Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1158 - Harvest, a Plot, and Normal Behavior

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Chapter 1158: Harvest, a Plot, and Normal Behavior

He had only obtained 500 experience and credit points for stopping the ninjas from taking the kids away.

Selina and Matt had also helped out, but it was better than nothing.

The “big boss” was still Yoshitake Shin and his dozen or so men. Now, the host’s experience was 95,000 / 500,000.

Credit: 391,000

These new Hand ninjas were all strange. As long as they weren’t completely killed, experience and credit points from them wouldn’t appear.

These ninjas in black who raided the hospital had been overflowing with murderous intent when they attacked; each of them had definitely killed more than just one or two people, but there had been no experience and credit points from these 40 or so people.

However, this attack on Metro General wasn’t like the riverside attack on Matt.

There had only been eight ninjas then, while there were more than 40 here.

There had been practically no eyewitnesses at the river last time. This time, there were at least dozens of eyewitnesses in the hospital and surveillance footage.

Everyone at the river back then had died, so it was easy to keep things under wraps.

The 40 ninjas in the hospital were crippled but alive.

Even if no information could be pried out of them, there was no way to hide their numbers.

Also, Batman had stopped them. Batman had personally said that they were the masterminds behind the kidnapping and abuse of more than ten kids.

In a situation like this, the Hand would need to mobilize enough power if they wanted to cover up the truth.

The bigger their movements, the more exposed the Hand would be.

If this wasn’t covered up, Homeland Security and the FBI would come after them.

After all, more than 40 ninjas charging into the hospital looked like a terrorist attack.

Terrorist attacks were under Homeland Security’s jurisdiction, and the FBI had the right to investigate serious criminal offenses.

This was an open trap.

Unless the Hand stopped operations, it would only become more and more troublesome for them.

If there were smart people in the Hand, the best solution was to immediately cut off all contact and hide for a few months.

There were a lot of cases that the FBI and Homeland Security had to pay attention to, so priority for this case would inevitably drop until it became nothing more than a record in the archive room.

But that wasn’t the point.

The point was that Luke also knew that the excavation company in Clinton was part of the Hand, and they couldn’t open the stone door down in the pit.

The Hand had gone to so much effort to dig this huge pit. Luke didn’t think they were willing to give up the secret behind the stone door.

He didn’t believe that core members of the Hand wouldn’t take the bait.

They stayed at the hospital until dawn.

Selina went straight home to catch up on sleep, and Luke went to the police department alone. He asked Dustin what happened at Metro General Hospital last night.

Naturally, it was on the news.

As long as Batman was involved, it was hard not to be on the news.

A lot of people had seen and recorded Batman and the ninjas in the hospital last night.

It was thanks to the Titanium phones once again.

These youngsters would take any chance to prove that they had been “at the scene.”

They used the hospital’s wifi to upload the videos to F2F, making other people envy and hate them as they basked in the admiration, flattery, and scolding of countless people; this was completely in line with the desire of those who wanted to be in the limelight.

The morning news was also flooded with reports of the fight between Batman and the ninjas at Metro General Hospital last night.

Batman fought a new opponent once more, but there was more to it this time.

Many paparazzi had already investigated the children who were being drained of blood, and were digging deeper.

They all had insider information. What would make Batman, who had always focused on saving people, go hard on this bunch of ninjas last night? Not only did he cut off a lot of the ninjas’ hands and feet, two of them had been killed on the spot.

This wasn’t in line with Batman’s usual practice of breaking bones at most.

There was only one record of Batman cutting off the arms of two monsters outside a hospital in Los Angeles.

Because of this, the paparazzi with sharp intuition had already sensed big news, and were working even harder to investigate.

Anyone who watched the news would know what had happened, including Dustin and Luke.

Dustin looked at him and said, “The higher-ups do want us to send someone to investigate. Are you interested?”

Luke thought for a moment, then shook his head. “Bad guys beaten up this badly by Batman probably aren’t NYPD’s business. The others can investigate if they want, but I’ll pass. Think about the two ‘people’ whose limbs were cut off by Batman in Los Angeles last time. In the end, there was no trace of them.”

Dustin nodded, deep in thought. “Alright, I’ll send a random team to handle it.”

The truth was that if they pursued the investigation, it would be hard to say if they were investigating the bad guys or Batman.

Some people in the police department seemed to want Dustin to investigate Batman more than the ninjas.

Dustin wasn’t stupid, and naturally sensed the anomaly.

If there was a chance, he wouldn’t mind kicking those guys down, but he couldn’t use their subtle hints as evidence against them, and could only half-*ss the matter for now.

After that, Luke slipped away.

Before going to work, he had pressed the button to modify the inventory’s function.

If his guess was correct, the modification would be completed by noon.

He wasn’t in a hurry.

After Batman’s massacre last night, the more normal his behavior today was, the better.

He could do some shopping in New York and buy some special food.

If it was tasty, he would remember it and use it as work snacks for the future.

If it didn’t suit his taste, he could throw it at a certain dog-headed garbage disposal unit.

Luke returned to his house in Clinton at half past eleven.

Selina had yet to get up, while Gold Nugget was already eating snacks and watching cartoons in the living room.

After watching cartoons alongside Mindy, it had started looking for them on its own.

These were perennial cartoons that could easily run for over a decade or even several decades; they were most suitable for this excessively spirited alien dog head.

When it saw Luke come back with takeout, it perked up and whined.

Luke didn’t indulge it. “There are a few more boxes downstairs. Bring them up, and we’ll start eating.”

The dog dashed off.

Luke was only carrying four big bags; compared with the boxes, there was a clear difference in amount.

It had the biggest appetite and ate the most. If it didn’t do any work, the fiend would lecture it.

Every time the fiend lectured it, it always sensed a strange light which flashed in Luke’s eyes.

It didn’t want to verify what the fiend said happened to disobedient kids.

Like high school kids who scolded forum moderators and got their accounts banned forever.

Or kids who squandered money on their phone game accounts until their credit dropped into the negatives, and the games were uninstalled and the phones were set to kid’s mode so that they could only call and text.

A certain dog head who was highly addicted to the Internet and dramas didn’t want anything like that to happen to it.

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