I Was Spotted By Grindelwald and Went To Hogwarts - Chapter 380 sudden attack

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Sean's words had a little effect on Skinner, the ghost immersed in despair and pain finally regained a little sanity.

He let the tears fall, and stared at Sean in a daze, his lips trembling.

"You, how do you want me to help you..."

"Tell me all the information you know. For example, when the blood alliance is broken and the real contract is established, how can it be safely terminated?" Sean said sharply.

Baron Skinner took a deep breath (though he didn't need to breathe at all) and shook his head bitterly.

"There is no way to cancel the contract..." He smiled sadly, "I don't know who invented this magic, but I know one thing - the breaking of the blood alliance means that the two have completely parted ways, even if the deepest part of their hearts There is still love hidden... However, the broken blood alliance means that there is no turning back, just like me and Corina... In such a situation, who would think of breaking the real contract? I am afraid the person who invented this magic Never thought about..."

This answer made Sean's breathing a little heavier, but he still motioned for Skinner to continue, he wanted to get enough information about the blood alliance.

Baron Skinner continued: "I'm not in the final stage, but I can feel the feeling of the real contract in the final stage... That feeling, you can feel the huge magic power close at hand. , you can feel your mind burning...and since the power of grabbing a lover is essentially a fusion, it's natural for the lover to feel all your feelings at the end...this conflict, clashing emotions are almost Makes people crazy."

He lowered his head: "It seems that everything is destined, in the fiery relationship between two people, as long as one party has an unintended idea, the blood alliance will guide that person... Oh, this relationship is destined to be broken. crack……"

It sounded like it was irreversible, Sean's brows were furrowed, he squatted on the ground and kept tapping the ground with his wand.

"Then what if we don't take the last step, let's keep the real contract? Even if the two of them die of old age and do not communicate with each other, at least they won't die, right?" Sean asked.

Who would have thought that Baron Skinner denied his idea again.

"Impossible... The world has traces, and the soul also has memories. As long as these two people live in this world, magic and memory will induce a person to commit this terrible crime like the snake that seduced Adam. This seems to be the magical feature of the Broken Blood Alliance... I can't imagine how even a powerful wizard can resist this terrifying moment every moment for months, years or even decades. Bewitched."

This is really troublesome...

Sean finally understands why, on top of the Ministry of Magic's ranking of dangerous magic, the blood alliance is the most dangerous magic...

Moreover, Sean himself speculated that there may be more than that.

The thing about the broken blood alliance can be summed up simply: first turn against your lover, then drive your lover crazy, and then drive yourself crazy...

Under the impact of such extreme opposite emotions, it is difficult for Sean to imagine... Is the person who has obtained the so-called supreme power still normal?

Sean stood up and twirled in circles irritably in place. Then he looked at the other person and asked, "Have you stayed here since you became a ghost?"

Baron Skinner nodded in shame: "I've been hiding in the wall..."

"The people who have been here, you should have an impression, right?"

Baron Skinner looked embarrassed: "I, I have always been in a relatively decadent state, those who come in are nothing more than Muggles searching for treasures, scholars who study history, or someone else, there were originally a lot of mine here. Research notes and stuff, but they've been evacuated long ago - and I'm not in the mood to deal with them either."

Sean pondered for a while, and dug out two photos from the ring.

The first black-and-white photo shows a handsome, charismatic young man, like a big golden bird.

Sean is very sure that the first to know the secret must be Grindelwald, so the time when Grindelwald knows the secret is very important.

If it was after the blood alliance was established, then there may be some sayings... If Grindelwald knew the truth of the blood alliance before the blood alliance was established, it means that he almost went to Dumbledore with the most sinister purpose. ...

If that's the case, Sean doesn't even know how he will get along with Grindelwald next.

When Baron Skinner carefully identified the photo, Sean couldn't help holding his breath.

"I-I've seen him!" Baron Skinner's words made Sean's throat twitch.

"I have no interest in people who come here to explore and hunt for treasures, but this young man found me directly."

Sean's heart became heavier and he couldn't wait to ask, "You told him the truth about the blood alliance?"

"Blood? No, no, no, he's very weird. He asked me about the history of this area when I was still alive, and some of the magic at that time. No blood was involved." Skinner told him.

Before meeting Dumbledore, Grindelwald didn't know the truth about the blood alliance... This made Sean a little relieved.

He held up a second picture, Dumbledore.

"As for this person, he should have been here not long ago."

Skinner recognized it at a glance: "Of course, of course I have seen him. Even though I have been dead for a long time, I can still feel when I hide in the crack of the wall, this man is very, very powerful."

"He used magic I've never seen before, and..." Skinner hesitated, "he seemed to be here for the broken blood alliance between U and Corina, as if to verify something. He seemed to use The unknown magic found some images from that year, and then his whole person became very unstable, and exuded a frightening and terrifying magic power."

Skinner glanced at Sean with a bad expression, and added hesitantly: "If, I mean, if that person is also the owner of the blood alliance, then his lover must be as powerful as him. In this case, the allure of the Broken Blood Alliance will be stronger, of course, if he does something like that and succeeds, maybe..."

"He can become the **** of the whole world... That power is beyond my imagination..."

Dumbledore really knew everything... Sean licked his molars and his expression changed.

Under such circumstances, what was the real attitude of Dumbledore and Grindelwald?

And there are still Grindelwald's time accidents that need to be solved urgently, and Dumbledore seems to have been trying to solve these problems...

Sean irresistibly came up with an idea.

He wanted to see, in Dumbledore's office, the full ninety-seven years of old Grindelwald's memory.

Maybe it will give me the answer...

Just as Sean was frowning and thinking, an angry roar suddenly came from outside!

Pudding? ! Sean turned his head sharply towards the exit.

"Dangerous!" Dave instantly recovered, the thorn sheath unfolded, his eyes stained scarlet, and he became a terrifying hunter.

Before Sean could take a step closer, the entire ruin shook violently.

Sean immediately contacted the shadow worm that he had placed outside, and wanted to use the trajectory to flash out, but as soon as he contacted him, he felt a huge wave of magic power.

At the location of the shadow worm, no, it should be said that in this entire area, someone is bombarding indiscriminately with a powerful spell!

Not only that, but someone has set up an anti-apparition spell!

Someone knew that he was in the depths of the ruins, and launched all the attacks without giving any chance!

"Boom!" With the violent explosion, the swaying ceiling smashed down.

The earth is shaking, the mountains are shaking, and the smoke and dust are everywhere!


"Stand together in pairs, protect the younger generation of your own people, and don't look into the eyes of that beast!"

On the periphery of the ruins, nearly fifty wizards in black robes are constantly casting powerful spells on the ruins, and in the shadows outside, a vigorous figure is constantly walking through.

"Ah—" The screams stopped abruptly.

A wizard who was slightly away from the team was directly pierced through the head by a powerful claws!

A few spells flew over quickly, but only hit the body of his teammate. The terrifying cat leopard immediately jumped back into the shadow of the woods after it succeeded.

At this moment, the wizard who made the sound just said loudly, "Don't worry about that beast! Continue to keep the spell output! Everyone pays attention to the position of their teammates, that thing can't be one-to-many!"

Under the command of this wizard, the cat and leopard only had time to take away the lives of two more hapless people, and everyone gathered together.

More like a cat leopard like the Shadow Assassin, it is indeed impossible to play more victories in this situation.

And those wizards pointed their wands at the entire ruins, explosion spells, fire spells, quagmire spells, etc., attacking, restricting, deforming, all kinds of spells leaped one after another like no money The night sky slammed into the ruins that had completely collapsed.

The cat leopard kept making threatening roars from the periphery, but the person who came was obviously prepared. Under the circumstance of taking precautions in place, the bombing did not stop for a moment.

The terrifying magical firepower lasted for a full five minutes. The ruins of Baron Skinner's manor were almost emptied in place, and there was even a large hole in the center of the ground that was bombed!

"Well—" The leading wizard stretched out his right hand and waved, and the spell stopped.

A person beside him stepped forward to report: "Anti Apparition has no response, and the people inside can't get out."

"Don't be careless, let alone be contemptuous, Lord Dark Lord seriously instructed us before we came, don't give that person any chance..."

"Go, check in pairs, the Dark Lord said, that guy won't die easily, but he shouldn't have time to turn into a giant in this kind of raid..."


The man in the lead revealed his true face under the hood. He hadn't shown up for a long time. Everyone thought that the member of the Lestrange family who was imprisoned in the prison, Bella's husband, Rodolphus Lestrange. .

"Rodolphus," a man came over, it was his brother Rabastan Lestrange, who smiled cruelly, "that little **** dared to deceive me, his family will leave it to me Do it yourself."

"Rabastan, it's not over yet," Rodolphus glanced at his younger brother, "The Dark Lord's mission is the most important thing, he has no time to clone himself, and he entrusted such an important mission to us, remember, Definitely going to meet him with a live Sean Wallup."

Labastine smiled grimly: "It's been so long, he hasn't turned into a giant that night in Paris... Ha, let's just pray that he won't turn into ashes."

Both brothers showed cruel smiles.

The dark wizards approached the ruins with their wands in groups, and various exploration spells were fired.

After a period of searching, someone shouted to the Lestrange brothers behind: "No living person found!"

The smiles of the two brothers disappeared.

"How is it possible, the Dark Lord said, he can't transform right away, but this kind of powerful bombardment will only seriously injure him at most. The blood of the giant in his body will protect him..." Rabastan's expression suddenly turned ugly. .

It doesn't matter if Sean Wallup is dead or not, but the Dark Lord wants living people...

"Continue to search for me! At least find me the body!"

The search is still in progress.

A dark wizard pressed close to his companion, and after casting a probing spell~www.novelbuddy.com~ he reached out and closed his cloak.

At this time, on the side of the Channel in the Scottish Highlands, the temperature was extremely low.

Just when he was thinking about whether to add a warm-up spell to himself, the wind blew more violently.

He frowned and looked up at the sky. The location next to the strait was annoying.

And this sudden wind has a bit of fishy smell...

"Huh?" Just as he was about to turn back to work, he saw that there seemed to be a small dot flying in the night sky.

And... zoom in at a very high speed!

He suddenly widened his eyes and warned loudly, "Fire dragon! It's a fire dragon!"

Everyone looked up at the sky.

In the gloomy sky, an extremely large Ukrainian iron belly is swooping down!

There is already a flame condensing in its mouth!

"Damn! Where did the Ukrainian iron belly come from in this place?!" Brother Lestrange widened his eyes and immediately shouted, "Everyone, defensive breath!"

The huge body that oppresses the heart has a high speed that does not fit the body, and the Ukrainian iron belly swoops down like a cannonball.

"Roar—" After the deafening dragon roar, dazzling flames spewed out from the ferocious dragon's mouth!

The flames hit the transparent barriers erected by the wizards!

"I can stop it! Keep it up, prepare for the eye curse immediately after the breath is over!" Brother Lestrange shouted loudly, holding up their wands to block the flames.

However, no one saw that a small ring gently fell to the ground in the darkness.

Then, a huge exit appeared!

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