His Genius Wife is a Superstar - Chapter 1224 Baby Bump

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Dragon Palace Home #10.

A sweaty Jin Liwei returned to the master bedroom from an intense workout in the gym. It was still early morning. The sun hadn't fully risen yet. His wife was still sleeping.

Instead of allowing Ketchup to sing another one of her terrible wake-up alarm songs, he opted to personally wake up his wife today. Who knew what kind of dubious lyrics Ketchup would come up next?

Both the husband and wife expected to have a busy day. After beginning the process of setting up Eve Holdings later in the morning, Iris had another appointment after lunch with JJ to start working on her new song "All My Black Stars" in her home studio. As for Jin Liwei, he had a scheduled conference to attend with other business leaders in the afternoon. It was an important event that needed his presence so he could only go despite wanting to stay with his wife for the whole day.

Back to the present, Jin Liwei forced any thoughts of work out of his mind to watch his sleeping wife while drying his remaining sweat with a towel. Then he bent down to kiss her.

It took a few minutes but Iris finally stirred from her deep sleep, responding to his kiss. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him sleepily.

"Good morning, beautiful."

She yawned. "Morning…"

"Time to wake up, love."

"Mmmn…" She stretched out her arms towards him.

He chuckled and carefully lifted her up from the bed and carried her straight to the ensuite bathroom. She wasn't fully awake yet and almost fell asleep again on her feet while Jin Liwei helped put toothpaste on her toothbrush.

They brushed their teeth together. The sharp, refreshing scent and taste of the mint toothpaste finally managed to awaken Iris.

Afterwards, the couple undressed and intended to shower together. As usual, Jin Liwei was sporting an erection but didn't seduce his wife for a sensual morning workout.

Oh, he wanted to do it so badly but restrained himself. His wife was going to be busy today so she needed all the energy that she had. If he tired her out so early, her limited energy might not be able to last her for the whole day.

He felt a little regretful but the health of his wife and their babies was much more important to him than scratching his own itch.

Iris was also now fully naked. She didn't miss her husband's erection. Her eyes lit up.

Jin Liwei saw her reaction and was pleased at the hunger in her eyes. It mirrored his own hunger for her. However, they really shouldn't do anything too strenuous right now.

"Love—hm?" He immediately noticed something.

"What is it?" Iris asked, feeling suddenly worried at his change of expression.

He didn't reply. Instead he held her at arm's length and examined her more closely.

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"Liwei, what's wrong?"

He still didn't reply. He turned her sideways and stepped back to study her again.

Before she could demand that he tell her what the matter was, Jin Liwei suddenly rushed to her and hugged her tightly. Then the confused Iris was made to stand in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom. He stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Both of his hands touched her belly.

"Look, love. Our twins are now beginning to show themselves."

Her eyes widened. She pushed his hands away and turned to her side to examine herself in the mirror.

Jin Liwei was right. There was a tiny bump on her belly. It was barely noticeable but a closer look revealed that she was indeed starting to show her pregnancy.

"Oh!" She touched the baby bump and her eyes watered as she laughed in delight. "Hi, babies."

Jin Liwei was also grinning and hugged her again from behind. He placed his hands on top of hers. "Hello, babies."

"Quick, darling. Take pictures!"

He ran out of the bathroom and returned seconds later with his phone. Iris wore her pyjamas again and exposed only her belly. She posed to highlight her baby bump while her nude husband took hundreds of photos of her.

They looked at the photos together with happiness. The baby bump was a milestone for them because it meant that their babies were growing properly despite the setbacks Iris experienced with her health ever since becoming pregnant.

"I'll schedule a monthly photoshoot to record your growing belly," Jin Liwei said.


Iris smiled, still feeling excited. She looked at herself in the mirror again and couldn't stop touching her baby bump. Tears flowed down her eyes.

"Are you okay, love?" Jin Liwei asked, concerned.

She nodded. "I'm so happy."

He sighed in relief, glad that his wife's tears were from joy and not because she was hurt. "Me, too."

They finally managed to shower. The baby bump took their minds away from their earlier desire to make love. All they could think about was their happiness and excitement. The baby bump made them realize that they were really going to welcome their twin babies soon.

Iris was too excited to remember her fear of becoming a bad mother. After getting ready, she pulled Jin Liwei and proudly showed off her tiny baby bump to everyone during breakfast.

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Grandpa Lu was ecstatic. Dom and his family were also equally excited. Jiang Ying Yue patiently explained to her son, Little Jun, and Marjorie's two children that the baby bump contained a little brother or sister. The children were amazed.

Lu Zihao didn't react much but his happiness was obvious. He glanced at Long Jinjing beside him who also looked delighted for her sister and brother-in-law. His hand automatically touched her belly and he kissed her.

The eagle-eyed Grandpa Lu saw this. "Haohao my boy, Jinjing my girl! Aren't you envious of your little sister and third brother? When are you going to give me a great-grandbaby, too? I want to know!"

"We already have," Lu Zihao replied in a nonchalant tone.

Loud gasps from everyone except Iris and Jin Liwei. Long Jinjing looked panicked at first but finally smiled shyly while pressing herself closer to Lu Zihao.

"What do you mean?!" Grandpa Lu's voice boomed. "You're going to have a baby, too?! Is Jinjing pregnant?! Tell me, Haohao! I want to know!"

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