Conquering the Multiverse From Pirates - Chapter 187 What to do if you don't want to retire

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Kuzan was silent. In fact, his thinking was similar to that of Rowe. The World Government did make a good move.

World conscription can not only effectively curb the expansion of Luo Wei's forces, but also strengthen the strength of the navy.

Even though Luo Wei had just angrily denounced the Navy as a violent agency under the World Government and the lackeys of the Tianlong people in Marinfando not long ago, there are still many people in this world who are willing to be the dogs of the Tianlong people.

Many people even feel that this is not a shame, but an honor.

Especially this time, the world government even took out the position of general.

This undoubtedly stimulated the group of people who wanted to go to the sky in one step.

Just how powerful and powerful the Admiral is, Kuzan, as a former Admiral, knows very well that he can't help worrying about the future of the new Navy.

"How should we deal with this world conscription."

Rowe thought for a while and said, "I will inform Morgans and issue a statement that anyone who joins the navy to help the tyrants is our enemy. If necessary, I will personally take action to eradicate them."

Kuzan originally wanted to ask, can such a statement really suppress those crazy people?

But when he thought of Rowe's powerful strength, he couldn't say anything.

After all, Rowe is just too powerful.

The last time he fought with Rowe, he was directly pressed by Rowe on the city wall of Marin Vando, and he lay in the hospital for more than a week before he could barely walk on the ground.

If it weren't for the other party's lack of killing intent, he would be dead now. Perhaps, Rowe's statement can really calm down those crazy people who want to join the Navy.

Thinking of this, Kuzan immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and after discussing a few words with Luo Wei, hung up the phone and continued his actions.

Liberate more islands on the Great Route.

He wants to help the new navy unify the first half of the great route in the shortest possible time.

On the other hand, Rowe had just ended the call with Kuzan, and a soldier hurried into Rowe's office and shouted, "Leader, a powerful blind man came outside and said he wants to see you. "

Mighty blind man?

Luo Wei raised his eyebrows, suddenly thought of a person, and said, "Let him come in."

The soldier nodded and left the office respectfully.

A few minutes later, the door to the office was pushed open, and a blind man walked in from outside.

Luo Wei looked at the other party carefully, with short black hair and a beard around his mouth.

There is an "x" shaped scar on the left side of the forehead that extends to both eyes.

Wearing a lavender kimono, with a black-purple sash, a purple scarf around his neck, white gauntlets on his hands, bandages on his arms, and wooden shoes on his feet.

Well, it's almost exactly the same as the person in my memory.

Luo Wei smiled and pointed to a chair in front of him and said, "Sit down, Mr. Smile."

There is no doubt that the man in front of Rowe is exactly the one in the original plot. Admiral Fujitora, who appeared in Dressrosa two years after the war, smiled.

Fujitora is the code name, and a smile is the name.

Rowe remembered that he joined the navy in the world conscription organized by the navy and was in the position of general.

But now the plot has changed. Yixiao didn't go to the navy and found himself anyway.

When you think about it, it's not surprising.

After all, in the original plot, this one smile is a very kind person, even to the enemy, he also uses the honorific title. When doing business, he often follows his own philosophy, and cares more about the safety of innocent people than tracing and arresting pirates, and at the same time abides by the regulations of the Navy.

There is no doubt that this is a person who wants to help others with his own strength and efforts.

The reason why he wants to join the navy is because the sea is a pirate except the navy, and there is no third-party force that can help Yixiao realize his ideas.

But now, Rowe stepped in and created a new navy, wanting to build a whole new world.

So, a smile appeared in front of him.

After figuring out the cause and effect, the smile on Luo Wei's face became more and more obvious.

Sitting on the chair with a smile, he said in surprise: "I originally thought I was anonymous, a nameless person, but I didn't expect that the leader of Rowe would know my name, which really surprised me."

Luo Wei said: "I know the names of many people through a special channel, but these are not the point, the point is that you plan to join my new navy, right."

Yi smiled and nodded, "Mingren don't speak secretly, I am indeed very interested in the brand new world in your mouth, Leader Rowe, and want to join it, but I have a few questions to ask you, Leader Rowe. "

Luo Wei raised his hand and said, "You say it."

He smiled and said: "Leader Luo Wei, your strength is well known and invincible in the world. Even the Admiral of the Navy is not a place for you."

"If one day, you really build a whole new world and become the first leader of the alliance."

"Ten years later, you have enjoyed the supreme power and realized the happiness brought by power, and suddenly you don't want to retire. What should you do?"

Luo Wei looked at and smiled in surprise, not expecting the other party to ask such a sharp question.

"Well, this is indeed a problem. If I am corrupted by power, I don't want to retire, I want to continue to rule the world in the position of leader, and I am invincible in the world. With your strength, you can't make me abdicate at all."

"So, what should you do, that's what you're worried about, right?"

Yi smiled and nodded, "Yes, that's what I'm really worried about."

Luo Wei clapped his hands and said, "Cold."

With a stunned smile on his face, this is also an answer.

Rowe said: "Although I really want to tell you, I can't stay in this position forever, but you won't believe it, right."

He smiled silently, he really didn't quite believe what Rowe said.

Empty talk.

Luo Wei scratched his hair and said: "To be honest, there is no solution to this situation, you all know my strength, if I don't want to abdicate, none of you can force me abdicate."

"At this time, apart from lying down and continuing to accept my notification, there is nothing you can do. There is no way."

Rowe spread his hands.

A little disappointed with a smile, this is not what he wanted.

Rowe saw this and said slowly, "You made a mistake a little, smile."

With a smile, he said seriously: "All ears are listening."

Lowe said: "If the alliance system really succeeds, will the world get worse or better."

He smiled and said, "Of course it's better."

Luo Wei said with a smile: "If that's the case, it doesn't matter if I've been in power for ten years, or if I've been in power for a hundred years. For ordinary people, as long as life gets better, who will rule them? People care."

He smiled and was silent for a moment, then suddenly realized.

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