her finger cut by the kitchen knife, and while applying the medicine distressedly, he aggressively scolded: "I have said that you are

The Richest Man Yang FeiChapter 2615 end
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Time wrinkled, and Yang Fei returned to 1993. Be a layman and be a romantic forever. - Description from Unknown

Getting Rich Overnight, Starting From a Multiple-Choice QuestionChapter 187
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"What would you choose from the following three things?1: Diploma of Mizuki University.2: A well-tested school flower3: 50 million venture capital. "Life is a series of multiple choice questions, however, when Ye Feng found out that each of his optio

The Best Actor and Actress Are Flirting Again!Chapter 919 The director just can't afford it
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Su Xia is a well-known top traffic in the entertainment industry, and she is also a well-known queen of popular dramas. She holds a number of trophies with extremely high gold content.There hasn't been any scandal in the five years since her debut, t

I Have a Shenhao SystemChapter 804 Persistently waiting
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He was forced by his girlfriend to borrow online loans to pay the gift money. He was mocked by his prospective mother-in-law as a young gangster in the field. He was insulted by his prospective father-in-law and got out of no money. He was ridiculed

American Big Landlordv2 Chapter 1412
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Jessie Chou got a space and did another good deed, causing him to go to the United States by accident.Inherited a property, but with a large farm.Now that we become a landlord, then we will become a big landlord.Hire whites to herd cattle, blacks to

Return back into the Novel as the Antagonistic Playboy~ Recorded in this spring morning
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A certain writer is reborn in a bad and vulgar way, but he is not reborn in the past or in a parallel world, but in the world of the novel he wrote!What makes him blue skinny mushrooms most is that the reborn character turned out to be the villain bo

God-level Delivery Man from Ten Thousand RealmsChapter 1683 Super double
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Activating the Myriad Realms Delivery System when he was dying, Jiang Fan started a different life from then on!Sent a cup of hand-ground coffee to Su Daqiang, and returned a marriage certificate for marrying a wife at will!Spicy crayfish was given t

This Curse Is Just Awesomev4 Chapter 22 Changling Foreign Land (Part 1)
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Chen Yu traveled to the world of Gaowu, but was judged as an intruder by the "will of the world" and imposed a curse.[Curse effect: state reversal][Practicing: Strength -1, -2, -1, -1][During exercise: obesity +1; weakness +1; physique -1; strength -

Detective Training ManualChapter 492 My past...
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Please remember, never dig out unsolved puzzles.Because you will never know how much people paid to cover it up.Under the surface of false calm, most of the truth is cruelOkay, let me make it clearer.If one day, you see a book falling on the ground o

Entertaining ChildrenChapter 1321 .End of this testimonial
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Li Hao woke up and found that he had crossed into a parallel world and became Xiao Yao, a three-year-old child.On the same day of the journey, his mother died and his father was injured and admitted to the hospital.Fortunately, there was a grandfathe

The Magnificent God of WarChapter 2495 Go back (end of the book)
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Fifteen years ago, he was an abandoned son of a wealthy family and lived on the street. A little girl gave him her candy.Fifteen years later, he is the No. 1 God of War in the East, with unparalleled power and wealth!The return of the king, willing t