Cultivation: From the Inauguration of Druid - v2 Chapter 142 Preaching

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Back to the abbot, Lingqing will take out the things that Dahuai took.

This is a tree core that is more than two feet long and the thickness of a thumb, and its color is green.

There are also traces of red jade-like crystal blood threads, which are densely covered.

Lingqing took it in his hand, opened his magic eyes and looked carefully, only to see that it was the crystallization of Jiayi wood.

Similar to the demon pills made by ordinary demons, it is the crystallization of the tree demon's magical power.

He would never destroy its cultivation by coveting the material of the tree demon. The core of this wood is not enough for the tree demon itself, and it can't hurt its foundation.

Moreover, the wood energy that should have flourished was not only gloomy and frigid, but also incompatible with the bloodshot that was entangled with it, exuding a fiery aura.

His main purpose was the blood crystal attached to it.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to get a piece of material for yourself to make a duster by the way.

Lingqing pinched the magic art with his hands, activating the mana, and first, he kept the bloodshot in the center of the wooden core.

He stripped away the cold, yin and dark energy in the core of the tree, and twisted it with the bloodshot to form a red and black rope crystal, which was stored in the center of the wooden core.

Then, he activated the evil spirit refining technique, purified the crystals of A and B wood, and then activated the crystals.

The seal of restraining the spirit binds the meaning of life and life to it, and at the same time continuously inserts various talisman pictures and texts into it.

After a while, the core of the tree began to divide into several strands that were intertwined together, like the rattan poles wrapped around the old vine.

Then I saw countless crystal white rhizomes grow from one end, entwined with each other.

It is generally twisted into a rope, with the breath of absorption, growth, and nature.

On the other end, there are also silver threads, each of which is derived from the shape of a talisman with pictures and texts.

Since there is no Dutan to help, the rest of the sub-altars have incomplete rhythms and are not suitable.

Now Lingqing is just refining it into a whisk according to the method of refining treasures.

Use it first, and it will not be too late to set up an altar to refine it later.

When the change stopped, he took the newly refined whisk in his hand and played with it, then closed his eyes on the futon.

After resting for a while at noon, Lingqing gathered a group of women again and said with a flick of the whisk in his hand.

"You don't have to worry too much about the work you need to do in the view, now that you have been able to show up during the day, you can resume your normal routine.

This is in addition to homework in the morning and evening, and the purification of karma in the morning and evening.

Work in the morning every day, and listen to the poor sermons in the afternoon. "

"Thank you for your compassion!" Zhiyu, Xiaoqian and the others were overjoyed when they heard the words and hurriedly paid their respects.

"The poor way doesn't have any secrets to pass on to you. I only tell you the "Morning and Evening Homework Sutra" according to the poor way's understanding. If you can have any insight, it all depends on your personal understanding."

After Ling Qing finished speaking, he waved the whisk in his hand again, secretly satisfied in his heart.

Sure enough, whether it is a fairy family or not, this seeker should have such a whisk in his hand to feel it.

After that, Lingqing began to talk about the eight great mantras, in addition to explaining the rhythm of them so that they could sing and recite them in the future.

They just explained the incantation of each sentence, so that they could better understand the morality contained in each divine incantation.

As for the law, the talisman, the tactic, etc., it is naturally not mentioned.

Lingqing is only building a foundation now, not even a human immortal.

When talking about Dao, there is nothing like pushing the Dao crown on the head, showing an acre of Qingyun, the upper Dao rhyme and shape, the sky is chaotic, the ground is swarming with golden lotus and so on.

Just like taking a language class for reading comprehension.

Xiaoqian and others can ask questions if they don't understand anything.

However, what he was talking about was a mantra, and when he sang it devoutly, his magical powers appeared.

All kinds of Qingqing Dao rhymes are brewing in the hall, so that those who are in it can more clearly feel the mystery of the divine incantation.

It didn't stop until the evening. After the afternoon's explanation, not only Xiaoqian and others had some understanding of the magic spell.

Even Lingqing has benefited a lot from it.

All of these can be turned into information and accumulated, waiting to be used to build a profound altar in the future.

When the Jade Rabbit ascended high, he watched a group of female ghosts gather on the lotus platform and congealed the soul.

Lingqing swayed the whisk gently in his hand, thinking in his heart.

It seems that this nectar purification method is really effective. It can not only entrust one's own sins on the spiritual plant, but also use it to refine the soul.

It is said that he was a copy of the soul body, although it has now become a human body, but it is the original identity.

In the future, if you say that you will not be able to use it, you might as well use this nectar purification karma method to purify it now, and you can also prepare for future troubles.

But not in a hurry, Lingqing saw that they were working hard, so she went back to her room to sleep.

On the other side, Xiaoqian and the others, after purifying their souls through Yuehua, also sat cross-legged on the lotus pedestal and closed the lotus petals.

They will live on this lotus platform in the future.

No matter how ordinary people are, they are only souls after all.

Letting them live in the guest quarters is just a pretense, it's not as comfortable as in the lotus dais.

You can also absorb Yuehua with the Nectar Purification Talisman overnight, and slowly purify yourself.

This is exactly the time when it is exposed to sunlight during the day, and the sun and the moon are formed together.

In the early morning of the next day, when everyone finished their homework, they were about to pick nectar to wash their karma.

Suddenly, I saw bursts of yin emanating from the master of the house, and his body became transparent like a ghost.

Even the robes and whisks on his body have been turned into soap clothes and chains.

"Watcher, you are..."

Zhiyu looked at Lingqing, who had turned into a ghost **** template, and said hesitantly.

"This is the way to change the poor I just practiced it today."

Ling Qing explained a little, then jumped up and landed on the ninth-grade jade lotus at the very center of the lotus pond.

"You don't have to be distracted and practice the Dharma at ease."

Seeing that everyone was still staring blankly at him, Ling Qing couldn't help but remind.

If you don't start practicing the Dharma again, the nectar will evaporate after a while, but you will lose a day's effort.

After he finished speaking, he stopped paying attention to other people, just squeezed his sword and fingers and shook a talisman in his hand.

One by one, the nectar on the lotus pedestal was collected, and then according to the method, it was turned into rain and spread all over the body.

However, unlike Xiaoqian and the others, there was no black smoke of karma coming out of his body, but there was a lot of gray smoke that represented the miscellaneous qi of ghosts.

His identity is clean, even before the copy is counted, he has only appeared twice. What kind of karma is there.

However, this Gan Lin washed away the impurities in his body, making his own ghost power a little purer.

Later, when the sun was about to rise, after telling them to work on their own, they closed the lotus pedestal.

Hide inside and practice the fire refining method.

For the next nine days, when Ling Qing made the ghost **** template so that he could walk during the day, he just stopped.

Every day I just practice the exercises, leading Xiaoqian and others to understand the way of nature.

When learning the wild transformation, he did not hesitate to explain the knowledge related to the wild way with Zixiang and others.

In addition to allowing them to take better care of a group of animals, it can also be regarded as some benefits for them.

As for Zhiyu and the others, they gave some classic moral advice in their spare time.

So that the three parties have their own gains.

With the help of a group of helpers for a while, Lingqing's life can be said to be satisfactory.

Even the progress of accumulating the secrets has sped up a bit.

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