Super Soldier King - Chapter 8158 Body secret method

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The top 100, so far, is still very good.

But Ye Qian is different. He is only a dozen or so super geniuses who have won the super quota. They should start at 5,000 steps to be qualified. Now they are only more than 3,000 steps, so slow. If you want to fall out of the list of 100, it will naturally be particularly eye-catching.

For a time, many pairs of eyes stayed on Ye Qian. Most of them were surprised, and some people took a closer look and didn't take it seriously. They didn't take it too seriously.

Some people hope that Ye Qian will be embarrassed and fall out of the five thousand steps, so that he will not only be embarrassed, but also the master of the Kunyun Secret Realm, Yufeng, will be embarrassed. For such a serious error in judgment, Maharaja Yufeng is not only responsible for himself, but even those who lead the entire Kunyun Secret Realm will be criticized and laughed at by others.

Of course, some people saw that Ye Qianyuan did not reach the limit, and every step was extremely stable, but for some reason, he would pause for a while before he took a step.

Some people think that he did it on purpose, so as to attract attention, so as to impress a big man in the eyes, maybe he was attracted to a big man because of his liking.

But only Ye Qian himself knew that he did all this not to attract attention, nor did he reach the limit of what he could bear, but that he gradually discovered that this ladder was a magical power during the process of climbing. The secret method is similar to the secret method of strengthening the flesh.

Therefore, he would stop at every step he took, and instead gradually felt a clearer context. This time, he was truly certain that this was an extremely great physical strengthening secret technique.

"It is worthy of the handwriting of a Tianzun-level powerhouse. Where is this a test? This is clearly a hidden body refining secret method taught by Tianzun Tianzun himself!" , is also very interested, this is to strengthen and improve the physical body with aspects that he has never touched before, and further improve the physical body to the ultimate state.

Although Ye Qian himself is not lacking in such secret methods, they are all different. Ye Qian can raise the physical body to the extreme, and then use this to constantly break the limit. But it needs the blessing of various geniuses and treasures.

However, this Tianyu Tianzun's body refining secret method does not require the help of various heaven and earth treasures. He only needs to practice all the way according to the secret method he left behind, and he can use the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and the mystery of Taoism to complete the transformation of the physical body.

Two secret methods, the same destination.

It's just that Ye Qian's secret method is easier to get started with, and its universality will be better. Many people can use it to practice, strengthen it step by step, and break the limit step by step.

But this Tianyu Tianzun's conjoined secret technique requires a very high level of talent and an extremely high understanding of the mysteries of Dao Yun. Normally, let alone a half-step monarch can't do it, even if it's a prince. Your Majesty may not be able to cultivate it to the state of perfection.

With such high requirements, it is destined that this kind of body training secret method cannot be popularized, because many people are unable to practice it, and when a person has the realm of a monarch-level monarch, this body training secret method will only be used. It doesn't seem that important anymore.

Now, Ye Qian finally understands what, why Tianyu Tianzun said that as long as he can successfully climb the ten thousand steps, he can become his direct disciple. If you want to reach the top of the ten thousand steps, I am afraid you must not only understand the true mystery of the ten thousand steps, but also cultivate this secret method of body refining to the entry level!

Ye Qian doesn't care about everyone's eyes. For him, this secret method of body refining can indeed save him a lot of training time, because he is confident that he can cultivate this secret method of body refining to at least the state of completeness, or even the perfection in one breath. territory.

In this way, it would save him the heaven and earth treasures that he doesn't know how much he needs to cultivate. Nowadays, what Ye Qian lacks the most is all kinds of precious treasures. Even if his talent is amazing, he may not be able to get all the cultivation resources he wants.

Moreover, for him, there is not enough time for cultivation resources. Moreover, to get so many benefits from someone, he also needs to pay.

On the other hand, the cultivator Tianyu Tianzun's body refining secret method not only has the hope of becoming Tianzun's direct disciple, but also saves a lot of heaven and earth treasures, why not do it?

As time passed, in the eyes of others, Ye Qian's walking speed was always very slow, and soon he completely fell behind, getting further and further away from those geniuses with super-capital resources. However, he himself was enjoying it, constantly perfecting the secret method of refining the body, and his body was undergoing some kind of change quietly.

Finally, when Ye Qian stepped out of the 3,800th step, the peak master of Houtu Peak, who was dignifiedly called an emperor-level powerhouse, took the initiative to transmit a voice to Ye Qian, expressing his willingness to accept him as a direct disciple.

Ye Qian was slightly taken aback, the peak master of Houtu Peak?

His goal is not the thirty-six peaks, his goal is at least the headmaster of the four meridians, and it is best to enter the heavenly palace and become the direct disciple of a certain palace master.

Of course, there is a big difference between this kind of active invitation and the teacher-apprentice relationship assigned by the above based on the final assessment results.

This kind of assessment occurs every 100,000 years. Those who call the emperor-level powerhouse generally treat it as a task. The direct disciples who are assigned and the disciples who take the initiative to accept will definitely not be treated well. will be the same.

Ye Qian refused the invitation of the Lord of the Thick Earth Peak without hesitation.

When the peak master of Houtu Peak saw this, he was quite surprised that the other party actually rejected the invitation of his dignified Houtu Peak peak master?

"This kid's heart seems to be really big. My dignified peak master of Houtu Peak personally invited him to accept him as a direct disciple, but he refused. Does he want to become a direct disciple of the Four Meridians? "The Peak Master of Houtu Peak was dumbfounded.

In fact, the probability of wanting to invite the headmasters of the Four Veins to personally invite them is very small. Normally, they would not pay much attention to the test here, unless someone can display a very amazing talent.

After Ye Qian refused the invitation of the other party, he continued to comprehend the secret method of body refining left by Tianyu Tianzun...

Unconsciously, there are fewer and fewer geniuses who are still climbing normally. For example, in the secret realm of Kunyun, Zhenhuang, who prides himself on being extraordinary and whose eyes are higher than the top, finally stopped at the 4,320 steps. Such achievements It can only be ranked in the top 100, and it is a relatively back position.

On the contrary, the performance of the swallowing beast is really dazzling. At this moment, he has reached the 4920th step. Although he has performed very hard, he is still expected to enter the fifth thousandth. step by step.

Judging from the current situation, Wutian ranks among the top 30, and is also the one who is temporarily at the forefront of Kunyun's secret realm.

Yufeng Dajun's expression is a little dignified at the moment, although Wutian's performance makes him very satisfied, and even has some expectations, crossing the 5000th level, that is the qualified level of the super quota. However, Ye Qian, a genius with a super quota that he had placed endless hopes on, behaved a little bit that made him confused.

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