Starting From the Dragon Clan To Penetrate the World - v2 Chapter 752 : Dilu, the invincible pioneer

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Everyone was drinking until dawn, and in the end, the little girl was completely drunk and shouted to go out to find Wang Teng to settle accounts and beat him to scum.

Lu Chen just smiled and said that when she breaks through two more realms, she can find it by herself. Wang Teng is no longer in his eyes, and he will leave it to his apprentices to practice.

The **** dog cried and laughed, constantly muttering about the Great Emperor, saying that he was so strong, how could he die of old age?

"If the holy sons who came to propose marriage saw this scene, I don't know how disillusioned it would be."

Jiang Yifei drank and sighed, looking not far away, he was stepping on the table with one foot, his slender legs were exposed, and a blushing Jiang Yan was on his delicate face, shouting to blow Wang Teng's eggs.

Ye Tong also covered her face and sighed. She glanced at Lu Chen and wanted to know how her sister was raised when she was a child.

Lu Chen also felt weird, and turned his attention to the **** dog again, wondering how the other party brought up his wife.

The **** dog looked blank, "It's none of the emperor's business..."

After speaking, it fell down, indicating that it would not take the blame, and fell asleep.

After the banquet was over, Ye Tong wanted to take her crazy sister back, but Jiang Tan shouted again to suppress her younger brother. In the end, Jiang Yifei took action and grabbed Jiang Tan to prepare to go back to Jiang's house.

Before leaving, Jiang Yifei also invited Lu Chen, saying that the Jiang family would always open the door to him, but Lu Chen politely declined, only saying that he would stay at the Jiang family for a while.

The deceased went back to their respective homes. Lu Chen returned to the village of heaven with the **** dog. The storm dissipated. He was ready to meditate for a while before stepping into the imperial road.


Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, half a year has passed.

During this time, Lu Chen was idle and bored, so he walked among the mountains and rivers with the **** dog and Duan De, and carried out several archaeological work.

Now that the sage is gone, he is truly invincible in the world. The emperor may be able to compete with him in the future, but it is not enough right now.

After the battle between the Huo Qizi and the others, they returned to their respective forces and could not retreat. There were also rumors that they had embarked on an extraterritorial road.

Lu Chen gathered with the old people for a while, then went to Jiang's house to visit Jiang Kun and his wife, and finally returned to the village of heaven and told the **** dog that he was going to leave.

The **** dog was not surprised by this. It had long known that Big Brother Lu was a fighting maniac, and felt that he would definitely leave without an opponent.

It activated the chessboard pattern and teleported Lu Chen to the Qishi Mansion in Zhongzhou. Over the years, its teleportation became more and more accurate.

After arriving at Qi Shi Mansion, an old sweeper in front of the mountain gate stopped and looked at Lu Chen, "You are finally here."

"May I ask who is the senior?"

Lu Chen salutes.

"The old man is the previous Palace Master of the Qishi Mansion. I waited for you to come here more than 20 years ago, but you left."

The old mansion master said, leading Lu Chen into the Qishi Mansion.

"Junior Lu Chen, I'm here to inquire about the way to go outside the territory."

Lu Chen said humbly, and the **** dog has already begun to wander around the Qishi Mansion, which made many young geniuses very afraid to see it. Obviously, this dog's reputation is not good.

The old mansion master explained to Lu Chen about the Human Race Emperor Road, "You are invincible in the same generation as Beidou, but if you want to prove the Dao, you must decide the victory or defeat with the heavenly arrogance under the entire starry sky. , at the end, there are heroes of other races, you have to defeat them one by one before you can return."

He gave Lu Chen an example of Ye Fan again, saying that during the ancient years, several desolate sacred bodies went outside the realm, but only a few people came back.

But as long as they come back alive, they will shock an era.

The old mansion master said that as early as when Lu Chen was in the limelight, he wanted him to come to Qishi Mansion to develop, but he did not expect that Lu Chen was only a flash in the pan, and in less than a year, he died in the calamity. Now Lu Chen When he returned, he naturally wanted to lead him into the ancient road.

"You think about it, you can come to me after saying goodbye to the old man."

The old mansion master was saying goodbye to Lu Chen and his friends.

"In a month, I will come to see the seniors."

Lu Chen saluted and thanked him, he really needed more battles to sharpen himself.


"What! Master, you are leaving!? Didn't you just come back!"

Jiang Yan was very reluctant to hear Lu Chen's words.

Lu Chen sat by the pool and looked at the Jiang family's landscape, "Only fighting can make a person grow continuously. You have done a good job these years, and your master can't stand still. Now the Beidou generation has no People can fight me."

Jiang Tan's beautiful eyes turned brightly, "Master, I'm going too!"

Lu Chen raised his hand, Jiang Yan closed his eyes subconsciously, and his fingers flicked his apprentice's white forehead, "After you are invincible under the saint, come back to me."

Jiang Tan was furious, but did not dare to go against her master's words, so she could only agree and swear in her heart that she would be the first to attack Wang Teng.

After that, Lu Chen stayed in Jiang's house for a while, and talked with old friends in various places in Beidou. When he came to Taixuanmen, he met old man Li Ruoyu.

"Senior, I'm about to leave Beidou, but there is still something for the junior to do?"

Lu Chen saluted and said that he had promised to help Taixuanmen to do three things back then, and he had hinted at Hua Yunfei, but in the end he just disappeared without doing anything, and felt ashamed in his heart.

"Go your own way, everyone has their own fate."

Li Ruoyu's voice came from the cave, "Let's go, soar in the starry sky."

Lu Chen saluted and resigned. Now that there is a saint in Taixuanmen, he really doesn't need him.

It's just that when Li Ruoyu let go of the Fa, he still remembers it in his heart.

He left Taixuan and went to the small world of the Qingjiao King. Now that the Qingjiao King has sat down, this place is in charge of the Qingyi brother.

The Peacock King and the Chilong Daoist met Lu Chen, and finally talked about Yan Ruyu. The two said that she had embarked on the ancient road of the Yaozu, and there would be a day of goodbye in the future.

To Lu Chen's surprise, he saw a man who should have been damned here, King Golden-winged Xiaopeng.

King Golden-winged Xiaopeng is only entering the Dao Slashing realm for the first time, but his combat power in the same realm is stronger than in the past, and he is very emotional to see Lu Chen again.

After asking about his experience, he found out that King Golden-winged Xiaopeng lost to Ye Fan and entered the secret realm set up by the ancient heavenly demon and the ancient sage.

Having said this, King Golden Winged Xiaopeng also expressed his gratitude to Lu Chen, "Now that I think about it, it was the first defeat that year, to Brother Lu, that made me know what it is to be strong. I recalled Brother Lu several times in the secret realm. The invincible meaning of it, I slowly broke out."

Lu Chen didn't expect that there would be such a reason. This staunch demon clan's arrogance, gradually passed the level, and finally escaped without dying.

Today's golden-winged Xiaopeng Wang faintly touches the eight forbidden areas. Although the realm has been pulled down, he may not be able to step into the imperial road if he works hard in the future.

The two talked happily over the wine and talked about the past more than 20 years ago, and they were also quite emotional.

Xiaopeng Wang mentioned Yan Ruyu and said that Yan Ruyu would never look for a new owner of Qingdi's heart again, thinking that the heart was "unlucky"

Or maybe he had expected that Lu Chen was not dead, and still kept it for him.

But to this day, it is useless to say these things. Before Yan Ruyu stepped on the road of God, he was already in the fifth heaven of slaying the Dao. Maybe it would not take many years before he could become holy, and he no longer needed to rely on that ancient method.

The world has changed, cultivation is easier than before, and those who were not able to become saints in the past have hope.

At the end of the last month, Lu Chen came to Qishi Mansion, and the **** dog and others came to see him off.

"Master, wait for me, I will go to Dilu to find you!"

Jiang Yan shouted, she didn't expect to be separated again after only half a year of reunion.

Lu Chen followed the old Palace Master away, just waved his hand and said nothing.

What he should say, he has told everyone this month.

Under the guidance of the old mansion master, he took him to a five-color altar, which is the starting point of the ancient road of the human race.

"After entering the ancient road, guard against arrogance and impatience. You need to know that there are countless arrogances under the Xinghai, and the invincibility of the Big Dipper does not mean that you are invincible. I hope you can come back alive."

The old mansion master taught to activate the five-color altar.

With a ray of light rising, Lu Chen's figure disappeared.


At a certain node in the ancient road of the human race, a man in purple slaughtered the heroes, smashing across the sky, killing three of the eight forbidden talents in a row.

Many Tianjiao shuddered, "Is he going to be invincible!? No one can really stop his power!?"

"Luo Hongchen, which life source star came out of? It is rumored that even the emperor is not his opponent."

A human race arrogant exclaimed that he and Luo Hongchen were both saints in the fifth heaven, but he didn't even dare to rise to the heart of the battle.

"No, in the second half of the ancient road, there are several Tianjiao who should have been stronger than him in the early years, such as Ditian, Qingshi, Guhuang, who is not astonishing and brilliant, and now the realm is unfathomable, rumors are going to become A generation of holy kings!"

Some people retorted, thinking that although Luo Hongchen is strong, it is not really invincible. Even in the same realm, there are people who can suppress him.

"Let's not talk about the Tianjiao on the road of Ditian, let's just say that Yin Tiande, who has risen in recent years, has a strange Taoism, and when he displays the three qualities of one gas, no one in the same realm can stop him."

Some people discuss the rise of this year and think that Yin Tiande is the most terrifying enemy.

In the starry sky, Luo Hongchen, dressed in purple, fought to the point of madness, and smashed a Tianjiao force from the same realm. At the same time, a folding fan flew out of his sea of ​​​​wheels. 's head fell.

These are the followers of the genius who besieged him. He never knew the word mercy when killing people.

After the folding fan returned, the blood seemed to infiltrate continuously, and the source blood was being swallowed, making it grow into a more terrifying holy soldier.

After practicing in this world for more than 30 years, his strength has grown to a terrifying level.

In five years, he switched to the cultivation method, re-condensed his mana, cultivated to the realm of a saint, and completely became a combat power above the sixth rank.

Fifteen years later, he stabilized the Dao foundation and did not advance an inch, but made him truly stand in the field of the Eight Forbiddens, and was invincible in his generation.

Even in the realm of saints, his cultivation speed has not slowed down in the slightest. It is almost a small realm every two or three years. In the realm of saints, the speed of cultivation is terrifying, which makes many geniuses puzzled.

Not to mention the Dao Slashing Realm, when a cultivator enters the Saint Realm, it usually takes seven or eight years to reach a small realm, and it takes several decades to move forward. How could it be possible to cultivate so fast?

Many Tianjiao are discussing what kind of physique Luo Hongchen is. Not only is the power of bloodline powerful, but his body is unmatched, but also close to the avenue, there is a faint flow of Hongmeng aura, and the speed of cultivation is even more incomprehensible.

Therefore, some people believe that even Ditian's people will gradually be caught up and surpassed by Luo Hongchen with the development of time.

The corpse of the enemy was flying in the stars, and the red dust stood in the sea of ​​​​stars, looking at the Big Dipper, and a pair of star-like eyes flickered.

My time is almost up, haven't you hit the road yet?

He was actually very curious about the pioneer of the origin space.

A person like him naturally has a certain arrogance in his heart, and he wants to know which side the two of them have gained more in this world.

"There are still six years... It should be enough, the new qualifications have been obtained."

Luo Hongchen muttered to himself silently, stepping into the ancient road under the awe-inspiring eyes of all the arrogances, and walked forward halfway.


The ancient road is lonely. Inserted from a branch road, Lu Chen walked alone in the cosmic starry sky for three years.

It has been thirty-three years since he came to this world, and now in Zhetian World, the only remaining explorers should be him and Luo Hongchen.

I have to say that he is very interested in Luo Hongchen, who is also a pioneer, but the difference between the two was a whole big step before, but now I don't know if the gap has shortened.

According to Luoshen's statement, her brother had been rehabilitated to become a saint in five years. Lu Chen compared himself with himself and wondered whether Luo Hongchen would have reached the saint king at this time, right?

He shook his head, thinking about this was useless, and the other party would not fight against his own border. It was not realistic to want to catch up with the other party and fight during this journey.

After three years of lonely journey, he finally saw a source of life again.

Eternal Star Territory, this is an ancient star that combines technology and cultivation. The special product is the ultimate evolution fluid, which can continuously temper its own treasure.

The road is long, always lonely, lonely and boring.

Unlike Ye Fan, Lu Chen's journey is a wonderful journey, and he can encounter major events wherever he goes, some of which are just plain.

In the past three years, he stood in the Eighth Heaven of Slashing Dao, which is equivalent to a year and a half to advance to the first rank. The speed is astonishingly fast, far exceeding the cultivation speed of the original book Ye Fan. UU reading www.

Lu Chen remembered that after Ye Fan left the Big Dipper, it took him more than ten years to cultivate to perfection. According to his current progress, it is estimated that within two years, he would be able to become a fairy and go to the realm of a pilgrim.

Coming to this source of life, Lu Chen is very low-key. Strictly speaking, this place is not officially entering the ancient road of the human race. The first pass is a long way to go.

But when you enter the imperial pass, you are basically the arrogance of the saints. Before entering the pass, you must complete your own way and become a saint against the sky.

Eternal Star Territory is a good place, because there is a gladiatorial arena here, you can fight with the arrogance before entering the emperor road, and you can get evolution fluid if you keep winning, which may be good for your physique.

When Lu Chen landed on the eternal ancient star, it was already midnight, but it was brightly lit, more modern than modern society, and the various high-tech buildings were dizzying.

Standing in front of the big arena, he looked at the big screen. In the swirling light and shadow, there was a man like a demon god, with the words "99 consecutive victories!"

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