Marvel: I Can Control Metal - Chapter 1594 Desperate Nick Fury

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"What's the matter, Director Furui, I don't have time to come back and have a look."

Leo teased Director Fury on the phone.

"I don't have the ability to teleport like you, but there's no way I can fly halfway across the earth and come back in half an hour."

Director Furui complained on the other side of the phone.

"Haha, I have no way to teach you, but you can recruit such characters yourself. On Earth, there are many people who can do this."

Leo laughed and said.

"You don't have to go this far. What were you doing over there in San Francisco the other day? Do you know how much noise it made?"

Furui also joked to Leo on the phone that he had no temper with Leo at all.

"Listening to them, it is indeed beyond my expectations. However, everyone should get used to it. After all, the earth is not very peaceful now."

Leo nodded and said, and his mind was full of thoughts. After all, now, the birth of Iron Man, the movement of the Hulk, and all kinds of superheroes in a mess.

The invasion of the dark elves, and the huge space gate on the earth, countless alien invasions, and even the invasion of the dark dimension Dormammu in the back, Thanos' ghoul troops, and the one that destroyed the earth The snap of half a life.

This is something that people on earth will come into contact with, and it is even closely related to every person on earth. Therefore, even if a huge golden giant appears now, everyone will not change the world view because of this.

What's more, everyone has long known the existence of the golden legend, so it's just worship, and now it's like fans chasing stars, maybe it's more crazy.

"It's a little unfair, otherwise we wouldn't show up, so, what's going on recently? I heard that you seem to be looking for trouble with Pym recently?"

"Your news is well-informed, you know all this?"

Leo said with some surprise, you know, he didn't tell a few people about this.

"My intelligence system is still not scrapped. Pym seems to be doing something recently, and I'm about to send someone to check it out."

Director Fury said so on the other end of the phone.

"It's right to do something, and it's useless for you to send ordinary people. He's doing something big, but I'm going to see it these days, so you don't have to worry about it."

Leo said with a smile.

"What's the situation? It really makes me a little curious. There are no trivial things that can make Golden Legends care about."

Fu Rui pretended to be curious and asked.

"Don't pretend to be a newbie. It's not like I don't know you old fritters. Just ask whatever you want."

Leo listened to the emotions revealed in Furui's words, and then thought of the black charcoal face, and said speechlessly.

On the other end of the phone, Furui, who had always had a serious face, frowned slightly, and then spread it out.

"We also know something about Dr. Pym. It's about Ant-Man. Although this has been proven to be a legend, we all know what it is."

"But Hank Pym has long since retired, and he seems to be planning to keep his secrets under wraps forever, so that's what he's doing."

Furui did not hide any more, and asked directly.

Obviously, Furui was aware that something was wrong with Pym, but the last few dispatches have all failed or even disappeared, and the government has not given any response.

Although there seems to be nothing wrong with the situation, Furui still sensed that something was wrong, so he came to ask Leo. After all, S.H.I.E.L.D. still lacks people, especially experts.

For a super spy like Natasha, after entering the Avengers, Fury felt that he had lost half of his eyes.

"It's not about Hank Pym, it's his apprentice doing things, but don't worry, with me, I can't make any waves."

Leo said calmly.

"And there are more important things involved, which I need to pay attention to, so don't make trouble for the time being."

Leo said that at this time, there was also a bit of solemnity on his face.

Of course, Nick Fury heard it too. Furui has always paid more attention to Leo's concerns. After all, what Leo represents is not a simple direction, but even involves all human beings.

"No problem, listen to you, if you need to, speak at any time."

Furui said very bluntly that Furui would not ignore Leo's warning like listening to other people's warnings.

"But Dr. Hank Pym's mouth is very strict. After leaving S.H.I.E.L.D., there was no Ant-Man. No one could ask the secret. Can you handle it?"

Nick Fury asked with some concern, but he understood that the technology involved, even Howard Stark at the time, could not be cracked. The concept of UU reading was enough to make People feel terrified.

"No problem, I have my own way."

Leo said directly, at this point, Leo really does not want any accidents, after all, it is related to Pym particle technology and the final time shuttle.

"Have you had anything else lately?"

Fury asked again.

"My business, uh, let me tell you if you have any questions."

Leo said with a smile.

Furui was also silent for a moment, "Yes, a master like you runs around and runs outside from time to time. I can't help you much."

"that person..."

"Next time I meet her, I'll definitely ask her to come back and see."

Leo understood what Fury meant, smiled and said, even if Fury didn't say it, Leo would take the initiative to look for it. Leo was also very curious about the legendary Captain Marvel.

After a few more words, he hung up the phone, but obviously, it seems that Fury was frustrated at Pym this time, and he came to contact Leo to ask him to understand.

It can also be seen how strict the management of Pym Company is now, and there is still a strong relationship with it. It is also a difficult opponent for S.H.I.E.L.D., which has just been exhausted.

For this kind of technology company, what can attract Leo's attention may mean that something big is going to happen.

At this point, several other people have a deep understanding.

Leo hung up the phone and walked back without thinking much.

On the other side, Nick Fury looked at the phone he just hung up with a serious face, and there was a lot of information in front of him.

Throwing down the phone, he couldn't help rubbing his temples again.

"It's already troublesome enough, but don't make another big move that affects the world!"

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