MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 395: Starting the attack

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Chapter 395: Starting the attack

The main army started its march from Mercury Village , as Rudra and the Elites were gathered around Furball , who was preparing for mass teleportation. 

The organized March of the massive 100,000 strong army , made the earth rumble with its every move. The commodores leading the entire army with conviction , however they knew deep down , that the success and failure of today's attack depended completely on wether or not the lieutenant would be able to open the gate from within. 

Fort Magma after the poisoning incidence was currently at its weakest , the fort was currently embroiled in chaos , as even the most basic water supplies were unavailable. It would take at minimum 24 hours more to bring in fresh supplies. 

With the soldiers suspecting even the safe to eat foods as poisoned , they were fatigued and hungry , not in a ideal condition to fight the war. An advantage that Rudra much wanted to exploit. 

Most of the mercenaries were unaffected , as for players eating and drinking was matter of choice and not necessity. If they ate , they would feel the corresponding taste , however they would not be fulfilled no matter how much they ate. The same did not apply for NPC's who behaved like real humans in real world.

The Elites had gathered around Rudra , their looks confident , their expressions arrogant , not one of the members was afraid about diving into enemy territory where thousands would be present , well none of those who came to Draconia were , the rest were a lot uneasy . 

The training that the Elites went in Draconia , now was the time to show , after a loud chant of one for all , all for one , go elites go ! , The team mass teleported inside fort Magma! 


( A Nineclouds soldiers POV , inside Fort Magma ) 

The soldier was already pissed out about the poisoning of supplies , hence was patrolling in a foul mood , when a small cute fox came upto him. 

The soldier bent down , to look at the fox , as he wondered how the little one had came inside the fort. Looking at its soft furcoat , he wondered in his mind if it was delicious. 

Reaching its arm out to pick the fox up , the little fox suddenly used a terrifying flamethrower to burn the man to a crisp. The only body part left of the man was the palm of his hand that he had extended to touch Furball. 

After which Furball walked on , like nothing had happened. 

Currently the elites had entered a secluded Part of fort Magma , a place Rudra had scouted to be safe for their entry point. 

To his luck , there was noone looking at that very location at the moment , and under the cover of the night , this was now the perfect playground for one SMG! 

Training with a shadow dragon in Draconia , he was now Lethal in exactly these kinds of situations. Hence he was the first to take his leave , dissapearing in thin shadows. 

Rudra , Karna and the rest looked at each other and tried to walk out in hushed steps , when Rudra saw Furball walking alone not 40 meters ahead. 

Rudra panicked , he did not understand why Furball would loiter alone in such a dangerous place. 

When the soldier bent to touch Furball , Rudra's heart beat out of his chest , Elven sword unsheathed he was one mili second away from using blink , when Furball roasted the man to crisp alive. 

Rudra was left to watch without a response , as Furball continued to cutely massacre her way through the west gate. 

Rudra wanted to track its progress , however since the group's hiding skills were not as good as SMG'S , soon some soldiers spotted them , as the alarm for enemies was raised. 




The group was discovered , as a fight broke off. There were currently four factions causing chaos inside fort Magma 

One was SMG , who was wreaking havoc under the cover of darkness . 

The second was Furball who was loitering around on its own . 

The third was Rudra and the rest of the Elites leading the main charge against the enemies , fighting swarms of men at a time.

And the last was the two Hazelgroove soldiers who had already infiltrated the fort. Their job was to set fire to anything they could set fire to in the fort , and backstab any soldiers that they could during a fight. 

Hence in this way chaos erupted inside Fort Magma , as the already poisoned soldiers in the infirmary coupled with the Elites infiltrating at midnight , the defending soldiers were left scrambling as there was no order in the fort. 


( Meanwhile in China ) 

Jhonny was currently chasing six assailants who were not long ago 30 in number chasing Jhonny. 

How the tables had turned , the predators became the prey , after understanding the terrifying might of Jhonny English. 

The chase was happening in a slum area , where the roof of buildings were extremely near each other , as both the assailants and Jhonny were Parkouring their way on top of it. 

To the surprise of English , his middle aged body was actually able to keep up with these young men in their prime , as he took his time to shorten the gap before six daggers flew out of his hand , killing all six of them at once. 

Jhonny sighed , they were lads from the mercenary organizations he came from. Although he had nothing against them , he still could not beleive the mercenary organization to take a contract for his head. After all that he had done for them. 

But that did not change a thing for him , come who may , the triads would have to pay the price to hurt his disciple! 

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