Super Shinto Lord - Chapter 1512 Lord of Mora

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Yu Guihai called out the invisible interface, and the progress of Hunyuan Dao Jue was greatly accelerated. Now there are only 19,438 upgrade points left, which has reduced the need for more than 150,000 upgrade points.

And these reduced upgrade points are brought about by comprehension of Hu Lingjie's exercises, and the effect is terrifying.

It only took him ten years to comprehend the Hu Lingjie exercises, and he consumed more than 3,600 upgrade points, but he saved more than 150,000 upgrade points. This exchange is really worth it.

Now, there are only 20,000 upgrade points left in the Hunyuan Dao Jue Da Luo chapter to complete the deduction. At that time, he can be directly promoted to Da Luo Realm. In this way, his strength can be greatly increased.

This small 20,000 upgrade point requirement can actually be reduced by a part of him through his own comprehension and deduction. However, for the deduction of the Daluo chapter of Hunyuan Dao Jue, his personal comprehension effect is minimal.

Because this kind of deduction is a creation from scratch, and the exercises he has learned before are all ready-made exercises, and the difficulty coefficients of the two are completely different.

Yu Guihai estimated the progress of his own deduction of the Hunyuan Dao Jue Da Luo chapter. Even if the twelve clones were released together, it would only save about one-tenth of the time. Such a little time is a drop in the bucket and doesn't make much difference.

So he decided to find another way to find another way to speed up the deduction of the Hunyuan Dao Jue Daluo chapter. And the best way is nothing more than to find a new Da Luojing practice method, so that the progress of the deduction can be greatly accelerated again.

However, it is easier said than done. It seems that the previous Da Luojing exercises were not difficult to obtain, but all of them were obtained by chance. If you want to find a new exercise, the difficulty is completely unpredictable. If all goes well, maybe it will be as easy to obtain as the previous few doors. But if it doesn't go well, it may be difficult to encounter this kind of exercise again.

After all, this piece of cosmos is a desert in the Daluo Realm, and no local Daluo Realm has been found at all. The ruins of the Daluo Realm discovered before can be judged to be left by foreign powers.

And it's really hard to say whether such foreign powerhouses still exist. Even if there are, have they left a legacy, and where are the relics they left behind? These are unknowns.

Yu Guihai thought for a while, and suddenly remembered something.

That is, he went to the fairyland area occupied by Mora before, and encountered a dark barrier. Moruo Asu once said that the dark barrier is a sign that the Lord of Mora in the Great Luo Realm may appear.

At that time, he didn't feel any aura and existence of Da Luojing, so he didn't care, calculated the data hastily, and left.

Now that I think about it, there is still the possibility of the existence of Da Luojing Moruo there. It is more reliable than other methods.

And once you really find the Lord of the Great Luojing Moruo, then if you defeat him, you can get the other party's cultivation technique. In this way, you can continue to integrate into the Hunyuan Dao Jue and advance the progress of the Daluo chapter.

Thinking of this, Yu Guihai couldn't hold back, and immediately got up and went to the area occupied by Moruo. This time, he is going to make an upheaval over there. If there really exists the Lord of Mora in the Great Luo Realm, he will definitely be forced out.

The dead star field lies quietly in the void of the universe, where there are countless stars, planets, and various stars. But all stars are dead stars.

A cold and gloomy flame emanated from the stars, and countless strange figures twisted and twisted in it, sometimes making strange and silent hisses.

There is not the slightest breath of life on the planet, the earth is dry, the mountains and rivers are twisted, the rivers are dry, the lakes and seas have turned into dark stagnant water, and even the air is full of nameless poisons. one.

Who would have thought that such a desolate and dead star field would once be part of a prosperous and powerful fairyland?

Since this place was occupied by Mora, it has turned into a place of death, and all living beings have disappeared.

But today, a strong man came here. This person looks ordinary, but his demeanor makes people feel as majestic as the sky.

This person is Yu Guihai. He didn't come here to just take a look.

"Then start here."

Yu Guihai stood in front of a star on the edge. The star seemed to be dead, but in fact, there was a terrifying secret hidden under the calm appearance.

There were all kinds of colors flickering in his eyes, and the powerful supernatural power allowed him to easily see through the obstacles of the stratum and see the situation under the earth.

Under the earth, the place that was supposed to be the source space of the world, but now there are powerful monsters one after another. The number of these monsters is too numerous to count. Their strength is also very powerful, and the strongest among them has reached the level of the Supreme Realm.

Yu Guihai turned a blind eye to these monsters, he raised his hand lightly, and suddenly there was a terrifying force that directly compressed and collapsed the planet.

The terrifying power instantly crushed the sleeping Mora monsters into pieces.

This time the squeeze is filled with ingredients, and it contains a trace of the terrifying power of Da Luojing.

Immediately, those powerful Moruo monsters could not resist this terrifying power that crossed a large level, and they all died directly.

The entire planet was turned into countless fragments, and a thick gray-black smoke erupted from the inside. These smokes were formed by the corpse of Death Moro. The thick smoke directly enveloped the original star field, showing how huge the number of Moro died.


The hair ball floating in the void beside it screamed and screamed anxiously.

Yu Guihai said a few words casually, and then let it out.

The size of the hair ball increased rapidly, and in an instant it turned into a huge tentacle monster. Its **** mouth is huge, and the star is just a small jelly bean beside its mouth. If it really eats, I am afraid it can bite off half of the galaxy in one bite.

The dense eyes on the hair ball all greedily stared at the thick gray-black smoke in front of him. Then it opened its huge mouth and took a sharp breath.

A huge whirlwind was created out of thin air, directly sucking the gray-black smoke into his mouth. In an instant, the smoke was absorbed.

The hairball returned to its original state, giggling and burping continuously, and its spirit was also very sluggish. It was obviously overwhelmed.

Yu Guihai waved his hand to put it away, a little disappointed with this little thing. This is only the corpse of the Mora monster on a planet, and it has already suffered, and the strength can't keep up with his development needs.

After complaining for a while, Yu Guihai looked at the next planet.

This planet is much smaller than the previous one, only about one-fifth of it. But the strange thing is that although this planet is also dead, there is no Mora.

He continuously observed many surrounding planets and stars, and no Mora existed.

He quickly speculated that the number of Moruo is not endless. After corroding the world, he must hide his own strength and hide in some larger specific planets, and Moruo from the entire star field will come here. , gather together. This leaves no Mara in the surrounding stars.

On the contrary, Yu Guihai was very happy to see this situation. If every planet has Mora, he will sweep all the way through, wouldn't it destroy all planets and worlds. Not only is it tiring, but it will also completely destroy this star field. And now he only needs to find some of the stars.

Yu Guihai then continued to search for other planets. Every time he found a planet or world where Mora gathered, he immediately violently destroyed it, killing all the Mora inside. He didn't waste the gray-black smoke produced after Mora's death. These things were all good pet food. Although the hairballs couldn't be eaten now, they could be collected and saved for later.

Yu Guihai specially used a special cave treasure to contain the gray-black smoke after Mora's death.

He quickly killed dozens of planets and worlds where Mora gathered, and a large number of Mora were directly killed by him.

He did this to draw out the possible Lord of Mora, so he did not take prisoners and killed them all.

However, there was no Lord of Mora at all, and in the end it only alerted the powerful Mora in other gathering places.

A large number of Moruo woke up one after another, flew out of the gathering place with strange screams, and came to encircle and suppress Yu Guihai.

Yu Guihai was not polite and waved his hands to slaughter. The incomparably powerful disparity in strength made the Moruos have no resistance at all. A large number of Moruos died because of this, which was turned into fodder and collected by him.

Later, Mora was slaughtered so much by him that Mora behind him began to flee and did not dare to continue besieging Yu Guihai.

Yu Guihai chased after him slowly and unhurriedly, raising his hand from time to time, a large number of Moruo were beheaded by him.

Generally speaking, he rarely slaughtered on such a large scale, but these Moruos were the mortal enemies of the Immortal Realm and the culprit behind the destruction of the Immortal Realm. Therefore, he slaughtered these Moruos, which is a deserved revenge, and will not suffer any negative effects.

A little bit of time passed, and a large number of Moruo died under Yu Guihai's massacre.

Finally, an abnormal wave began to spread from the remote part of this star field.

"Lord of Mora, so you are here!"

Yu Guihai looked at the barren star field in the distance and said with a smile on his face.

He immediately released his powerful aura of the Great Luo Realm, and the terrifying aura rushed out frantically, and in an instant, the abnormal fluctuation was directly destroyed.

Yu Guihai moved and shot towards the place where the abnormal breath appeared.

Soon, Yu Guihai came to a huge meteor belt.

This meteorite belt is filled with all kinds of dead and cold meteorites, and there are many dangers inside, and the abnormal fluctuations in the Great Luojing he felt came from this meteorite belt.

"Go in and have a look."

Yu Guihai glanced at the meteor belt at will, and immediately had the motivation to move on. His curiosity was completely piqued.

Passing through the messy meteors all the way, Yu Guihai gradually rushed in the direction of the waves.

Here, Yu Guihai did not find the existence of any Moruo. It seems that this place should be wrapped up by the powerful Lord of Mora.

He continued to rush in the direction of the wave.

That unusual wave was like a lure, lured him forward. But Yu Guihai is not afraid of this, and who is the fisher still doesn't know.

After flying for a long time, Yu Guihai rushed out of a dense area of ​​meteorites, and he felt that his eyes were suddenly empty.

Here is an incomparably huge void, and at the very center of the void, there is a small black planet. This planet is as dark as a bottomless pit, and the Lord of Mora cannot be seen at all, but that powerful and strange wave is transmitted from here.

Yu Guihai observed it carefully, then raised his hand and pressed it towards the black planet. An incomparably terrifying force suddenly descended, as if to crush the black planet directly.


A terrifying wave suddenly erupted on the black planet, collided with the power of Yu Guihai, and then dissipated two by two.


Yu Guihai smiled lightly, and then pressed down with a palm. Immediately, an even greater power descended.

The existence of the black planet also seemed to feel a powerful threat, and a more terrifying resistance suddenly erupted.


rumbling rumbling~

The loud noise and vibration of incomparable intensity shook the void, and the power was extremely terrifying.

This time, Yu Guihai's palm had the upper hand. Although it was also broken by the weirdness, it still remained partially intact, and the remaining power was directly shot on the black planet.


The entire black planet suddenly collapsed, and the entire planet cracked with huge gaps, like a glass ball that was about to shatter. A terrifying black smoke came out of those gaps. This kind of black smoke naturally revealed an incomparably evil idea, which seemed to contain all the evils in the world.

"Stupid human, you shouldn't disturb my sleep!"

A terrifying roar came from the inside of the black planet. Although the sound was a little weird, it was the common language of the fairyland.

Yu Guihai was very surprised. He didn't expect this monster to be able to use the common language of the fairy world so proficiently.

"who are you?"

Yu Guihai asked indifferently. UU reading www.

"I am the Lord of Mora, this time, I want you to be my nourishment." The roar continued.

At this time, a terrifying wave suddenly erupted from the black planet, and then the entire explosion exploded, turning into countless thick and extremely dark smoke. The smoke contained a large amount of dust, spreading in all directions.

A pitch-black terrifying body emerged from the void, with infinite power and incomparably powerful.

Yu Guihai finally saw this figure clearly at this time.

This is an impressively tall giant, its body is covered with blood-colored lines, its eyes are red, and it emits blood-red light. The body of the giant seems to be somewhat incompatible with the soul.

Obviously, this giant is the unlucky strong man who was taken by Mora.

However, this giant powerhouse is also a big Luojing powerhouse. Unexpectedly, it would be taken away by the Lord of Mora.

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