Master Xiu, Please Flop - Chapter 924 ten demon ancestors

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In the front, cracks appeared on the swords of the nine peerless swords, spreading around like a spider web.

Immediately afterwards, the nine sharp swords shattered together.

Not far away, Hua Lao raised his head and saw this scene with a look of disbelief on his face.

That is the Nine Spirits Immortal Sword!

Who broke the Nine Spirits Immortal Sword?

"Who? Who?"

Hua Lao's face turned gloomy at this moment, like a drop of blood, he looked up deadly and looked around.

At this moment, the huge spiritual sense swept away like a hurricane, and it was mighty.

However, he didn't notice anyone else around.

"Your Excellency, do you dare to admit it?"

He said indifferently,


The three generations of Demon Emperors and others looked at Hua Lao with a strange expression when they heard this.

Naturally, they knew who did it just now!

In the whole world, there is only one senior who can break the Nine Spirits Immortal Sword so easily!

They looked at Mo Fan.

"Okay! Since you don't come out, I'll force you to come out!"

The voice fell, and he raised his right hand.

"Gathering Thunder Array!"

A cold voice rolled from his throat.

Falling with his voice.

Suddenly, in the void, countless clouds came towards this side, mighty.

These are thunderclouds.

Each thundercloud contains terrifying power.

At this moment, a deep roar sounded from the thundercloud.

"You are crazy!"

Below, the Peach Tree Demon raised his head, and upon seeing this scene, there was a touch of anger on his face.

He was afraid that this person would hurt Mo Fan.


In the void, endless thunderbolts crashed down, and each thunderbolt contained extremely terrifying formidable power, making the surrounding space distorted.

But at this moment, in the void, endless thunders gathered together to form an ocean of thunder.

Immediately afterwards, this sea of ​​thunder suddenly moved towards Mo Fan and the others below.

Thunder Ocean suddenly changed direction, and turned out to be heading towards Hua Lao of the Hell family.

This sea of ​​thunder is like a violent monster, opening its **** mouth and going straight down. The speed is terrifying and extremely terrifying.


Below, Hua Lao from the Hell Clan raised his head, his expression was filled with a look of astonishment, an incomprehensible look.

He raised his hands suddenly to resist.


As he patted his hands out, suddenly, a huge palm mark appeared in the void.

There is also an eye in the center of this palm print.

The eyes are very strange, with red pupils in the eyes.

As this palm fell, it collided with the ocean of thunder ahead.

Then, in the void, a deep roar resounded continuously.

Boom boom boom!

At this moment, Hua Lao's whole figure kept retreating.

Above, the Thunder Ocean is still rolling over, immortal, but this Thunder Ocean is heading straight for Hua Lao.


A low roar suddenly resounded, and at this moment, Hua Lao's whole figure flew out like a cannonball and landed heavily on the ground.


He spurted out a mouthful of blood immediately, and his face became extremely pale at this moment, like a piece of white paper.

what's the situation?

In the end what happened?

He doesn't know what happened, but he can be sure that someone must be secretly shooting!

"Who! Come out to me!"

He roared in a low voice, and his facial features were distorted at this moment, and it was unremarkable.

"Your Excellency, come to my **** family and shoot at me! Dare you ask what kind of hatred you have with me? Or, do you have any great hatred with the **** family?"

He stepped in the void, and at this moment, his whole body was dripping with blood, and countless blood seeped out of his body. He looked extremely embarrassed, and his breath seemed extremely sluggish at this moment.

But no one responded.

The three generations of devil emperors, the ancestors of the sword spirit and other monks looked at Hua Lao in front of him like a fool.

They naturally knew that the person who shot was a senior.

No, to be precise, the one who shot was that Thunder!

The seniors did not make a move.

It was the thunderbolt who wanted to lick the senior, and in a rage, he shot directly at Hua Lao.

Offended seniors, who is to blame?


Hua Lao saw that the mysterious shooter was ignoring him, his face turned gloomy at this moment, his eyes were swallowing endless cold light, and a fierce killing intent erupted from his body.

This murderous intent is like reality.

at this time.


Not far from the horizon, a dazzling divine light came towards this side.

"This is the divine light of hell!"

Looking at the dazzling divine light in the void, Hua Lao's face suddenly showed a touch of excitement.

I saw that in the void, an old man walked slowly towards this side.

The old man was full of blue hair, he was burly and had a single horn on his forehead.

The black unicorn, emitting a dazzling black light, kept flashing, this is not an ordinary unicorn, but a **** unicorn.

In the entire **** family, only the patriarch of the **** family can be like a unicorn.

Obviously, this old man is the patriarch of the **** family.

The strength of this man is extremely terrifying.

As the black divine light came, suddenly, in front, the boundless sea of ​​thunder burst directly.

boom! boom! boom!

A series of low-pitched roars resounded at this moment, incessantly, resounding throughout the world.

Behind the old man, followed by a monster.

This is a huge ape.

His eyes are very strange, and the eyeballs are emerald green.

"Blue-eyed ape! One of the ten great demon ancestors!"

Seeing this scene, below, the face of the Peach Tree Demon immediately turned gloomy, and his eyes were full of endless cold light.

"Top Ten Demon Ancestors?"

Mo Fan looked up and looked at the huge ape in the void, covered with green hair all over his body.

The body of this ape exudes a terrifying demonic energy, sweeping away like a hurricane, and it is mighty.

"These ten demon ancestors fell in the entire starry sky. Unexpectedly, the blue-eyed ape is located in the Big Dipper star field!"

The Peach Demon raised his head, looked at the huge monster in front of him, and said.

Beside him, Mo Fan heard this, raised his head, and glanced at the monster in front of him.

The appearance of this monster is similar to that of an ape, except that it is more burly.

Ten demon ancestors?

Really scary!

"Since you know it's me, the Peach Tree Demon, then you can stay! Don't embarrass me!"

Ahead, the blue-eyed ape raised his head, looked at the Peach Tree Demon and said lightly.

"I think you're still worried about yourself!" The Peach Tree Demon sneered when it heard this, and then it looked around and cupped its hands towards the surroundings: "Senior!"

"..." The three generations of Demon Emperors looked at the Peach Tree Demon with a bewildered expression.

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