My Sister is a Bit Ruthless - Chapter 641 More accurate than a lie detector.

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   Chapter 641 is more accurate than a lie detector.

  Qian Duo rubbed the switchblade against the gangster's face, "Three knives on your face, arms, and legs?"

"Daddy...Master, I really...I don't know you, can I... give me a hint?" The gangster was always a person who bullies the soft and fears the hard. Out of body.

   "It seems that they really don't know." When the gangster spoke, Xia Pengfei watched the gangster's expressions and small movements intently.

   His eyes were more accurate equipment than a lie detector, and the details of his expressions made him see that the two black guys didn't seem to be lying.

   "That night in Bei Erxiang, you two **** stabbed the labor and management a few times!" Qian Duo got angry after thinking about it, and he got a few knives for walking alone at night!

   At that time, I thought it was Bai Qi's revenge and sent people to track down his details. In order not to reveal his identity, even if he had the power to fight back, he would endure that bad breath.

   "Huh?" A black man was shocked, "Is there such a thing? We really don't know. Cococo... Maybe it was because I was in a bad mood that day and was bumped by you, uncle..."

  Leng Siyu heard this, and a huge fire shot straight into the sky, "If you're in a bad mood, just stab people with a knife, is our country a slaughterhouse run by your family?

  I'm also in a bad mood now, I'll try to stab you a few times! "

  Leng Siyu jumped in front of Qian Duo with a single stride, and quickly snatched the switchblade from Qian Duo's hand, wanting to poke a few oversized holes in the black guy's legs.

  Xia Pengfei was afraid of causing death, so he quickly hugged Si Yu from behind.

  Xia Pengfei and his mother Tan Ruomei were in sync, and they did the same thing on the same day.

   "Little Rain, don't be impulsive, don't be impulsive..."

  Xiao Nizi's violence index is too high, it would be bad to abolish two black people accidentally.

   "Feifei, let me go! I'm going to poke a few holes in their legs!"

   The two black people had scared the little face into a black and black, and the body began to shake irregularly again.

  People are so good-looking, yet so violent. That's a switch knife, not a spring bed!

  Leng Siyu hates evil and hates evil, and the most annoying thing is that he is so unruly and lawless in the territory of China.

   She wants to kill the people.

  Siyu is a representative of the history department after all, and has a solid historical foundation. She couldn't hold back her anger when she thought that the entire modern history of China was a history of anger and uselessness.

  When she was studying modern history, the innocent and poor little wooden table was smashed to pieces by her slender and powerful fists.

  The giant ship of the times has entered a new century, and various constructions in China are advancing by leaps and bounds, but there are such arrogant and unruly crooked nuts on the land under their feet. How can this not make Leng Siyu angry.

  Xia Pengfei stared at his sweetheart, his thin lips were close to Siyu's ear, and he calmly reminded the furious Siyu: "If you poke them, you will have to be punished, and if you can't solve the problem, they can continue to show off their power in China."

   "Then what should we do?" Si Yu's eyes widened. Facing Xia Pengfei, a handsome and resourceful young man, Si Yu basically didn't think about it.

   There is a person who is stronger and wiser than you who can make plans. If you can save your brain, you will save your brain, and if you can save your energy, you will save your energy.

   Her IQ only comes into play when she faces gangsters on her own.

  Xia Pengfei whispered a few more words in her ear, Siyu's wrinkled brows stretched slightly, and the bad breath in her heart eased a little.

   He didn't say anything, but he said in his heart, this guy is too witty.

   It turns out that Pengfei came up with three ways to rectify the two villains.

   One is to hit them financially—you have to pay a lot of money to get some actual compensation, and those few knives can’t be in vain;

  The second is to physically destroy them, but Xia Pengfei does not need a lot of money, let them do it themselves, and they do it themselves Xia Pengfei has a way to avoid legal sanctions;

  The third is to restrict their activities and send their physical shells out of China through the authorities.

  The state of China stipulates that those who have illegal records in the state of China shall not enter the state of China for life.

   This should be the fundamental way to solve the problem.

   After half an hour, according to Xia Pengfei's design, the two black brothers finally learned the top-level wisdom and unique skills of the Chinese people in dealing with wicked people.

  Three days later, they were sent out of China by the authorities. Later, when they met everyone, they said, "You can provoke anyone, but don't provoke the Chinese people." This is another story.

Since Xia Pengfei spoke up, Yin Yiyi followed Qian Duo's side as she wished, and she wanted to entangle the claws of Qian Duo's arm, which was mercilessly torn apart, "There is a difference between men and women, don't rub against others if it's okay. , is your own leg a prosthetic leg?"

"Stingy, can't you be gentle with girls?" Who knows that Yin Yiyi's rusty head doesn't mind. The more Qianliu ignores her, the more she feels that Qianliu has a personality, especially when she sees Qianliu with her own eyes. After subduing Kong Wuli of the two black people, she was even more in love with Qian Duo and couldn't help herself.

  Qian Duoduo snorted coldly, the wind was blowing under his feet, and he ran ahead alone.

"Wait for me... I should be the one to lead the way, okay?" Yin Yiyi wore high heels to catch up, and after a few steps, she was dripping with sweat, and when she looked back, she saw Xia Pengfei holding Si Yu's paw unhurriedly. Following behind, the eyes exchanged with each other are full of tenderness and sweetness.

   Yin Yiyi felt envy in her heart.


   (end of this chapter)

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