Pampered By Mr President! - Chapter 316 - : How Tiring Can It Be Than to Go to Africa?

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Chapter 316: How Tiring Can It Be Than to Go to Africa?

Shi Beiyu glanced at him again before he snorted. “Not as hardcore as you.”

When Shi Ran heard that, he let out an awkward laugh and said, “I’m talking about you now, don’t drag me into this. But… didn’t that old man come last night? Why are we looking for him again today?”

Upon saying so, the smile on his handsome face disappeared as a shiver ran down his spine.

Shi Beiyu said wanly, “I need his help to take a look at something.”

Shi Ran felt relieved after his reassurance.

Luckily, it was just to take a look at something instead of a person.

After arriving at the Land Temple, Master Hu, who always plays chess was somehow sweeping the yard. When he saw that Shi Beiyu and Shi Ran came, he immediately shove the broom to Shi Ran. “This yard has not been swept for a few days. Help me clean it up, kid.”

Shi Ran’s lips twitched when he heard that. “Why must I sweep the yard?”

Master Hu raised his eyebrows as he lifted his hands to stroke his beard and said, “Should I sweep the yard while you guys wait around?”

Shi Ran was at a loss for words.

Then, he started sweeping the yard without complaint, while Master Hu dragged Shi Beiyu to the chessboard.

Master Hu placed down a chess piece before lifting his old face to look at him and asked, “What’s wrong? What’s there to worry about again?”

Shi Beiyu smiled. “You’re indeed prophetic, sir. ”

Master Hu laughed as he replied, “What’s the likelihood that you would come to play chess with me on purpose apart from your little girlfriend?”

Shi Beiyu felt helpless. He handed over the string of blood jade beads to Master Hu and said, “Someone else has touched the beads. I’m a little worried so I took it here for you to have a look.”

Upon hearing that, Master Hu lifted his hand and took the beads. After checking it thoroughly, he handed it back to him. “There’s nothing wrong with it, just let her put it on as soon as you get back.”

Shi Beiyu was relieved after Master Hu had assured that there is nothing wrong with it.

“That’s great. The party is quite old and elusive, so I’m worried that she might find out something.”

Master Hu looked at him and smiled. “You’re overly concerned about your girlfriend. Not everyone can spot the mystery behind this string of beads. Don’t worry.”

Shi Beiyu nodded and laughed faintly. “I’m relieved to hear that, sir. However, I can’t play chess with you for too long.”

Master Hu replied with a smile. “Your little girlfriend is still waiting for you to take care of her, I won’t keep you for too long. Hurry up and make a move.”

However, they had played against each other for nearly 3 hours before the sun went down.

On the way home, Shi Ran could not help but say, “Bro, please look for another driver the next time you come.”

His life had been miserable after having met Master Hu.

He admitted that he was a coward and did not mind being a statue every time, but he was asked to sweep the yard and wipe the table today.

It was just too much!

Hearing that, Shi Beiyu replied wanly, “Isn’t it just for you to clean the yard?”

Shi Ran was exasperated. “That old man always orders me around. I’m exhausted!”

Shi Beiyu said indifferently, “How tiring can it be than to go to Africa?”

Shi Ran instantly kept his mouth shut and did not dare to say another word.


Oh, God!

That is not a fun place to be!

I’ll never go there!’

It was already past noon when they arrived at the villa.

Mu Siyin thought that Shi Beiyu would return quickly after picking up a few things at the Mu family. However, he said that he had to return to his company due to some urgent matter and left her on the sofa watching television for half a day. She was bored to death!

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