Rebirth to 90s: The Heroine of the Salted Fish Quit Her Job - Chapter 746 battle of genius

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   Chapter 746 The Battle of Geniuses

   It's no wonder that the dean is so angry, if it were him, he would not only be angry, but now he would spit at Lao Yu's old face.

   But he couldn't say it, he was an old friend with Mr. Yu, and Yu Man was also sent to the hospital by him, and the person who put it in by himself, even if he cried, he had to protect him to the end.

   "It's just a play between children, don't take it to heart."

When the dean was out of anger and scolded enough, the leader persuaded him, "You see that Liu Liang doesn't care about herself, what do you care about? When she finds you, you will arrange for her. A bigger, more spacious office."

   The dean also thought that with Liu Liang's previous temper, she had already come to trouble him, but three days had passed, and she was still able to hold her breath.

   But it is because of this kind of indifference that the Dean feels a little unreal.

   They all said that there must be demons in the abnormal, and he was a little scared.

  Liu Liang is not a person who needs to endure at all. This time, the tolerance is a bit too strange.

   The leader over there was still talking for Yu Man, but the dean's heart did not relax at all, instead it became heavier.

"Leader," the dean is very reluctant to say this, but there are some things that need to be made clear now, "I will do as you say about this matter, but if something happens, it is none of my business. Take full responsibility."

   And the leader over there couldn't help but groan for a while, and then he felt that he was thinking too much, but even if the office was occupied, there was nothing to do, and it was enough to arrange a new room.

   Liu Liang couldn't leave the hospital anyway.

Thinking of this, he was happily fighting with the dean, haha. He also secretly asked the dean to take care of Yu Man. After all, his friend's granddaughter was also brought up by him. Kind of unreasonable.

   The dean agreed, okay, he will take care of him, he will take care of him completely, that one can do whatever he wants, leave as he wants, come as he wants, he doesn't care at all, right?

   "Dr. Yu's surgery was very successful!" A doctor followed Yu Man, his eyes were bright, and his heart was also excited.

   "Also said Liu Liang is a genius. I think the real genius is Dr. Yu. The operation just now was like a textbook. I don't know when I will be able to complete it independently?"

"As long as you work hard, you should be able to do it soon." Although the praised Yu Man said nothing on the face, she could tell from the corner of her mouth that she was very proud at this time, and of course it was for herself. The surgical procedure was very satisfactory.

   She did not know how many times she had performed such an operation abroad, and she could be said to be very skilled. As for Liu Liang, she had not seen it before, and she does not have it now.

   But she occupied her office, and she didn't see her making a fuss. It's been a few days, and she's still being a man with her tail between her legs.

She believes that in the near future, she will be able to gain a firm foothold in this hospital. In the future, this will be her world. With these hands and her superb medical skills, she wants to win an international award. It's also a breeze.

   Even someone from an ordinary family like that pretty can win an international award. Come to think of it, this international award shouldn't be too difficult for her.

  Her mentor once said that in a few years, the international award must be her name.

   And she is also waiting for that day.

   Listening to the compliments and envy of the people around her, the higher the corners of her mouth were raised, of course it was very useful.

   "Listen to what they have to say?"

  Dr. Luo came out from the side and touched her arm involuntarily. She had goosebumps all over her body. She had seen a flatterer, and she had never seen such a shameless auction.

A three-hour operation was completed and successful. It can only be said that the ability is here, but this kind of performance is even compared with Liu Liang. Liu Liang is the most frightening, not that she did it in a short time. The operation that can be done is based on her knowledge of the human body and her hands with terrible hand speed.

   Believe her, if that operation is left to Liu Liang, then at least Liu Liang can use it for three hours.

  Liu Liang leaned against the wall behind her, her eyes drooping down slightly.

   This man, he still can't float, he will fly if he floats too much.

"Let's go."

Liu Liang didn't have the time to listen to other people's corners. To reiterate, those two people were blind, one with their chin toward the sky and the other with their heads toward the ground. It was obvious that the two of them were living here, but they were born out of nowhere, so no one could see them. arrive.

If you speak ill of people, you will speak ill of others. Who doesn't talk about things behind others' backs. If there is none, it proves that this person's life is too boring. You can talk about things, but can you look around? Is there someone, is there someone they say?

   "You don't care?"

   Dr. Luo laughed angrily, but Liu Liang had no expression at all. It didn't look like Liu Liang's temperament.

  Those who can endure so much have become Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

   "What do I care about them?"

  Liu Liang lazily stood up straight, "My mouth is on other people's bodies, so I can't always use needles to sew. Freedom of speech is a citizen's right, and I'm not a policeman, so I don't care whether people can speak or not."

   "There seems to be nothing wrong with that."

   And Liu Liang said it so well, Dr. Luo was at a loss for words.

   After returning to Dr. Luo's desk, Liu Liang may have been here for a long time, and she has become familiar with these people.

   She greeted them as usual, and then walked to Dr. Luo's desk, occupying half of it again. Anyway, as long as she was not embarrassed, it was others who were embarrassed.

   "What's wrong with Dr. Liu, has the halo of genius gone?"

   "I think so too," another doctor whispered to his colleague, asking who has the most gossip right now, of course Liu Liang.

  The battle between the old and the new genius finally started to make the hospital bloody.

   "Dr. Yu heard that she is a top student from abroad, and her family is from a medical family. Haven't you seen the few surgeries performed by her? It's like a textbook."

   "It's no wonder, she's so beautiful and her family background is good, this is simply God's darling."

"Yeah, yeah," another person echoed, "Have you seen the car she drives? That car is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. For these alone, we Dr. Liu are afraid that we can't really compare with others. ."

   This one tsk, that one tsk, it seems that they all discovered the secret of heaven. There are not many people in this world who give away charcoal in the snow, but there are always many people who fall into the trap.

   (end of this chapter)

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