I Painted Skins In the Cemetery For Fifteen Years - Chapter 322 : Invincible to win the king!

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The latest website: "Prince Ying Que, according to the provisions of the "New Kyoto Secret Treaty", after our army of hundreds of thousands entered the Daxia Empire, we should immediately go south to attack you, but we did not do that. It is precisely because of our breach of contract that made Sky Book City and the Rakshasa Queen also broke the contract, their combined fleet did not go south, and completely wiped out your remaining fleet."

"But we all know that you have done your best to deal with our Western Holy See, and there is almost no defense in the rear of Zhenhai City. Once your remnants of the fleet are eliminated, the army of the Sky Book City and the Rakshasa Queen will be destroyed. You can land in Zhenhai City unimpeded, and then their army will burn, kill and **** in your hinterland, what should you do?"

Ying Que said: "Archbishop, I actually don't understand it very well. After your army of nearly 500,000 people is in place, you can obviously attack us directly south, but you didn't do that. Instead, you expanded north to west. Why is this?"

Archbishop Gregory said: "This is what I want to tell you next. God Emperor Constantine once again gave us a will. If you can surrender, that is the best place. At that time, hundreds of millions of people in the entire Eastern world. They are all cursing you and slandering you, so I think that if we release kind words, we can get your report back. But obviously this is not the case, you trampled on our good intentions."

"Prince Ying Que, His Majesty the God-Emperor values ​​you very much. I think you should think about it carefully and be loyal to His Majesty the God-Emperor. His previous will is still valid."

"That is to say, is it the will of the emperor to expand north to west and massacre?" Ying Que said, "But neither you nor Emperor Solomon actually want to see my surrender at all."

Archbishop Gregory said: "I can only say that the will of His Majesty the Emperor of God is still valid."

"Okay, let's continue our previous topic! The Rakshasa Queen will choose to watch, we are in the north, you are in the south, how about our two attacking the Sky Book City fleet?" Archbishop Gregory said: "This is completely for you. There are great benefits and no harm."

Ying Que said: "After the fleet of Sky Book City is completely wiped out, my remaining fleet is also completely lost. And you have a strong shipbuilding industry, and your fleet can come from the Western world continuously. At that time, you only need to If you pay enough benefits to the Queen of Rakshasa, you can exchange for her alliance with you, and then you will regain control of the sea. After that, your army in the Dongyi Empire can continue to land in the Great Xia Empire, and you can continue to increase your troops. , this is your core attempt. Weakening the Sky Book City and increasing the troops of the Xia Empire."

Archbishop Gregory said: "Prince Ying Que, our four forces can see each other's intentions, and we are playing clear cards. I can only say that I came to talk to you first. So you yourself You know, if you reject us, what will be the consequences?"

Ying Que still did not speak.

Archbishop Gregory said: "The Prince won and lost, so have we reached a cooperation?"

Ying Que said: "You let me think about it."

Archbishop Gregory said: "Okay."

Then, Ying Que closed his eyes and thought quietly.

After a full quarter of an hour, Ying Que opened his eyes and said, "Sorry, no."

Suddenly, Archbishop Gregory sighed: "Prince Ying Que, you are bound, and you are bound by your own reputation. Now countless people in the entire eastern world are praising you and admiring you. So you yourself have a fetish for moral cleanliness. Now, you think that joining forces with us to attack the Sky Book City is colluding with foreign enemies, and it will completely destroy your reputation. If you are restrained like this, you will be completely destroyed."

Ying Que said hoarsely: "I don't want to do this either, but I'm thinking, if I join forces with you to destroy the Sky Book City fleet. Then what's the difference between me and the Holy Queen Di Ning? Haven't I also become a traitor in the Eastern World? ?"

Archbishop Gregory said: "But you were uncompromising before, as long as you can achieve your goals, you can do anything."

Ying Que said hoarsely: "Archbishop, I am now the only flag in the Eastern world. Once I fall, there will be nothing. This moment, that moment."

Archbishop Gregory looked at Ying Que and said: "As a personal emotion, I respect your sense of honor very much. But from the perspective of the Western Holy See, I think your actions are very ridiculous and very naive."

Then, he said slowly: "Anyway, I came to you first, but you missed this opportunity, so no matter what happens, you should be mentally prepared. Goodbye, Prince Ying Que."

Ying Que said: "Goodbye!"

Archbishop Gregory left quietly.

Princess Li Yang walked in, and then Ying Que felt an amazing elasticity behind him.

Ying Que said: "Maybe he is right, I put myself on the moral high ground and can't get down."

Princess Li Yang didn't speak, just hugged Ying Que gently.

Ying Que continued: "Actually, there is nothing to promise him, he is right, this is a game for three people. Our two families are losing blood, and the Sky Book City is sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight. It bleeds blood. It is my bounden duty to eliminate the Sky Book City fleet. But joining forces with the Western Holy See to destroy the Sky Book City is another matter, completely subverting our bottom line."

Some things, others can do, but they can't do it.

Princess Li Yang said: "But I support you, and I like you like this very much."

Does this count as greater honor and greater responsibility?

Now that the entire eastern world puts Winning and Leaking in the position of the Savior, does Winning and Leaving really demand themselves with the Savior's moral standards?

Although he doesn't want to admit it, but... this seems to have really become a fact.

County Master Li Yang said: "Let the storm come more violently, anyway, we are ready."


Archbishop Gregory went to Mizhou and held a secret meeting with Queen Jade Rakshasa.

"The army that wins and shortfalls is more powerful than you think." Queen Jade Rakshasa said: "We have already made judgments, and the army that wins and shortfalls exceeds the navy."

Archbishop Gregory said: "Yes, the fierce battle this month has made us discover that this is a very powerful army. Although it may not be as good as us in combat effectiveness, their bravery and sense of honor surpass us. The army of the Holy See of the West."

Queen Jade Rakshasa said: "In this decisive battle on the ground, you are sure to win, but you don't know what the price will be. If the price is too high, you are worried that the Sky Book City will reap the benefits."

Archbishop Gregory said: "Okay, we don't need to talk too much between us, let's get straight to the point."

Queen Jade Rakshasa said: "The first choice, our two navies, plus the remaining navy that won and lost, the three forces will join forces to destroy the fleet of Sky Book City, let it bleed, and let it lose its right to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight, like this You can eliminate the main force of the army with relative ease."

Archbishop Gregory said: "This one, it's impossible, won and lost refused."

"Damn sense of honor, Ying Que is already obsessed with the reputation of his savior." Queen Jade Rakshasa said: "But I can tell you that I will not agree to this choice, the price is too high. Sky Book City More powerful than everyone imagined, so far, I still do not want to completely turn against them."

Archbishop Gregory said: "Then please say the second option."

Queen Jade Rakshasa said: "Restoring the previous "New Kyoto Secret Treaty", the three of us joined forces to completely eliminate the remaining fleet of Yinggao and gain complete sea control, and then our army landed in Zhenhai City and attacked the main force of Yinggao from behind. army."

Archbishop Gregory said: "So, this requires you to agree with us to increase our troops by 100,000 and destroy the remaining fleet. My army of 100,000 landed in Zhenhai City, attacked the main army from the back, and completed the north and south. pinch."

Queen Jade Raksha said: "And my army also landed in Zhenhai City, taking advantage of the empty hinterland of winning and shortage, and occupying his Tianshui province and Tiannan province."

Archbishop Gregory said: "Impossible, Queen Jade Rakshasa, there is no room for negotiation on this point, these two provinces cannot give you."

Next, the two sides experienced a war of words and a fierce quarrel.

final decision!

Queen Jade Rakshasa can occupy all the territory of the Shen Gong family, and the remaining territories of Tiannan Province and Tianshui Province are still occupied by the Western Holy See.

Of course, the most important dark realm of white bones is owned by Queen Rakshasa.

So far, the Western Holy See and the Rakshasa Queen have completely negotiated.

This is very important. As long as the two parties are negotiated, the overall situation is basically settled. The Western Holy See chose to cede part of the interests to the Rakshasa Queen in exchange for the cooperation of the other party and in exchange for an additional 100,000 troops.


Next, the tripartite talks are still taking place in the territory of the Rakshasa Queen.

The secret envoy of the Holy Master of Sky Book City sneered: "Archbishop Gregory, what's the result? You want to please Ying Que, so you didn't abide by the "New Kyoto Secret Pact" and didn't go south to attack Ying Que. But Ying Que doesn't take your feelings at all. Instead, he took the initiative to expedition to the north. This savior, he is doing extremely enjoyable. If you don't fight Ying Que well, what are you talking about with us?"

Archbishop Gregory said: "Of course, we will continue to fulfill the "New Kyoto Secret Pact". We have been fighting Ying Que on the ground for a month. So please your navy immediately go south and eliminate the remaining naval forces of Ying Que."

The secret envoy of the Holy Master of Sky Book City said: "His Excellency Archbishop, you were the one who broke the contract at that time, and now you are asking us to fulfill the secret contract? What do you think of our Sky Book City?"

Archbishop Gregory said: "We need an additional 100,000 troops."

The secret envoy of the Holy Master of Sky Book City said: "Absolutely impossible."

Archbishop Gregory said: "The remaining fleet of our Western Holy See will also be dispatched. Together with the two of you, we will eliminate the remaining fleets that have won and lost."

The secret envoy of the Holy Master of Sky Book City has the heart to say that it is not necessary. The remaining fleets that have won and lost, we Sky Book City and the Queen of Rakshasa can be easily eliminated by joining forces, and we don't need you at all.

But he wasn't that stupid to say such things.

Because the Western Holy See broke the contract, the Holy Queen also broke the contract, and the fleet was not dispatched to destroy the remaining fleets that won and lacked.

Therefore, enough time was given to Ying Lack to repair these 100 warships.

Although there are only 100 ships, everyone knows the power of the fleet, which is very powerful.

Although Sky Book City still has the certainty of victory, it is also good to be able to drag the Western Holy See into the water again.

However, the Western Holy See also took the opportunity to speak loudly and demanded an additional 100,000 troops.

In this way, the power of the Western Holy See in the Great Xia Empire will increase again. After the Western Holy See completely wipes out the Yingfu Army, there may be too many Army forces left, which will bring huge uncertainty to the future of the Sky Book City.

However, in this way, the 100,000 troops of the Western Holy See landed from Zhenhai City, and they could attack the main army that won the shortage from the north and the south, and could completely eliminate the main force in the shortest time.

Archbishop Gregory said: "Your Excellency Special Envoy, we and the Rakshasa Queen have reached an agreement, and both of us have agreed on our own plans. Next, it's up to Sky Book City."

The Sky Book City emissary was silent for a while and said: "I can't be the master, I need to report to the Holy Queen."

Archbishop Gregory said: "Please make a decision as soon as possible."


Inside the Sky Book City~www.novelbuddy.com~ the Queen heard the complete report.

He immediately understood the intentions of the Western Holy See.

But what about where?

At this time, in the direction of the general pattern, all playing cards are clear.

After a long while, the Queen said slowly: "Promise him, the three of us will join forces once again to completely wipe out the remaining fleet at sea. He wants to increase his troops by 100,000, and he also promises him. He wants to land in Zhenhai City, I also promised him. In short, we must completely eliminate the winning and lacking forces in the shortest possible time."


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