Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1541 - You Have Experience in Fighting

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Chapter 1541: You Have Experience in Fighting

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Fighting had always been a matter of speed. Whoever beat the other party first would be victorious.

However, fighting was a civil action. If you hit me with your fist, I will hit you with my fist.

Any fight was serious and illegal. It was determined based on the severity of the situation. There was a certain punishment and a penalty.

It was illegal to fight with a weapon.

Ye Jian and the rest were defending themselves. They didn’t even know how to retaliate when they got hit. They were waiting to get beaten up..

The other party had a certain amount of experience in fighting, so they decided to take turns fighting Ye Jian and the rest. The young man who stopped Ye Jian sneered and said, “It’s your turn. The brothers outside can’t squeeze in. Be careful not to hurt your own people.”

Ye Jian said to Xu Wen, “Be bold and fight. We are defending ourselves. Don’t be restrained. Before I came, I told the instructor that you were in trouble.”

“How did the instructor react?” Xu Wen rubbed her wrist. She was a delicate girl, but there was a murderous look on her face now. The military school was a place to transform people. No one was born to be a soldier. After transformation, training, and improvement, they grew step by step and finally became qualified soldiers.

Xu Wen belonged to this kind of military school student who grew up step by step.

There was no time to talk. The young people around them picked up their metal pipes and started fighting. “Beat them until they kneel and kowtow!”

“Brothers, don’t stand on ceremony. These people look like students. If we beat them up, they would try to hide it! If the school finds out, they will be expelled!”

Ye Jian picked up a red brick calmly and smiled at the ruthless young man. “There’s a difference between fighting and a skirmish. I’m sure you don’t want to go to the police station. As for us, we don’t want to either.”

“It’s a little dangerous to use weapons. Whoever has too much strength in their hands can blow other people’s heads off. If someone dies, it will be a life for a life. Let me suggest something. Although you are here to look for trouble, get face, and show off, why don’t you do it bare-handed?”

“I want to give you two words: cowards. You surrounded the seven of us with 23 people. Are you afraid that you won’t be able to win? You even brought weapons. Since you’re here to show off, why not show off more?”

“I like people with personality. I’ll fight eight of you at once. Let’s go to the side, and I’ll spar with them bare-handed. How about that?”

She was trying to provoke these people. If she lured eight of them, the remaining fifteen would be enough for Song Zhiqiu and the rest. Once she took care of them, she could come and support them.

The provocation was good. The gangster called Brother Hui spat on the ground and waved his hand. “Throw away the pipes in your hand. Eight people go and take care of her!”

Besides Song Zhiqiu, the rest of the students were stunned by Ye Jian’s words. They couldn’t persuade her even if they wanted to. She had already walked to the side to fight them.

Brother Cheng laughed when he saw this. He waved the steel pipe in his hand and rushed forward.

The steel pipe aimed at Song Zhiqiu. Wu Bingcheng, who was standing at the side, shouted, “Be careful!” He raised his hand and wanted to grab the steel pipe.

Song Zhiqiu reacted quickly. He grabbed his opponent’s wrist and threw the steel pipe into his hand. Then, he raised his leg and kicked his opponent’s lower abdomen.

He said to Wu Bingcheng, “Kick him!” He had fighting experience!

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