Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - v9 Chapter 1082 attack (2)

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When Che Buren saw that Ding Chunming had shown his hammer, his expression couldn't help changing, and then he snorted coldly: "Okay, then let me see how strong you are." Che Buren moved his hand, and the next moment, there was an extra halberd in his hand, and then Che Buren pointed at Ding Chunming with the halberd. Ding Chunming also smiled slightly when he saw Che Buren, and then he moved, He rushed straight towards Che Buren, who didn't stand there waiting, he also rushed towards Ding Chunming.

At this time, the battle between the Blood Slaughter Sect and the Shadow Clan also began. After the Shadow Clan people came out, they immediately attacked the Blood Slaughter Sect people, including those who activated the puppets, and the disciples of the puppets did not fight immediately. Their strength is very strong, because all their battles are controlled by Yantianqiu, and Yantianqiu's computing power is very amazing, and they can never go wrong, so when those Shadow Clan people, and these activated puppets As soon as they got to grips with, they immediately felt the power of these activated puppets.

A master of the laws of Shadow Clan, with a long sword in his hand, he slashed at an activated puppet. The activated puppet did not hide, but stood there, letting his long sword slash on his body. , a good long sword slashed on the body of the activated puppet, and the body of the activated puppet was chopped in half at once. Just when the master of the law of the Shadow Clan was happy, the next moment he saw that the hand of the activated puppet was not good. Knowing when there was an extra long knife, it slashed on his body with a single knife. The long knife even had a layer of gold on it. The activating master of the Shadow Clan screamed in agony. His body was blurred, so that he could run away, but the activated puppet started shaking the long knife in his hand, and his long knife was getting longer and longer, and the activation master of the Shadow Clan, the last sound The screams turned into a plume of black smoke and disappeared, and he died just like that.

When other Shadow Clan people fought with those activated puppets, the situation was similar. Except for some fast-responding Shadow Clan Law masters, there were many Shadow Clan Law masters who were all killed. You must know that this is a living rule. Experts, even the masters of the laws of the Blood Killing Sect, facing these masters of the laws of the Shadow Clan, if you want to clean them up, it will take a lot of effort. It will be like now, killing so many Shadow Clan in one go master of the rules.

In fact, this is not to blame for the masters of the laws of the Shadow Clan, those masters of the laws of the Shadow Clan, they will think of these activated puppets, they will be wounded and replaced, and there is no chance for them. Don't hide at all, and then I will attack you directly. This kind of attack is something they have never seen before, so they suffered a big loss when they came up.

But the Shadow Clan people who escaped this catastrophe immediately understood that these puppets are not so easy to deal with. When they were fighting against these puppets, they were even more careful. Those puppets couldn't be killed easily. Those who died of ShadowClan, the two of them kept coming and going, but in general, those activated puppets fell to the disadvantage, and those ShadowClan masters, on the contrary, had the upper hand, because those ShadowClan people Law masters, their law power is still stronger, so they have the upper hand. Of course, if they want to destroy those activated puppets, it is almost impossible. Those activated puppets are not afraid of Their attacks, so when they faced those activated puppets, they still suffered a bit.

But there is no way to do it. Although those activated puppets also have the power of law, and there is also a sky ball to direct them to fight, but the Shadow Clan people are all masters of the law. They are familiar with their own exercises. Once you are familiar with them, their moves are also very random. It can be said that they can attack however they want. It is difficult for Yantianqiu to grasp their laws, which also leads to a result, that is Yantianqiu. There is no way to predict the opponent's moves, they can only see the moves, so they will naturally fall into the disadvantage, which is another weakness of the activated puppet, that is, compared to people, they are still too rigid. That's why they are at a disadvantage. If they are really monks and have the ability to activate puppets, then their combat effectiveness must be increased several times at least. This is the real gap between activated puppets and humans. Of course, if they really If they survived, then it will be another matter. At that time, they will be real creatures, and naturally there will be more changes, and their strength will naturally be able to exert themselves. Now they do not have such ability, although they can Block those Shadow Clan people, but except for the first attack, they were attacking like sneak attacks, and they didn't take any advantage of the rest. This is because of their special circumstances, so they were not killed by the Shadow Clan people. Otherwise, they may have died long ago. This is the difference between the activated puppet and the blood killing sect disciple.

However, there is another characteristic of activated puppets, that is, there are a lot of them, and the blood-killing war castle has never been shot, which makes the Shadow Clan people a little puzzled. They have also seen the shot. The strength of the blood-killing war castle is very powerful, but they have been fighting against the blood-killing sect for so long. , One side has been putting a big killer there and not letting him participate in the war, which is too weird.

And at this time, the battle between Ding Chunming and Che Buren has also become intensified. Ding Chunming's double hammers are linked, and each hammer hits the halberd head of the halberd, and Che Buren's halberd is also constantly changing. Every time Ding Chunming's skull hammer hits his halberd, his halberd will feel uncontrollable, and the halberd still trembles, because Ding Chunming's hammer contains a lot of energy. Strength is really weird, there are too many changes, and Che Buren really feels very difficult for Ding Chunming's power changes because he doesn't know what Ding Chunming's next attack will be like. , what kind of power change will the power be? This kind of power change makes Che Buren feel very headache. He can feel that his strength is actually stronger than Ding Chunming. He is a veteran title master. Ding Chunming has just become a title master, and his strength is stronger than Ding Chunming, but when facing Ding Chunming, he has a feeling of strength and difficulty, which makes him unable to deal with Ding Chunming at all. .

Ding Chunming also felt that Che Buren's strength was stronger than him, but he didn't care at all. Che Buren's strength was good, but Ding Chunming was not afraid of him. He believed that his strength was enough to stop him. Che Puren is no longer in charge, so his double hammer dance is more urgent. He is not defending, but has been attacking. In fact, most of the time he is attacking, and Che Puren is defending.

The two played against each other for dozens of rounds, and Che Buren felt uncomfortable. Every time his halberd collided with Ding Chunming's double hammer, he had a feeling that he was using the wrong force. It was uncomfortable, but Ding Chunming didn't feel that way. Although he said that Che Buren's power was very strong, he found that Che Buren was not as good as him in the use of power, and Che Buren had another kind of power that could not be completely The feeling of control, facing such an enemy, Ding Chunming really didn't feel much pressure.

In fact, Ding Chunming's feeling is not wrong. It is true that there is no way for Che Buren to completely control the power, because that power comes from the halberd in his hand, that is to say, the power of the halberd, he does not have The method can be completely controlled, but the halberd can increase his strength, so he used the halberd, but he forgot that a power that he can't completely control can not be regarded as his own amount, if you If you use this kind of power to deal with those with poor strength, you may kill the opponent at once, but if you use this kind of power to deal with people whose strength is equivalent to yours, then this kind of power may not only be unable to help you, It will also become a burden to you, and eventually drag you down to death, so although this magic weapon looks very powerful, this kind of power means that he must be in the hands of those who can control him. If it falls into the hands of those who cannot control him In the hands of the person, then this magic weapon is not so powerful.

In fact, in the realm of self-cultivation, many people have such a misunderstanding. For example, a monk, his swordsmanship is very powerful, but he got a knife, this knife is very powerful, he feels that he uses it A knife will definitely be more powerful than a sword, but he doesn't actually know that using the power that you can completely control is much stronger than using the power that you can't control. The power that you can completely control is the power Your own power is powerful, but you can’t control it. When it is powerful, it is also the power of others, and it is also an external force. It is not your own. These are completely two concepts, but unfortunately, many people do not understand this truth.

Ding Chunming's face was calm. He looked at Che Buren, who was also looking at Ding Chunming. At the same time, Che Buren also paid attention to the situation of other Shadow Clan people. As a result, he found that the other Shadow Clan people were now at a disadvantage. It made him a little surprised. He didn't understand why the Shadow Clan people fell behind. When he just played against Ding Chunming, the Shadow Clan people still had the upper hand. What's going on now? Why did it suddenly go downhill?

Che Buren didn't know, it was because the masters of the blood killing sect intervened. If those puppets of the living creatures continued to fight against the shadow clansmen, then those activated puppets might still be at a disadvantage, but when the masters of the blood killing sect participated After that, the situation changed completely. Those masters of the Blood Killing Sect were not those rigid activated puppets. These masters of the Blood Killing Sect were extremely powerful in combat. In terms of the title of Master, Blood Killing If Zong has not been able to gain the upper hand, then in terms of law masters, they are completely at a disadvantage, so those law masters of the Shadow Clan are now completely at a disadvantage.

Seeing this situation, Che Buren's heart couldn't help but feel a sudden shock. If these law masters lose too much, then they are really finished. They don't even have the ability to fight the blood killing sect in the end. Che Buren is really a little bit. Anxious.

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