Did Mr. Xu Confess Today? - Chapter 568 I want a gourd

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   Chapter 568 I want a gourd

   "I thought you had games on your mind, but I didn't expect that you still have human feelings, it's not easy."

   "I haven't come across a project that I like, although I'm still reluctant, but I'll try my best to do this project well."

   "You, though, have no connection."

  Chen Chen smiled lightly, this time he did his best, Luo Xin seemed to see that whether he was joking or seriously changing the picture, this was the one he wanted to show the most.

   "Tension, I think another tension is needed!"

  The floor is advanced in depth to continue the rough ore.

   "The wall facing the flowers is to be left blank? And it extends to the second floor?"


  The white space sometimes faces the sun, and sometimes has a specific light and shadow. This wall does not match this tone.

   "Aren't they going on a trip, I want them to put all the photos of their trips here. Keep the memory in print."

   "A wall?"

   "I believe they have so many memories."

   Very calm and restrained when she said these words, Luo Xin seemed to be pinching her waist. She had some doubts that Chen Chen had some memories engraved in her DNA from her middle school days, and she was unwilling to forget them.

   "What kind of eyes do you have?"

   "A look of admiration."

   "Don't think about it! I just want to lock their memory with my own thoughts and thoughts."

   "How can you guess what I'm thinking? Have you eavesdropped on my voice?"

   "No, your micro-expression betrayed you."

  Luo Xin seemed to raise her eyebrows, but this kid actually started to tease.

   "Are you finished with your suggestions? Get out of here when you're done."

   "It's understandable that I lost my temper when I saw it through. I'm going to get out of here and you continue to draw!"

  Luo Xin doesn't seem to have much to draw, just being seen through as he said, annoys him.

   Staring at the blank wall, Luo Xin seems to have added a clip-on light, striving to show infinite glory in the reproduction of each memory, and the flashing memory will become a different kind of scenery at that time.

For students, those distant places they have not been to are all poetic places, whether it is hope for the future or the places written in books, they are all yearning and longing. Those who yearn have hope. Hopeful people carry the sunshine of the right path, which is a perfect positive cycle.

   Thinking of this, she couldn't help but start to apply a light color treatment on the top, from smoke to sky blue, which is the root of hope.

In addition to the extension of the floor in the choice of Tension, she placed an ice-patterned enamel-glazed treasure gourd bottle on the edge of the cash register, with a stem of camellia in it, and she could see the disobedient new branches and the thick branches extending to the wall. branch.

   "Gourd? Isn't this used by people of seventy or eighty years old? How did you draw here? The proprietress is not old."

   Mr. Ali looked at her picture and couldn't help but wonder.

   "The gourd enhances the relationship between husband and wife. This is for mother-in-law and mother to see, to attract money and good fortune."



   "True or false."

   "What you think is true is true, and what you think is false is false."

   "The little girl has learned badly."

   "It's always been like this, you just found out?"

  Mr. Ali turned around and took out his mobile phone and started searching for the gourd. Luo Xin seemed to quietly walk behind him, as expected, but she did not intend to expose him.

   "Does it have to be ice patterns?"

   "What I want is a gourd, ice patterns and ice patterns!"

   Mr. Ali did not shy away from her, and continued to search.

  Her design copy has always been attractive, whether it is nonsense or serious.

   (end of this chapter)

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