I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 330 - Don’t Lead My Daughter Astray!

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Chapter 330: Don’t Lead My Daughter Astray!

Su Shengjing placed the little girl into the basket, carried the basket on his back, and walked toward the persimmon forest.

Su Jiu was speechless.

There’s no need for that. She felt a little silly!

However, cameras were all around her, so she could only make herself look cute. As she obediently lay in the basket, she blinked and curiously looked around. Then, she said to Su Shengjing, “Daddy, the kindergarten teacher taught me a new song. I’ll sing it for you.”

Su Shengjing suddenly smiled. “Sure! Sing it for Daddy.”

After getting ready, the little girl started singing in her childish voice. “The sun was in the sky, the flowers looked so kind. A little bird said, ‘Good morning, it’s so early! Why are there bombs in the bag you carry?’ I’m going to blow up the school. I have the teachers fooled. I’ll pull the trigger then I’ll run. Boom! The school is gone!”

“Pfft!” Su Shengjing burst out laughing.

This… Is a song about a bomb okay?

In the eyes of the fans, Su Jiu was very cute even when she was not talking. Now, she was even singing; her childish voice could melt anyone’s heart!

The live chat was filled with laughter. “Baby, I want to report you for changing lyrics!”

“What the hell? Bombs? Did the kindergarten teacher teach you this? I’m dying of laughter!”

“Oh my god! Where did my daughter learn this song from? Please don’t teach her bad things!”

“Ahh, Little Jiu is too cute! Her voice is so cute!”

“Hahahahaha, is this what the students are thinking?”

Su Shengjing smiled and asked, “Baby, who did you learn this from? Did the kindergarten teacher really teach you this? If that’s so, I’m going to have to report her.”

“Daddy, the kindergarten teacher didn’t teach me this. I learned this on your phone, hehe.” The little girl mischievously smiled, and the surrounding photographers felt she was adorable.

Ahh, I really want to have a daughter like this without getting married. The photographers were envious of Su Shengjing.

After she arrived at the persimmon forest, the red and plump persimmons on the tree captured Su Jiu’s attention. This was the first time she had come to such a place. These persimmons looked so tempting and delicious.

Su Jiu tried her best to raise her head and curiously asked, “Daddy, this tree is so tall. How are we going to pick persimmons?”

Naturally, this was also Su Shengjing’s first time coming into contact with such things. When he saw a few villagers before him, he said, “Dad doesn’t know either. There’s someone over there. Let’s go over and ask.”

Just as he was about to go there, Han Xiao walked over to him from the other side with Han Siye. When Han Xiao saw the father and daughter, he said in surprise, “You’re here too. That’s nice! Let’s pick the fruits together. I asked the villagers how to pick them just now. I can’t do it alone. I have to find someone to work with.”

Su Shengjing noticed that Han Siye was staring at the little girl from the moment he saw her. He snorted in his heart and said with a fake smile, “Sure.”

Han Xiao held a long bamboo pole in his hand and took out a sheet from his basket. “I’ll hit the persimmons with this. You can use the sheet under the tree to catch the persimmons so that they won’t get bruised.”

Su Shengjing nodded. He first placed the basket down and carried the little girl out of the basket. After placing her on the ground, he took the sheets from Han Xiao’s hands. He felt that he did not have enough manpower and went to look for three villagers to help him. Everything was finally ready.

Su Shengjing and the three villagers each took four corners of the sheet and spread it open. Han Xiao used a bamboo pole to knock down the persimmons. Soon, a lot of persimmons fell onto the sheets.

Su Jiu and Han Siye ran over and helped to put the persimmons in the basket.

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