Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability - Chapter 1628 What to do? you take care?

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For the sake of the lord, they had to fight hard. Fortunately, the strong men in the dark guards he explained are almost here. As long as they come, everything is easy to say. Even if they encounter sea monsters, they can also fight for one fight.

He took the map of the sea area and left with the guards.

"Jiyun, Jiuyue, are you really sure?" Zhan Beiye looked at the two of them and asked worriedly.

He has no objection to follow them through life and death, but it's always bad to die under the mouths of monsters for nothing, right? He felt that they had to be more cautious.

"Don't worry, just wait for the battle."

Qian Jiyun raised his hand, patted his shoulder, and said solemnly.

Zhan Beiye: "!!"

Let him feel at ease for a while, and let him wait for the battle for a while, what does it mean, just say that they will encounter sea monsters?

He glared at Qian Jiyun, threw off his hand, turned around and left.

"I went back to rest, nourish, fine, store, sharp!"


An Jiuyue couldn't help laughing as she watched the back of his leaving.

"I'll take you back to rest. What do you want to eat, I'll cook it for you." Qian Jiyun picked her up and asked her softly as she walked.

"I still have some chestnuts over there, cook them for me."

An Jiuyue thought for a while, knowing that there were a lot of chestnuts in her space, she suggested.

"I'll make you a chestnut bacon rice with clam and egg soup?" Qian Jiyun asked.

"it is good."

An Jiuyue nodded immediately.

Brother Zheng and the others listened to the conversation between the two and closed their eyes.

I really feel that Gu Qingyu is courting death. With the appearance of this man doting on his wife, even if she is an immortal, she can't get involved. She is still out there alone.

He finally understood that Qian Jiyun didn't hoist her to the stern because Gu Qingyu stepped on his bottom line.

It was because he didn't want that woman to misunderstand, and he directly explained the misunderstanding in this way, proving that he was not interested in her woman at all.

From this, it can be seen that this man really has no affection for their companions along the way.

Forget it, they were also on the same road with Qian Jiyun and his group in order to be able to go to the Sting Poison Sea Area.

"Senior Brother Zheng, do we really care about Junior Sister Qingyu?" A junior brother lowered his voice and asked him.

"How do you manage it? Are you going to manage it?"

Brother Zheng turned his head, glanced at him, and asked back.


The younger brother was choked.

"Or, to argue with them? Do we have that ability? That person is a single person, and he killed all the murders of so many sects. How many rounds can we hold on under his hands? "

Brother Zheng asked him again.

In other words, they have nothing to say to people who have no friendship. If they can't see it, they will ignore it. If they mess with them, they will be beaten directly. What a normal thing.

"That Junior Sister Qingyu..."

"Don't mention her to me."

She was thrown into the sea twice, and she didn't know how to restrain herself. How would she want others to take her? Do you make offerings like your ancestors?

"She can only show off her power in the division. In other places, she is nothing."

Gu Qingyu's grandfather is the great elder of their division, so they are the brothers and sisters who take care of her. If not, who cares who she is.

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