Spoiler For The Multiverse: The Start of the Live Broadcast of Marvel - Chapter 293 New Peter can dance too, it's time to start a mind tour

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   Chapter 293 New Peter can dance too, it's time to start the mind game

   Ebony Maw and the others immediately bowed and ordered to leave, leaving Thanos, who still had a slight green light in his eyes, sitting on the spot, with an intriguing expression on his face.

Everyone in the live broadcast room was also very unhappy with Thanos' rush to answer and intercept Hu, and Tony and Mage Mordo were even more directly scolded, but Thor asked with a confused look: "Wait a minute. , does that mean the answer is over?"

   Black Widow gave Thor a pity, tilted her head and reminded: "Yes, Your Highness Thor, your showtime is about to start!"


  Tolton let out a heart-piercing scream, but his scream was only halfway through, and he disappeared directly from the Archangel battleship and appeared in the live broadcast room.

Tony and the others, who were standing in the live broadcast room, were stunned when they saw Thor's appearance, but then they realized what was going to happen next, and they suddenly showed strange smiles on their faces. What's more, for example, in front of the screen Reed Richards even waved to Ben to step up and move the DV machine that usually recorded his experiments.

   After entering the live broadcast room, Thor's face suddenly became more ugly, and he shouted angrily: "Sheet, you can't treat me like this, I'm a god, you have to save me some face..."

Strange touched the stubble on his chin and let out a hey hey laugh: "This system seems to have never saved you face, I remember the last time you were on Earth, you failed to answer the question, and the system even played a special broadcast. Here comes your punishment for being struck by lightning..."

  Tony touched his body at this time, took out a mobile phone from the inner pocket of his suit, opened it and pointed it at Thor: "Okay man, time waits for no one, why don't you start dancing as soon as possible!"

   "Go away~ I'm the prince of Asgard, I can't lose the image of God's Domain..."

  Thor, the **** of thunder, was still chattering, trying to fight, but because it took too long, the system seemed to have lost patience.

  【"It has been detected that the punished person is trying to delay time, and the punishment is now enforced!"]

   The voice of the system just fell, and Tolton, who was still roaring in the live broadcast room, changed his expression. He suddenly stood up straight, and the expression on his face softened, as if he had changed.

   "Hey, I'm lying to you, but it's useless, I'm throwing you on the street!"

   "Thor" whispered something, and then began to twist his body... (Dance of the Journey to the West)


Looking at Thor's dancing, the extraordinary Peter suddenly turned to look at the new Peter and the little spider beside him, scratching his head with a puzzled face: "Why do I think, this Mr. Thor's dancing looks like a What about the monkey?"

New Peter raised his body a little back, and said with an uncertain expression on his face: "His enforcement, it feels like he suddenly sent a soul, squeezed into Thor's body, and manipulated him... ...Hey, I suddenly thought that what if I was also manipulated into dancing like this..."

   He patted his chest: "I feel sick just thinking about it!"


From the shoulders of the extraordinary Peter, the head of Venom suddenly stretched out, and its anthropomorphic face showed an incredible look, and said disdainfully: "Are you sure? When I was possessed by your body, you danced and danced. better than him!"

   "Huh?" New Peter opened his mouth wide and pointed at himself speechlessly: "Me? Do this kind of dance?"

Venom nodded affirmatively, and then twisted his neck up and down a few times, making a dance movement, and seeing its movement, Wolverine, who was out of breath with laughter, suddenly raised his finger again. , pointed to the new Peter and shouted: "I can't see it, boy, so you are also a dancing genius."

  Tony also walked to New Peter's side at this time, his mobile phone was still pointed at Thor, and he joked to New Peter: "So, why don't you come and show off your dance next time?"

  New Peter waved his hands again and again: "No, no, no, I can't do this."

"Tor"'s dance actually ended very quickly, and even after the dance, "Tor" still showed an unfinished expression on his face, but before he had time to speak, the control of his body returned to Thor. hands.

   "Damn system, you wait for me..."

  Thunderbolt appeared on Tolton's body when he came back to his senses, and automatically attracted the clothes that "he" took off to his body, and then lightning flashed all over his body, ready to splash in the live broadcast room.

  Faced with his act of releasing lightning, the system simply shot out a five-meter-thick thunderbolt from the distance in the white space, blasting Thor into ashes and sending it out of the live broadcast room.

   And the power of that thunderbolt was too strong. While splitting Thor back from the live broadcast room, it also destroyed all the surrounding electronic devices, such as the mobile phones in some people's hands.

  Tony silently looked at the mobile phone with sparks in his hand, and sighed with twitches at the corners of his mouth: "Tsk, I thought I could leave Thor's dark history behind!"

Thor, who was split out of the live broadcast room, fell into the dining room of the Archangel again. He twitched with a charred body. Before he had time to spare his strength to continue scolding the system, he heard Tony Stark's rant. Suddenly, he didn't take a breath, and fainted.

At this moment, Mage Mordu looked at the DV in his hand awkwardly, and then looked at Thor who seemed to have passed out. He looked helplessly at the other agents around him: "Speaking of which, Thor looks so miserable, let's dance him. It was recorded, shouldn't I tell him first?"

Jarvis came over with a tray of tea at this time, distributed it to everyone present, then put away the tray, stood aside like a waiter, and replied to Mage Mordo: "According to the current situation, When Mr. Thor wakes up and learns that you have a video of his shame in your hands, there is a 92% chance that he will seek revenge on you alone!"

   Phil Coulson asked curiously: "Huh? Then why is there an 8% chance of not seeking revenge?"

Jarvis shook his head: "It's not that he doesn't seek revenge, but there is a 7% probability that he will return to Asgard and ask his younger brother Loki to take action... As for the probability of not seeking revenge, it may only be 1%. !"


  【The video continues to play】

[After Kuaiyin was knocked down, Wanda began to act. She hid in the corner and took the lead in unleashing her mind-bewitching superpower against Thor, and then took advantage of the fact that Captain America was knocked away by Kuaiyin who got up at a high speed. He also used the same technique to cast his mind power on him. Immediately afterwards, the exhausted Black Widow was also hit by the red light group and fell into a trance. 】

  【Hawkeye standing on the second floor shoots a pulse arrow, clearing all the enemies in the cabin. 】

  [And at this moment, Wanda Maximoff also walked slowly behind him, with a red light condensed between his fingers, ready to attack him from behind. 】

   (end of this chapter)

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