I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World - v2 Chapter 1063 Exploring the Cause of the Underworld, Qian Wei continued

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On the dark and ghostly sea, the clouds and mists churned, and the huge waves roared from time to time.

It is as if the catastrophe of destruction is about to fall on this sea area.

At this time, an incomparably huge warship appeared on the sea.

This warship is not a dead bone warship, nor a ghost ship, but the third type—the most powerful Ancestral Dragon warship.

The Ancestral Dragon Battleship, named after the 'Ancestral Dragon', is actually the 'Long Ancestor' in reverse.

The meaning of dragon is very deep.

On the Zulong warship, Que De's figure stood quietly.

The cause and effect of Qian Nv's world has not completely ended, but Qian Nv's world has become a world - a quasi-zhongqian world that is more powerful than Xiao Qian's world.

It's like a world of thousands.

However, this scene has not been completely completed, and there is still a series of unbalanced cause and effect.

Today, without the reincarnation authority of the Netherworld Sea, Que De and Xia Xinning can only be a bystander.

Or rather an outsider.

An outsider, and an outsider who has no value, has only two endings.

One is to be slaughtered and killed, and the other is to sell himself completely and get a "good price".

However, now, Li Juan, as the leader of the Netherworld Sea, has a very infiltrating control over the Netherworld Sea, so Que De and Xia Xinning are not qualified to negotiate.

The Netherworld Sea is very restless, just like Que De's restless heart.

"Brother Xinning."

After being silent for a long time, Que De called out.

Next to Que De, Xia Xinning, who was dressed in a white Confucian shirt and was unbelievably handsome, had an equally dignified and complicated expression.

He was silent for a while, then nodded lightly, and said, "Que De, just say anything if you have anything. At this point, I don't know what you're thinking yet?"

Que De sighed: "It seems that we are all wrong. Up to now, everything has become a mirror."

Xia Xinning was silent for a while, then said, "So, what do you want to say?"

Que De said: "First of all, we can no longer interfere with Su Ye's cause and effect, and all efforts will not be rewarded."

Xia Xinning said: "If you really give, you will never want anything in return—return is just a kind of consolation, you can have it, but you can also not have it."

Que De sighed: "That said, but now the emperor may not be the emperor, and cause and effect may not necessarily be cause and effect."

Xia Xinning said: "Be careful."

Que De said: "At this time, what else need to be said carefully? There are many causes and effects, only you and I can understand, but it is estimated that they will not understand soon."

Xia Xinning heard the words, her eyes were deep and distant.

He stared into the distance without speaking for a long time.

The wind was blowing, his black hair was flying, his clothes were flying, and the whole person stood on the Ancestral Dragon warship, like a withered statue, but it was very Yuandingyuezhi.

Such Xia Xinning, whether in strength or ability, is actually very powerful.

It's just that everything, as Que De said, is like a mirror.

Xia Xinning pondered, and time passed little by little.

After a long time, he nodded silently and said: "To this point, to be honest, we have really tried our best.

But what will happen to the Netherworld Sea and the reincarnation system in the future has little to do with us.

Whether it is for the future of the light blue world or for the common people of the light blue world, there is no regret.

It's just a pity that our efforts have not been rewarded or valued.

It is said that the hard work pays off, perhaps only the Heavenly Dao system of the Honghuang royal family can deal with such a statement. "

Que De shook his head and said, "I've already seen these things, and it's not this aspect that I care about—but, whether it's Que Xinyan or Que Zhishang, the cause and effect that belongs to them are not extended.

On the contrary, the cause and effect of the Guixu Royal Family should be accomplished.

In this way, judging from the results, whether it is the Su Renhuang or the former emperor, they are still one move away from chess. "

Xia Xinning sighed and said, "We don't know exactly how such a cause and effect happened and how it developed. But it's a fact that Su Renhuang has always had a bad fate.

Such an outlier, neither within the Three Realms nor among the Five Elements, contains a special destiny, and it is normal to be targeted and studied like this.

Whether it's the real world or the return to the ruins, or the murals and small worlds, or even the Zulong murals, in the Zulong small world, I actually have a lot of partiality, but...

But that doesn't mean he's not good, it's just that he's too good, but it has attracted more targets.

This is painful and ruthless.

Heaven has no eyes, so Guixu evolves from time to time.

That's why generations of nightmares return to the ruins from time to time, covering everything and destroying endless sins.

It's just that now, even returning to the ruins may not be able to destroy all of this.

It is said that scraping bones to cure poison, this is the truth of the catastrophe of returning to the ruins.

But if scraping the bones to cure the poison can't cure the poison, it will only make oneself worse...

This is the situation today.

So, how can it be? "

Que De pondered: "Perhaps, if you use some means, there should be some effect."

Xia Xinning was shocked and pondered, "You—what do you want to do?"

When Que De heard the words, the pair of mouse-beard-like beards curled up and said with a smile: "Before, the senior Hua Qiu Dao had a special ability called 'Great Spiritualism', which is similar to the Three Thousand Avenues, but it is not three Thousand avenues.

This ability, as the controller of reincarnation authority, I actually have researched.

You said, if I try to summon Su Yan's soul, Mu Qingyan's soul, and Yanyan's soul with the reincarnation authority of the Netherworld Sea, combined with the past method of time and space, what will happen if I succeed?

Will it help the current Su Renhuang? "

Qued mentioned one possibility.

Xia Xinning pondered for a moment and said, "What do you need me to do for you?"

Obviously, after Que De's proposal appeared, Xia Xinning had already agreed.

Because he really didn't want to give up.

Because as a force on their side, their choice of cause and effect is also biased - his side is indeed biased towards the side of the prehistoric royal family.

Not for anything else, just because this party is truly affectionate and righteous.

If there is a kind and righteous existence, the world it creates, and it becomes the leader of civilization, then this civilization will never be bad.

But a vicious existence, no matter how powerful it is, no matter how brilliant it is, it is impossible for a civilization to truly flourish.

Because it lacks the most basic human nature.

Others may not understand this point, but Que De and Xia Xinning, who have mastered the authority of reincarnation and have seen the life and death of the Netherworld Sea for hundreds of thousands of years, will not understand?

If this world really has a bright side, then the group of people from the Nether Sea is indeed a part of it.

It's a pity that such forces are rare after all.

Que De thought about it and said, "This is the reason why I asked you to meet here this time. Maybe I should do something - something I haven't made up on, but I really want to do it. ."

Xia Xinning said, "Is it right for something other than the Great Spiritualism?"

Que De said: "Yes."

Xia Xinning said, "I see, you want to go to the Heavenly Soul on the Nether Ship?"

Quede fell silent and did not answer.

Xia Xinning said: "I think you can ask my sister Xia Xinyan about this matter, and she may be able to give you an answer."

Que De thoughtful, said: "Now, can I still contact her?"

Xia Xinning said: "Yes, originally - originally, she, Que Xinyan and Que Zhishang were all in crisis this time, and they had to be sunk into the black kite for eternity, and there was no chance to reappear.

But there was a being who helped them and pulled them out of the cage of reality. "

When Que De heard this, a look of surprise finally appeared on his dark and somewhat ugly face.

Immediately, he immediately thought of something and said, "It turned out to be - Feng Nu..."

Xia Xinning nodded and said, "It's really her."

Que De was a little embarrassed, as if he never thought of it anyway, at this critical moment, when the universe is reversed, reincarnation collapsed, and even close to erasing many causes and effects, and erasing many special existences, this 'scumbag' stood still. came out.

It was something he hadn't thought of anyway.

However, the existence defined by cause and effect is to be erased - Que Xinyan, Xia Xinyan, Que Zhishang, and even Guizhenzi.

How can this reverse causality and free them from this eternal repression or even erasure and obliteration?

Que De did not fully understand.

Instead, Xia Xinning smiled slightly and said with relief: "If it wasn't for the cause and effect of their cause and effect have been solved, I'm afraid I wouldn't stand on this ancestral dragon warship at this time, and put on a layer of ancestral dragon murals and cause and effect to communicate with you.

If this is the case, I have already directly killed the Thirty-Three Heavens. Regardless of life or death, I have to fight for my life and never die. "

Que De said: "I originally thought that you would not come, but when I saw you coming, I already had some judgments in my heart, but I didn't want to, things were a little better than I thought.

Then, I want to fight even more - the cause and effect of my fighting to get rid of the top may not be all-or-nothing. "

Xia Xinning nodded and said, "Actually, most of us think things are complicated.

Because, Fairy Feng Qianwei, as the younger sister of the current emperor, naturally has a noble destiny.

Unfortunately, when Que Xinyan, Xia Xinyan (Que Xinyan), Que Zhishang, and even Guizhenzi were locked up to be erased, Fairy Feng Qianwei directly issued four invitations to them in the name of the Emperor's Banquet. post and invite them to the feast.

And, they are regarded as the core participants. "

When Que De heard this, he couldn't help being shocked.

At that moment, he couldn't help but mess up his beard again, and his whole person was obviously incredible and unbelievable.

Because it seems that this solution is really too simple.

But this method is really terrifying - just because if Xia Xinyan and the four are the core members of the Emperor's banquet, they must be the Emperor's important friends!

If this is the case, the four people's cause and effect are erased, which is equivalent to erasing the interpersonal relationship of the emperor!

And the meaning of the invitation given by Feng Qianwei is very obvious - without the relationship and help of these four people, the emperor would not be the emperor!

Therefore, the Emperor of Heaven wants to become the Emperor of Heaven—that is to say, no matter who this 'Feng Yao' really is, he can only be Feng Yao!

And as long as he is Feng Yao, he must take over that Xia Xinyan has a very close relationship with him becoming the emperor.

Feng Qianwei's definition of this relationship is that the position of the Emperor of Heaven was conceded by the Su Renhuang! And Xia Xinyan (Que Xinyan) is Su Renhuang's Taoist companion!

If Xia Xinyan and the four of them are erased, then without this relationship, Su Renhuang will not let the emperor's position!

At least, the cause and effect of Su Renhuang is still very stable, it has not been erased, and it is impossible to erase it.

Therefore, due to this cause and effect, the meaning of Xia Xinyan's existence immediately rose to a whole new level.

This cannot be erased or suppressed.

In this way, Feng Qianwei used a simple invitation to completely protect the four of them.

Que De thought for a while, and immediately thought of the details of the handling. All of this was perfect—and in terms of Feng Qianwei's performance, all of this was actually quite ordinary.

All of this has absolutely nothing to do with the game of intellectual layout.

But this one is so perfect!

"Is this a coincidence?"

Under normal circumstances, most people think this way - just because it is really not difficult to do it.

Moreover, Feng Qianwei has also sent invitations to many beings - only Xia Xinyan and other limited people are the ones she specially invites~www.novelbuddy.com~ because she has a good relationship with Su Renhuang!

However, Que De is not an ordinary person, and he will not consider it under any 'normal circumstances'.

In his opinion, this is by no means a coincidence, but precisely what Feng Qianwei did.

"This man... ignored."

"This is a misunderstanding!"

Que De couldn't help but smile bitterly in his heart, and then he gave Xia Xinning a meaningful look.

"It's fake that you asked me to look for Xia Xinyan, but is it true to look for Feng Qianwei?"

Xia Xinning heard the words, smiled and said, "They are still together now, it is very convenient if you want to find them."

When Que De heard this, he seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly said helplessly: "Mostly, Fairy Feng Qianwei has already noticed it, so she has been waiting for me to find her?"

Xia Xinning said: "What you think is all up to you - but it is true that they are in the Zulong murals now. If you go to contact them, it is probably not a bad thing."

Que De was extremely speechless: "I just said that you usually don't want to come when I call you, but this time you came before you took the initiative to speak - you are still so insidious."

Xia Xinning said, "You don't have to go."

Que De said: "I'll go."

Between the words, Que De's spirit and energy were obviously much better.

Then, his figure moved and walked directly into the cabin of the Zulong warship.

The cabin, like a small room, is surrounded by murals.

On the frescoes, all of them are altars.

Each of these altars is like the mysterious altar in the ancient city of offering sacrifices to heaven.

And on each altar, Feng Qianwei was sitting quietly, and beside Feng Qianwei, Que Xinyan was standing quietly.

Each of the four murals is exactly the same, but the time and space in them seem to be completely different.

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