One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good WifeChapter 4758 Love is not late 184
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For a million worth of contract, she became a surrogate mother.He was the chief executive of the Empire and she was of lowly birth. With her adoptive father's business falling into crisis, she agrees to his contract.She gave birth to twins: the older

Omni GeniusChapter 3183 Holy beast's request!
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Being able to learn any skill immediately, and just by raising its proficiency, stand at the summit. He is the World Chef Association Honorary Chairman, having the title of the World Chef God. He is the greatest composer, pianist, and conductor after

One Piece: The Soul Purchasing PirateChapter 934 New journey (final ending)
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Crossing to One Piece world, he became Roger's younger brother.Unexpectedly, Gol-D-Roger who was in his fifties had a teenage brother. But he was so weak.Fortunately, at the age of sixteen, he actually found himself with a possession soul system.He h

One Piece Talent System~ The new book "The Piece's Achievements" asks for support!
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He doesn't want to be wanted for bounty, or be a pirate, but if there's no other choice, he can only become a pirate..Let the world turn upside down! - Description from Novelupdates

One Piece’s Strongest Ice Dragon~ New book "Different Dimension Killer Games" has been released!
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Young clerk Loya crossed and came to the world of the legendary OP. As a traversal party, he naturally had golden fingers, but his golden fingers turned out to be the dragon annihilator system from the demon tail!Is still the ice dragon dragon wizard

Overlord, Love Me Tenderv2 Chapter 5164 Finale (end of text)
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In the 21st century, she was the talented leader of the hidden family clan, once she crossed over, she became the number one waste?Break off an engagement? A good-for-nothing? Open your eyes and see clearly!This lady here can just throw you into the

Offered Into Marriagev7 Chapter 43 Han feudal army
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Yang Yang starved to death once, so after rebirth, he had only one wish: food and clothing.However, in the blink of an eye, Yang Yang heard his uncle say that he had to cut open his stomach to take out the eggs.Yang Yang: I advise you to be kind.In

Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven~ The most beautiful miracle
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Defiance of natural order of a single young Dragon soul.The main character was the number one player in the previous VRMMO's, with his superhuman arrogance (which would make even the worst young master blush), charisma and strength he will give a new

Our Binding Love: My Gentle TyrantChapter 247 Fanwai: Saying with Zicheng (2)
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She was transmigrated into a novel where she became the cannon fodder who abused the male lead and ultimately suffered her demise under said male lead. And to return back home, she had to obtain the city boundary map first.Ye Mu doesn't want to play

One Piece Bounty Systemv2 Chapter 528 Festival
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Introduction to One Piece's Bounty System: Tianlei crossed the One Piece World and become the nephew of the Navy Admiral Sakazuki, Akainu', Tian Lei thought it was very outrageous until he found himself having a [bounty system] that can be exchanged

One Hundred Ways to Become a GodChapter 2324 Not boring
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An intelligence error caused the Third Fleet to face an ambush. In order to divert his enemies, the imperial admiral drove the starship alone into the meteorite band, and his spiritual power fell into a coma under heavy blows.With the help of mystica

Otherworldly White Dragon LordChapter 1182 From Doomsday to Another World (Part 1)
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What are you going to do when you pass through another world?Yalin(MC): Perhaps, many of those seniors who passed through another world would like to use violence to solve their problems, but I like to control the fate of a country with economics and

Omni-Magician~ End this testimonial
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"Magic can be activated like a computer program in this world!" Top hacker Ye Chui astonishingly discovered after being reborn in another world.Mastering the programming language allows you to develop all sorts of programs and so mastering the magic

Open a Clinic to Cultivate MyselfChapter 1692 Void!
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A poor and bereaved medical student rescued an injured black dog from a busy road, but the black dog bit him and gave him a clinicthe Sky Clinic. If he didn't pay the rent on time, his life would be cut short.In order to survive, how would Ning Tao,

Otherworldly Evil Monarch~ The new book is open, proud of the world! Please support your brothers and sisters!
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Jun Xie was the number one assassin in modern earth. His skills and knowledge in the field of assassination were unparalleled, his accomplishments unprecedented, his reputation terrified the entire underworld. However, during a mission to retrieve a

Ordered to Marry Thrice, The Mysterious WangfeiChapter 41 This question has been super
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For the once dead Hua Yu Man, she has to do three things this lifetime: kill those who harmed her, kill the man who said he loved her, and protect a place called "home."She seems docile and gentle, with the air and temperament of a beautiful young la

Overlord in CultivationChapter 2122 season finale!
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The doomsday fell upon the earth when a dragon coffin sealed under a snow mountain for ages shifted, and the civilization of gods and devils began. The whole universe turned into a fantastic new world where everyone could rise to the top through cult

One Useless RebirthChapter 188 This is not a familiar river
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He Bai won the lottery, became rich, and reached the pinnacle of life. Then, he inadvertently took a picture of the Film Emperor Di Qiuhe being killed. And after reporting this case to the police, he was reborn in a midst of confusion.He Bai: I don't

Overgod AscensionChapter 851 season finale
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When I woke up after being transported to another world, I am suddenly the antagonist? This script is wrong! I stole the other guy's girl! I also have a super strong big sister! This script is even more wrong! There's even an Overgod Space, along wit

One Piece: Luffy Anchor~ The update is suspended, and the "Abyss and the Player" update will start tomorrow
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Karp: Luffy! You and Ace will become the strongest navy in the future!Luffy: Good grandpa! I am a man who wants to be an admiral of the navy!Karp: Well, I deserve to be Karp's grandson.Karp: But you just need to be a lieutenant general.After a few ye

Once We Come Across Love (Embrace Love)Chapter 323 Crazy woman
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A simple childhood love story.The female lead's name is Xiao Tu (Bunny) and the male lead's name is Ling Chao (Super). As neighbors who were born a month apart, they grew up, went to school, and graduated together.Tu Tu is a cute and good girl. Even

One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet LoveChapter 3098 - Innocence 19
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For a million worth of contract, she became a surrogate mother.He was the chief executive of the Empire and she was of lowly birth. With her adoptive father's business falling into crisis, she agrees to his contract.She gave birth to twins: the old

Opening Sign to the Infinite Dragon GodChapter 1263
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Traveling through the world of High School of Devil, Su Yang obtained the god-level sign-in system, and he signed to Orpheus at the beginning?[Congratulations to the host for the reward-the ten incarnations of Vishnu from the origin of Hakata! Incarn

Ostentatious Zhao Yaov3 Chapter 390 Super Amazing Magic Notebook (pk1)
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In a hilarious and sweet xianxia romance set in Ancient China, Lu Zhao Yao went through life living ostentatiously in every way possible. She lived her entire demon life in a loud and brazen manner, reigning over legions of demons, and yetjust before

OvergearedChapter 1513
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As Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy!However, luck would soon enter his hopeless life. His character, Grid', would discover the Northern E

Omniscient Reader’s ViewpointChapter 551 (END) - Epilogue 5 – The Eternity and Epilogue (Complete)
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Only I know the end of this world.One day our MC finds himself stuck in the world of his favorite webnovel. What does he do to survive? It is a world struck by catastrophe and danger all around.His edge? He knows the plot of the story to end. Becau

Orcs Build a Well-off Society~ ☆Chapter One Life One Chapter Chapter (2)
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The main meaning of building a well-off society:In the next few decades, we will strive to double XX times over the previous N years. Everyone's strength, comprehensive strength and tribal competitiveness will be significantly enhanced, and the techn

Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!Chapter 866 - A Three-Win Deal
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Fifty years ago, Dragon City transmigrated to the Other World. Alone in the world, they lifted the banner of Earth's civilization and fought against the terrifying forces of the Other World. And in the end, Dragon City was destroyed. Then, Meng Ch

Our Days of Youth, Beautiful as a PoemChapter 145 Extra two
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Student Qi Cheng, public enemy of the male student population, attention! Hand over the student who sits on the back of your bicycle, Pei Qingfei, and we can still discuss negotiations.After reading the anonymous post on the school discussion board,

One Piece: Flowing Blade-Like FlameChapter 1384 Maybe Wu Mingde will change
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"Sin Luo Yongzhen, all turned to ashes, Flowing Blade-Like Flame!"With the strongest and oldest Zanpaku sword of the flame system, Flowing Blade-Like Flame, came to this sea where pirates are prevalent, gorgeous and powerful ghost roads, and a flash

Orcs’ Time Through TimeChapter 95 Fanwai: Arnold becomes stupid (3)
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Modern times are under great pressure, so let's go to primitive society.It's just a single-handedly, primitive society is not easy to mix.You said getting married? Get married when you get married.You say this is not good? Nothing is bad, just open i

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword MountainChapter 850 (END) - Goodbye
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The Spirit Blade Sect was founded in the year 4233. After thousands of years of producing first rate Xiuxian geniuses, it had become one of the five biggest sects in the Ten Thousand Celestial Alliance. The head elder, Immortal Feng Yin is one of

Overlord (LN)Volume 14: Epilogue
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After announcing it will be discontinuing all service, the internet game Yggdrasil' shut down That was the plan, but for some reason, the player character did not log out some time after the server was closed. NPCs start to become sentient. A norm

Omnipotent SageChapter 897 - Achieved Eternity (Ending)
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Invincible fists, unrivaled hammers!Junior Leopard, who traveled through time and space, takes what he earns and does only what he needs to do, never undertaking too much responsibility nor being so chivalrous as to do every good deed. His so-call

Once Human, Now a ParasiteChapter 743 - 687 : The Demonic Shades
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Arthur, once a successful and rich businessman, was given a second chance in another world. He was tortured for months by men his wife hired and, now... he was offered a new beginning but it wasn't what he wished for. He was met with the unexpecte

Oukoku e Tsuzuku MichiChapter 537: A Competent Worker
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This is the story of a young s*ave gladiator in an underground arena. He doesn't know about his past or how he got to where he is, only that his name is Aegir, and that he is strong.One day he kills the boss and escapes the arena, joining a band of m