I Painted Skins In the Cemetery For Fifteen Years - Chapter 321 : Sorrow of the Holy Queen! Winning is supreme!

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There are two things that these princes, nobles, and territorial officials can do.

The first one is to transport food supplies and soldiers to bypass the defense zone of the Western Holy See and enter the winning and vacant territory.

Among these materials, the most important is steel.

As for the transported soldiers, they certainly cannot be sent directly to the battlefield, and they need to undergo comprehensive training.

Another important resource they supported was craftsmen.

There are tens of thousands of craftsmen of all kinds for the first time.

As for the food delivered, it is even more astronomical.

These wealthy nobles have accumulated wealth for hundreds of years. The real rich and expensive, the most is food.

Of course, whether it is food supplies or military craftsmen, they are not what they do best.

What they can do best, and what they spend the most energy to do, is public opinion.

They felt that the Queen and Prince Yingque valued this matter the most, so they did their best.

They have prepared several sets of plans for how to clean up their reputations, and regarded it as the biggest task to complete.

The various princes and nobles, and the top officials of the frontiers came off in person.

Because the previous wins and losses have been smeared too badly, it is too difficult to reverse all of a sudden.

After several days and nights of deliberation.

In the end, all the flashy routines were put aside.

Choose real!

It is simply to restore the truth.

However, it is not simply to restore the truth.

Rather, it's self-defeating first, and then the truth is restored.

Only by self-deprecating can all the people in the world believe it.

Only self-deprecating, only kneeling and talking, is approachable.

As a result, the anti-kill of this public opinion started from the grandson of Prince Ying of the Great Xia Empire.

In Xia Jing!

The Prince of England's eldest son, wearing only a pair of shorts, carried thorns all over his body, and a servant was behind him, constantly beating his body.

In just a short while, he was dripping with blood, and his flesh was like a lake.

This act immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

"I'm guilty!"

"I'm guilty!"

"I'm guilty!"

He just kept calling me guilty!

"Misters of the world, I am guilty, please listen to me before you come to the palace."

In this way, he walked a dozen miles covered in blood and came to the Xia Jing Palace.

At this time, the noble officials in Xia Jing had gathered tens of thousands of people in front of the Palace Square.

Then, the grandson of the Prince of England, the Prince of England, started a self-confession in front of everyone.

"Everyone knows that my grandfather is the ruling prince of Emperor Yongchang."

"Everyone knows that my grandfather, Prince Ying, died tragically in Jiangdu, at the hands of victory and deficiency."

"But, that's not the case at all! My grandfather, Prince Ying, died at the hands of the Holy Empress Di Ning!"

Next... The Prince of England's eldest son, 1510, revealed all the truth with almost no processing.

The truth about the tragedy of Jiangdu.

The truth about the fact that the Holy Empress Di Ning led the Sky Book City fleet to avoid battle and pretend to be dead.

In order to save the eastern world, the prince Ying Que dispatched all the fleets and the Western Holy See to fight the truth.

The Sky Book City and the Rakshasa Queen took the initiative to lead millions of troops from the Western Holy See to invade the eastern world in order to eliminate the winning and the short.

Of course, all the truth has already been told, that is, the former Emperor Yongchang, now the pseudo-Xiawang of the Western Holy See.

It's just that everyone doesn't believe that the Sky Book City, the nobles and lords of the world, and the vassal officials have slandered this Xia Jie as a fake and a substitute made by Ying Que using the painting technique.

"Not long ago, the five princes of the three southern provinces, more than a dozen nobles, personally went to meet the Gregorian Archbishop of the Western Holy See, asking to become the lackeys of the Western Holy See and become their slaves. As a result... these five princes, more than a dozen The noble women's scrolls were all ravaged, and their entire clan was slaughtered without a single survivor."

"Our group of people has no chance to surrender or be a dog to the Western Holy See. So hundreds of nobles and officials from the entire Great Xia Empire went to the Sky Book City, begging the Sky Book City to send troops."

"Sky Book City refused! They have a very strong army, but they would rather sit back and watch the entire Daxia Empire fall, and would rather see thousands of people in the eastern world being slaughtered, ravaged, eaten as food, and ignored. Sky The Queen of the Book City has only one purpose, and that is to sit back and watch the Western Holy See and Prince Yingque suffer both."

"Sky Book City is borrowing a knife to kill people, and their purpose is only one: to fight against foreigners, we must first be safe!"

"Prince Ying Que is the weakest one. Not long ago, in order to save Dongfang Zhi, he tried his best to win the battle at sea. He had already successfully prevented the invasion of the Western Holy See, but the Sky Book City and the Rakshasa Queen's fleet It actually escorted the Western Holy See and brought hundreds of thousands of troops into the Great Xia Empire."

"In this ground war, Prince Ying Que is really not ready, and he doesn't have to take action. Because we are all sinners, there is no need for him to save us sinners at all, but... He still took action."

"I'm speechless!"

Prince Ying's grandson, facing the direction of Zhenhai City, knelt down and kowtowed: "Your Majesty, the new Holy Master wins and misses Your Majesty, Xia Min knows it's wrong! The minister is guilty, the minister is guilty, the minister is guilty!"

"My minister is underground, begging the two majesties to win a great victory and save the oriental artifact!"

"Long live my emperor, long live, long live!"

After speaking!

The grandson of the Prince of England pulled out his sword.

He hesitated a little.

He...he didn't want to die.

However, he had to die.

If he does not die, the whole family will die.

He was chosen.

"The two majesties, the minister is guilty!"

Then, the Prince of England cut off his head.

Then, the Prince of England confessed his guilt in the ten thousand words book, and floated down.

Suddenly, the audience was shocked!


This is just the beginning.

Across the eastern world, a series of confession frenzy began.

From counts to dukes, even to the county king.

From south to north, from east to west.

One after another, big figures, in front of countless people, began to confess their guilt.

It was as if a movement had formed.

They all use the simplest language to restore the truth of what they have seen and experienced.

Then, he publicly admitted that he followed the Sky Book City to turn the blackboard upside down and called a deer a horse.

After pleading guilty!

All chose suicide.

In the beginning, only one big man committed suicide a day to apologize.

To the back, two, three, four, five a day.

The level is getting higher and higher.

Not only the nobles of the Great Xia Empire, but even the high-level executives of the Sky Book City Academy.

And the most ** moment.

It was the public confession of King Gaochang.

He declared himself guilty, and followed the Sky Book City to frame up Prince Yingque, subverting the justice of the world.

He should have also committed suicide to apologize, but in order to defend his family and the country, he was willing to be a **** and fight the Western Holy See to the end.

Therefore, he publicly conceded, ceded the throne to the prince, and personally went to the frontline battlefield.

This was followed by the public confession of King Shatuo.

He also admitted the crime of confounding black and white with Sky Book City and framing the gains and losses.

He used his own vision to restore all the truth.

Then, in front of everyone, he gave up the throne to the prince, put on a suit of armor, and joined the front-line combat troops.

Immediately after.

Gaochang Kingdom, the new king of Shatuo Kingdom.

Kneeling toward the east, announcing his conversion to the new Sky Book City led by Ying Que.

And announced to become a vassal state of the Daxia Empire, the Queen of Xia Yan, and to win the absence of Your Majesty, Yongzhen the Western Regions.

"Long live my emperor, long live, long live, long live!"


This is a reputation-washing campaign for wins and losses.

Unprecedented shock and unprecedented success.

Because the political tactics of this group of nobles and bureaucrats are extremely clever.

They know that outright whitewashing won't work.

It is also not acceptable to shout slogans and praise the greatness of winning and missing.

Therefore, they use blood and human life to pave the way.

In a self-deprecating way, to set off the great justice of winning and missing.

And in the whole process, there was no direct attack on the Sky Book City, but the more this happened, the more evil and dark the Sky Book City appeared.

Especially when a person commits suicide in public after confessing his guilt.

Isn't this shocking?

Is it still not believable?

So in this big confession movement, the tide of confession.

All the crimes that Ying Que was slandered were washed away almost as quickly as possible.

His personal image, with the fastest speed, shines brightly.

On the contrary, the reputation of Sky Book City is getting worse and worse.

This time, the Holy Empress Emperor Ning was truly ruined.

Because how many people use suicidal public opinion attacks to expose your true colors?

Of course, this suicidal means of public opinion is very powerful, but it is not necessarily heroic.

Because of these people who were chosen to publicly confess their sins and commit suicide publicly.

They were all selected by the lords, nobles, and frontier officials.

Once picked, you have to die.

For the sake of the family, for the sake of future generations, you have to die if you don't die.

Of course, there are also many elderly nobles who feel that their time is running out, and they also take the initiative to die for the sake of the family business.

Of course, this kind of suicide confession campaign is not only to help Ying Que restore his reputation, but also to show his weakness and plead guilty.

Her Majesty the Queen, win or lose Her Majesty.

I know you hate us in your hearts, we were wrong before.

So you don't need to do anything, we take the initiative to commit suicide.

When you feel discouraged, you feel almost, we stop.

As long as you don't stop, we'll just keep pleading guilty and committing suicide.

that's it!

This guilty plea suicide continued for a while.

Throughout the eastern world, two kings stepped down, one county king committed suicide, two dukes, and six marquis committed suicide.

Other aristocrats who committed suicide, high-ranking officials, and senior officials of various academies, even more than a hundred people.


Winning finally responded.

He sent messengers to Xiajing, and sent a message to the senior officials of the princes and nobles: "Got it!"

As soon as these words came out, these princes, nobles, and senior officials breathed a sigh of relief.

Finally... Waiting for the words of His Majesty to win, finally this is the end, and we are finally forgiven.

Because this has formed a movement.

As long as Ying Que does not call to stop, they will not be able to stop, and they will continue to commit suicide like this.

If you continue to commit suicide, I really don't know how many people will be killed.

And this time!

The reputation of winning and missing is already at its peak.

He was trampled into **** before, but now he is lifted up to heaven.

The confessions of the princes and nobles stopped, and it was the turn of the people.

Countless people were remorseful and wept.

"I'm really a beast, I'm not as good as a beast..."

"Your Majesty Ying Que, students are stupid, and students are not as good as animals. Not only did they attack and insult you, but... they also spit at your statue."

"Your Majesty Ying Qu, Caomin is guilty..."

"Your Majesty Ying Que, students deserve ten thousand deaths, sins deserve ten thousand deaths..."

Next, there was suicide.

Especially college students.

Before they scolded Ying Que the most, but now that they have restored the truth, they also feel the heaviest regret and guilt.

Then, with more and more pain and guilt, he got into the tip of the bull's horn and couldn't get out, and was hanged directly outside the academy.

However, this suicide has also become a trend.

More and more people are committing suicide in order to win the atonement.

But the point is, a lot of people here are not really committing suicide, but being committed suicide.

It quickly morphed into a liquidation movement.

You took the lead in slandering Your Majesty Ying Que before, so **** you, we smashed his home, we burned her.

This brothel slut, even arranging and insulting Your Majesty Ying Que, you **** should be immersed in a pig cage and drowned alive.

I saw that Wang Wu next door painted a portrait of His Majesty Ying Que at home, and then spit on the portrait.

This liquidation movement is getting more and more intense, more and more people are dying, and more and more people are burned, killed and looted.

Therefore, Ying Que and the queen had to make another will.

"The culprit is the pseudo-sacred master of the book city, the group of pseudo-sage queens! Others, let go of the past, liquidate the movement, and stop here! The Eastern world, unite as one, and defend against the Western captives!"

At this time, Ying Que and the Queen, every word they said was like a divine decree.

With his decree, it spread all over the world, and this great liquidation movement was finally stopped.


And this time!

The Yingquan Legion and the Western Holy See Legion, the battle in the northern battlefield of Yingquan is in full swing.

It's been a whole month of fighting.

Neither side really invested in elites, and both used second- and third-line troops.

Both sides suffered heavy casualties.

Both sides know that this is not a real fight.

But... already scared the others.

The scale of this battlefield is already frightening.

When other armies in the Eastern World fought against the Holy See in the West, it was simply a one-sided slaughter.

3,000 people, beat 100,000 people, and won a great victory.

Five thousand people attacked the city defended by more than 100,000 people, and they were broken in a few hours.

No matter how many troops in the Eastern world are facing the Holy See in the West, there is really no room for them to resist.

Like the sun melting snow, it is as easy as cutting lard with a red knife.

The invincibility of the Western Holy See army made the entire Eastern world despair.

Almost everyone unanimously judged that at the previous speed, the entire Great Xia Empire would fall within a few months at most.

The so-called million army of the Great Xia Empire is powerless to fight back.

Because from Jiangdu to other provinces, there is actually the strength to resist the rebels, but whether it is tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, in front of the Western Holy See elite army, it is like a muddy, vulnerable.

The armies of the Eastern world are completely different from the same era in front of the Western Holy See.

This sense of oppression, this sense of despair, is too strong.

But after winning and missing the army.

The situation changed in an instant.

On the front line of dozens of miles, hundreds of miles.

Countless artillery fire, ploughing frantically.

The ground shook and the mountains shook. Even if it was far away, it could be seen clearly, and the whole ground was shaking.

Played for a whole month.

The winning and missing legion was not able to break through, not even a hundred meters.

Winning and missing one side, did not lose any position, did not take half a step back.

This has already surprised and shocked people in the entire Eastern World.

Prince Ying Que is indeed the great savior of the Eastern world, and his army is indeed formidable.

Play more with less, and there is no difference between the winner and the loser.


The Archbishop of the Western Holy See, Gregory, once again came to have a secret talk with Ying Que.

"Prince Ying Que, this month of fierce battle, your combat effectiveness has surprised us." Archbishop Gregory said: "Your ace army has not been dispatched, and our undead army has not been dispatched, but I believe you probably know it. The strength of our army."

Ying Que said: "It feels very deep."

Archbishop Gregory said: "In terms of combat effectiveness, your army is still inferior to ours, not to mention that you only have 300,000 people, and we have 500,000 people. So you probably won't win this battle."

Win and lose silence.

Archbishop Gregory said: "Sky Book City and the Rakshasa Queen are still eyeing, waiting for both of us to lose, and then she rushes out and reaps the benefits."

Ying Que still did not speak.

Archbishop Gregory said: "Prince Ying Que, after our army landed in Jiangdong Province, we did not attack you southward as per the secret agreement. Instead of being grateful, you took the initiative to attack us? This puzzled us. In such an eastern world, such Is it worth your rescue? And sacrifice your brave and fearless army for this? In this month of fierce battle, neither of us has shown real strength, but how many casualties you have, I believe you are more than anyone else clear."

Ying Que said: "What exactly do you want to say?"

Archbishop Gregory said: "I believe that in your heart, the most hated enemy, the biggest enemy is not us, but the Sky Book City, the Holy Lord and the Holy Queen. And the enemy you most want to eliminate completely, It is the kingdom of the Rakshasa Queen."

Ying Que said: "Then what?"

Archbishop Gregory said: "In the eyes of our Western Holy See, the biggest enemy is not you, but the Holy Lord of the Sky Book City. If we continue to fight like this, we will really lose both sides, and then the Sky Book City Legion will appear instantly, The scene of picking up the mess and saving the eastern world. If we continue to fight, it will really hurt the relatives, and the enemy will be fast."

Ying Que said: "Then what?"

Archbishop Gregory said: "Destroy the Sky Book City fleet! The two of us join forces, you fight in the south, we fight in the north! Don't sign a secret contract, and don't openly appear on the same sea, it won't damage your reputation, and It's just a tacit understanding."

Winning was stunned.

The world is really crazy.

Here, he and the Western Holy See fought on the ground in full swing, with countless casualties.

On the other hand, the Western Holy See actually invited him to destroy the fleet of Sky Book City together.

Of course, Ying Que soon knew the purpose of Sky Book City.

According to this, the army of the Western Holy See in the Great Xia Empire will suffer heavy casualties, and after the Sky Book City has mastered the sea power, the army of the Western Holy See can no longer continue to land reinforcements.

Therefore, there may really be the worst situation in which Sky Book City reaps the benefits.

Therefore, Archbishop Gregory came to negotiate, at least to destroy the sea control of Sky Book City, and to destroy its chance to reap the benefits.

Because of the lack of winning and starting the Northern Expedition ~www.novelbuddy.com~ the biggest beneficiary is Sky Book City.

Of course, the price is that the Sky Book City is ruined and the reputation of the Queen is ruined.

Gregory said: "Our two families are constantly losing, and the Sky Book City is waiting for work. This will not work. Therefore, our two families temporarily truce, join hands to destroy the Holy Queen's fleet, and also let the Sky Book City lose blood, so as to maintain the balance of the situation. ."

"Prince Ying Que, we respect you very much, so you don't need any secret contract, as long as you promise verbally, we will act immediately."

"I think my proposal is very much in the interests of our two families."

"First stop the war and destroy the Sky Book City fleet. And I promise that the Queen of Rakshasa will sit back and watch this time. She will not support Sky Book City. If necessary, I can even let Queen Jade Rakshasa join the battle together. Completely destroy all the naval power of the Holy Queen Di Ning."

"The three of us join forces to destroy the Sky Book City fleet, isn't that bad?"


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