Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack - Chapter 558 - Removing The Proof

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Chapter 558: Removing The Proof

“You…” Feng Dongkai was speechless.

It took him a few seconds to force out a short response. “You’re ugly!”

If this had been in the past, Liu Li would definitely have expressed his agreement.

However, ever since he saw Fang Xinxin’s stunning beauty, even when he recalled it right now, he found himself to be thoroughly charmed.

“Stupid. Is it worth discussing physical appearances among gentlemen?” Liu Li felt the need to stand up for his boss’s fiancée.

The moment he spoke up, however, he recalled the way he always used to point out her appearance in the past. He immediately felt a little silly. His cheeks undoubtedly hurt from his own attack. He could almost imagine a group of crows flying above his head…

The moment Liu Li appeared, Feng Dongkai had guessed that he was Bai Qinghao’s bodyguard.

Bai Qinghao was powerful and influential. Even if this was only one of his subordinates, it wasn’t appropriate to offend him.

Thus, he only gritted his teeth in response to Liu Li’s words.

Sun Jiamu, however, was very disappointed.

She raised her voice and criticised him sternly. “Mr. Feng, you’ve gone too far. You actually dared to say that my Xinxin is ugly. How could you judge a book by its cover? It’s not as if you’re especially handsome yourself. I had thought that you were a refined man. Bullshit!”

Feng Dongkai did not expect her to care so deeply for Fang Xinxin. He was both angered and frustrated. “Mumu, I…”

Fang Xinxin’s heart felt very warm from her good friend’s protection.

She handed the file to Sun Jiamu. “My dear, take a look at this yourself. I asked Bai Qinghao to help me retrieve Feng Dongkai’s case file. Previously, one of his ex-girlfriend sued him for abusing her and ruining her chances at conception. At the time, Feng Dongkai had intended to enter politics after his graduation. It isn’t that he doesn’t have any interests in politics, but that he has a criminal record and has no choice but to work in business. He even dared to openly lie that he wasn’t interested in politics.”

Sun Jiamu received the file and quickly read through the documents inside. She then glared at Feng Dongkai. “You actually have serious, abusive tendencies!”

Feng Dongkai’s complexion was especially pale and poor. “Mumu, listen to me. That was a mistake I committed in my youth. The reason I harmed Wen Shiming was because she cheated on me and I became too angry…”

“It is clearly mentioned here…” Sun Jiamu pointed out. “You abused her on many, separate occasions! You committed a crime!”

“I’ve already turned over a new leaf…”

Fang Xinxin reminded her. “Jiamu, the file also contains documentation of all of Feng Dongkai’s ex-girlfriends’ past injuries and hospital records. All of them were threatened by the Feng family to the point where they were too frightened to speak about this. However, it’s undeniable that they visited the doctor for their injuries.”

“How can you prove that I was the one who injured them?” Feng Dongkai trembled in anger. “Fang Xinxin, don’t slander me!”

“All of them were born in good families and were injured in the period that they were with you. If you weren’t the person who hurt them, could it be that they all inflicted injuries on themselves? Besides, several of them have already admitted that you’re an abusive pervert. Do you want me to bring them out for you to hear their statements? Your Feng family may be powerful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t conceal everything forever.”

Feng Dongkai’s complexion became especially poor. He saw that a crowd was gathering around them and knew that it would be disadvantageous to himself if he continued causing a commotion.

He wanted to argue his way out of this but knew that with Bai Qinghao’s interference, there was no way he could win.

He lost his courage and immediately wanted to escape.

But Liu Li held his arm firmly. “This matter isn’t settled yet. Mr. Feng, there’s no need to rush to leave.”

Feng Dongkai’s complexion was nearly turning green. “I have urgent matters to deal with.”

“A few minutes won’t make much difference.”

Liu Li brought his phone out and tapped on a video before handing it over to Sun Jiamu. “Miss Sun, please take a look at this.”

In the video, Feng Dongkai rushed down the Sun family’s villa stairs. He then picked up the cup and washed it hurriedly, before returning to the second floor as though nothing had happened.

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