Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 5080 body of soul

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pedal! pedal! pedal!

Jiang Chen took a few steps back, his face was extremely gloomy, and the terrifying aura made him tremble, and it was very painful.

The power of his own soul is not weak, but it is so difficult to even take down the celestial mirror. This mirror has been completely integrated with this human-shaped monument, and he wants to take it down. sky.

Jiang Chen never thought that this human-shaped monument would have such a powerful power. After thousands of years of death, Yu Wei is stronger than the sky. This is the most realistic portrayal.

In the face of such a powerful monument, Jiang Chen's heart is not nervous, it is a lie, and now they are facing life and death, no one knows what will happen next, whether it is life or death, no one can predict .

The terrifying eyes kept turning, two golden lights and two purple lights converged together in an instant, intertwined crazily, the aura that destroyed the sky and the earth, made Chen Qingqing and Chen Lu keep retreating, lest it would bring disaster to Chi Yu. .

The moment the four beams, with the power of heaven and earth, collided together, Jiang Chen was also shaken back and his pupils shrank.

"This is…"

Jiang Chen couldn't even believe this step. Are these two human-shaped monuments alive?

"Could it be that both of them are going to live?"

Chen Lu was worried, Jiang Chen kept the two of them behind him, completely preventing them from any harm, but no one could believe the scene in front of her. Origin, but still unclear.

"It's hard to say, in short, it seems difficult for us."

Chen Qingqing's beautiful eyes flashed, and they had already made the worst plan in their hearts. Although no one wanted to die, facing such a powerful humanoid monument, it was almost impossible for them to break through the mirror space and leave alive. Yes, Jiang Chen couldn't even take down the Fa Tianjing on the chest of the ancestors of the Chen family. Now they are all forced to retreat by these two divine lights, and their situation is worrying, it is self-evident.

"What do we do now? If these two guys really live, we'll all be dead."

Chen Lu's eyes flickered as she grabbed Brother Jiang Chen's hand. If he really wanted to die, dying with Brother Jiang Chen would be quite a complacent thing.

Chen Lu was never afraid of death, she was only afraid that she would not be able to live together with big brother Jiang Chen.

In the face of death, everyone is equal. Big Brother Jiang Chen is now at the end of his shot. Their chances are getting slimmer and slimmer. If these two ancient figures wake up now, even if they are known to be killed, it is not enough. strange.

"Let's take a look at it first, I don't think it's that simple."

Jiang Chen pondered and said, in the face of life and death, he can only take a step by step. After all, the situation is really hard to say. Chen Qingqing said nothing. As a person above the eternal night star, she is obviously better than anyone Everyone needs to understand that this ancient land is what she has been pursuing, but in the face of the terrifying energy that burst out from the convergence of these two divine lights, they really seem quite insignificant.


Just when Jiang Chen was pondering, the voice of the Black King appeared in Jiang Chen's mind, which made him feel refreshed.


Jiang Chen raised his brows.

"Master, we are saved."

The Black King's voice seemed a little excited, which Jiang Chen didn't expect, and he didn't know why.

However, Jiang Chen had never seen the Black King so excited, even a little gaffe.

"what is the problem?"

Jiang Chen said in a deep voice.

"The body of the primordial spirit, this is the body of the primordial spirit."

The Black King took a deep breath, calmed his inner excitement, and was extremely serious. This would be their chance to rise.

"What is the body of the soul?"

Jiang Chen was obviously still at a loss for what the Black King said.

"The body of the primordial spirit is the transformation of the primordial powerhouse's primordial and spiritual body after death, and even becomes a real life. These two ancient powerhouses are extremely powerful, and they are no less than the old master. However, their strength is probably not as good as the old master, and they are not as famous as the old master. However, Chen Tianlun and the great demon Qingcang are also considered to have some names. The sighing thing is that he is the last person who may surpass the nine ancestors of the Chen family. He is unparalleled in genius and invincible. It is a pity that he lost the cultivation of the Chen family for some reason. Even if Chen Tianlun is talented enough, some The resources of the ancient times can be found but cannot be found. At that time, my master also fought with the ancestors of the Chen family, and the great demon Qingcang belonged to the famous demons at that time, and his strength was not bad. It was already the ancestors of the Chen family and me. The years after the old master, they can be regarded as a very powerful rising star, but in the real immemorial period, they are not peerless powerhouses, have not yet reached the real emperor-level powerhouses, they can only say It's just the appearance of a great emperor. Even my old master is only a quasi-emperor."

Speaking of the old master, the Black King is also full of pride and nostalgia.

"And after the death of these ancient powerhouses, the energy of the primordial spirit in their bodies is too huge, and they gather in the flesh to form a cauldron. Even if they die, they will form the energy of the primordial spirit. Contaminated with the breath of some of the powerhouses in life, but it is a new life form, and they are covered with spiritual energy left by the ancient powerhouses after death, which is also unchangeable by anyone, only the powerhouses above the galaxy level , it is possible that the body of the soul will be born after death."

"How many powerhouses are there in this eternal world, and what kind of invincible existence is above the nebula level?"

Jiang Chen murmured.

"The size of the eternal world is inexhaustible. I followed the master to the north and south to fight, and I failed to cross the eternal world. Above the nebula level, there is a star-level powerhouse, and above the star-level level, it is Starlight. Level powerhouse, and above the starlight level powerhouse, is the galaxy level powerhouse, after the galaxy level, it is the real Wanxing Tiandi, which is the so-called star emperor level powerhouse. My master is only a quasi-emperor powerhouse It’s just that, the Ten Thousand Stars Heavenly Emperor is so strong, even he doesn’t know. In the vast and boundless universe, the sky and the earth are huge, the infinite galaxies, the infinite things in the universe, not reaching the real star emperor level powerhouse, it is fundamental It is impossible to control all things in the stars, and whether the Emperor Wanxing is the Lord of Eternity is still unknown. My old master also has the appearance of a great emperor, and has reached the level of a quasi-emperor powerhouse. The master has been harmed, hey. Even those of us who have been with him for countless years have been consuming the power of our source and lingering on, until we meet a new master, and we can see the sun again. And the essence of this body of spirit will have Might bring us back to the top!"

The Black King was extremely excited, and his words were mixed with countless sadness and pain.

However, this is their only hope!

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