Lord of Pets - Chapter 1068 : The top of the mountain, the ancient temple

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In the vast and boundless ancient world, the big mantis rushes to Yijuechen and rides like a thousand.

It's speed is too fast, the legendary 2-star and the double blessing of the late king body already have the biggest advantage of the low-level agility-type holy beast.

However, Bai Wushang's expression gradually became solemn.

Over the wasteland, over the rainforest.

The passing area covers swamps, quagmire, valleys, and hills.

As long as there is vegetation in these places, they are basically extinct species, with "big" and "ferocious" as the main characteristics.

If Bai Wushang was a scientific researcher, his blood would be pumped, and he would be ecstatic to see the treasures of these times again.

But he is not, he has no intention to care about things that have nothing to do with strength.

He only observed that in any area here, there are no creatures surviving in a normal ecology.

Whenever they appear, they are all "relic holy beasts", and the deviation rate is zero percent.

And their realm, the weakest and weakest, is also the early stage of the Supreme Body.

In other words... all the holy beasts!

"Damn it, this place is extremely evil."

Bai Wushang's heart gradually sank to the bottom of the valley.

As they approached the snow-capped mountains, the number of holy-order monsters that seemed to be surgically assembled increased exponentially.

They roared, roared, and regarded Bai Wushang and the big mantis as their hunting targets, and they wanted to kill them quickly.

When it reaches a certain level, it is not a problem that can be solved by dodging, it must be fought head-on.

Bai Wushang summoned Xing again.

As soon as the four-winged glazed sword angel came out, the sword light was like a shadow, intertwined and lingering.

A deformed monster riding a Pegasus but with a dog's head on its neck, howled dryly, pulling up the longbow in his hand.

With a flick of the finger, the light gathered towards the arrow in its hand, silently, on the tip of the arrow.

But when it shot out, the sky was dark and the sky was dark, and the mountains were roaring and tsunami. It was like the suicidal impact of the Demon King, instantly breaking the three swords of guardian, round shield, and frost, and pierced through the left shoulder of the four-winged sword angel.

"Giggle!" The little rabbit was extremely worried, raised his hands and claws, and activated the Star Healing Technique.

Kyo also used the Holy Grail and the Second Healing Sword to achieve self-healing.

Her eyes flickered slightly, and in the blink of an eye, she was in sync with the Master.

"It's very strong."

"But it seems... not that strong!"

Bai Wushang immediately understood what she meant.

The Pegasus Kobold that was attacked and killed is a legendary 3-star, relic holy beast in the late stage of the Supreme Body.

Assuming that it is replaced by other creatures of the same class, once the divine power is ignored, there will be no oriented bloodline suppression.

The lethality that can be erupted should be even more extreme.

It is possible that a single arrow will cause Xingying to be severely injured.

But just now, even if there is no connected healing skills, Xing's injury is only moderate.

"Is it because of the characteristics of "chaos" and "self-conflict" that reverse the actual combat effectiveness? "

Bai Wushang had always been suspicious, but now that there is evidence, a new idea popped up in his heart.

But from the corner of his eye, he saw that in other directions, there were several relic holy beasts following tirelessly, and he had to suppress his mind to fight with all his strength.

More than twenty hours later.

The sky is still so bright, there is no night, no starry sky.

Bai Wushang stood on a thousand-meter-high prehistoric branch, carefully hiding in the shadow of the leaves, the pupils of the stars dilated and shrunk, like a telescope, gazing at the distant sky.

Frost-white permafrost... has appeared in front of him!

Above the frozen soil, thousands of stacks of Qiongji jade are piled up, and the Wanren Glacier towers up into the sky.

In the silvery snow, Bai Wushang was uneasy, deeply aware of his insignificance in front of the mighty forces of heaven and earth, and thus became more and more in awe of the holiness and magnificence.

The chubby little rabbit on his shoulders also stared at his bright eyes, dazed for a while.

Has it climbed mountains?

Naturally climbed over.

Dagan Dynasty, Shanhai College, Chongshen Mountain.

But that kind of vicissitudes of life is ancient, and when it comes to this place, it is nothing to worry about.

"Master, look!" The little rabbit suddenly pointed to the top of the snowy mountain, "There seems to be a building there..."

Bai Wushang tried his best to operate his pupil of the stars, but found nothing.

Using the fifth-order fit to share the rabbit's vision, the sight that can be seen becomes clear in an instant.

"Really!" Bai Wu was heartbroken.

It was a milky white square building, standing in the ice and snow.

It is peaceful and quiet, with auspiciousness curling up, and in the reflection of the rays of the sun, the entire mountain top is like a fairyland, which existed before eternity, and is extremely ancient.

"Could this be... the temple of angels in the ancient heaven period?!"

On the contract side, Xing got the information shared by Bai Wushang, and the thoughts passed back were shocked.

It's too similar, the light and shadow at the glimpse, at least six or seven points of familiarity, most likely, it is the prototype reference of the current temple.

"Master, there seems to be a figure above that temple!"

The little rabbit suspected that he had read it wrong, so he wiped his eyes in disbelief and looked again.

But the picture has not changed!

On the top floor of the temple, on a metal building shaped like a cross, there was actually a vague figure hanging upside down with its head down.

His body was motionless, as if it was wrapped in a silkworm cocoon. In that peaceful pure land, it was so abrupt and treacherous.

Bai Wushang held his breath, and his body and mind were greatly shaken.

If the temple is said to be holy, then that vague figure is the biggest stain.

He single-handedly, UU reading www.uukanshu. com exudes a dark and lonely atmosphere, like looking into the abyss.


As if there was a flash of lightning piercing the sky, Bai Wushang and the little rabbit froze immediately.

The chill rushed in from the soles of the feet, the chills, the discomfort of blood coagulation, and no matter how hard you struggled, there was no way to counteract it.

That upside-down, lonely, dead figure... actually opened his eyes!

And that turbid color is not mud, not cocoons, but his wings! Eight pale bat wings!

"Escape!" Bai Wushang roared furiously, not caring about anything else, biting the blood on the tip of his tongue, and jumping off the canopy with the little rabbit in his arms.

The moment he pulled away, the thousand-meter-high ancient tree burst in place and burned in the raging fire, and even the living beings from all directions were alarmed.



Heaven and earth.

At least thirty relic holy beasts surrounded them.

Bai Wushang summoned Xiaoci.

With an angry thunder resounding through the sky, Da Zong Zong took a decisive charge and ran away with the snow-capped mountain behind his back.

"God, this is too dangerous!"

After a long time, the big mantis fell to the ground and became a puddle of mud.

The little rabbit was also in shock. He always felt that those empty white eyes, which contained death and destruction, were imprinted in the spiritual world and could never be forgotten.

"The Eight-Winged Angel..."

Bai Wushang covered the blood in his chest and abdomen, his soul flew out of the sky, and he felt hard for himself.

"God of twelve-winged angels, Rosius who is in charge of judgment and judgment..."

"...The test given to us is the real angel?!"

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