Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability - Chapter 1627 Are you serious?

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Brother Zheng and a few people were sitting on the sightseeing chairs not far from the deck. Seeing their movements, he sighed in his heart. He had really thought wrong before. Are these people mainly dominated by that woman?

The woman just said a word, and someone immediately blocked Gu Qingyu's mouth.

"Brother, this..."

"To shut up!"

Seeing this, a junior brother wanted to say something, but was interrupted by a gloomy senior brother Zheng.

"She killed herself, and none of us can save her at this moment."

Did he not want to save Gu Qingyu? Even if she doesn't know whether to live or die, she is his junior sister, but he also knows that this person is not easy to save.

"If you don't die, it will be done. Zimo and the others will come back soon after shopping. It's time to set off. If you need anything, go and buy it."

Before, he asked the guards on the ship when to leave, and got the answer that it was an hour later.

It was almost an hour now, there were still some vendors not far from them, and there was still time to buy something. He reminded the juniors and brothers beside him, and asked them to speak less for Gu Qingyu.

It's not that he is unkind, but that he thinks it would be better for Gu Qingyu to be hanged at the stern of the boat, otherwise, with her stinky mouth, he doesn't know what to say and offends that Qianjun. What about the king?

On the other side, An Jiuyue carefully looked at the map of the sea area. In fact, it was not for her, but for Weina.

"How about it?"

After waiting for a while, she made a sound and asked Wei Na.


Weina thought for a while before nodding.

"The range that I can sense is now expanded, and I am 90% sure that I want to avoid these sea monsters precisely," he said.

"That's fine."

After listening to his words, An Jiuyue knew something.

"Jiyun, just follow your suggestion and walk in a straight line. If you encounter sea monsters, I will notify you in advance."

It's not that she has to follow this dangerous route, but that she can't afford to delay. She can control the poison on Xiang Qiyan's body, but no one knows if there will be an accident.

Even she can't tell, this kind of control method can't be used all the time.

What's more, I don't know when I will be able to find the core of the cold soul. If I reach the stinging poison sea area, it will take a while to find the core of the cold soul?

"Are you really here?" Zhan Beiye looked at the two in disbelief.

Looking at their calm faces, they don't look like people who want to take risks at all, but choosing this straight route is the most adventurous.

"The king of Qianjun, the princess of the county, and the sea monsters at the bottom of the sea are all very powerful. If we really meet..." One of the guards heard their words and wanted to persuade.

"Your lord can't afford it."

An Jiuyue's words successfully interrupted the guard's words.

It's okay for them to sacrifice their lives for the lord, but they are still hesitant. They can fight with their lives, but the lord, he is also on this ship.

"If there is no certainty, we will not make such a decision." Qian Jiyun looked at them with deep eyes and said.

"Put away the map of the sea area, tell the boatman to follow the straight line, and follow the instructions. Every half hour, come to my cabin to get news."

"Yes, King Qianjun."

Sutang had no choice but to answer.

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