Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4389 Situation in Immortal Burial Domain

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The nameless old monk raised his hand and knocked a world lord into the air, shaking his mind with a powerful Buddhist and Taoist power, making the Buddhist and Taoist will take advantage of the emptiness.

The Lord of the World was also in a trance and lost himself for a while.

The Great Compassionate Buddha took this opportunity to forcibly transform the Lord of this world and suppress it in the source world.

After Immortal Master Fortune and the others left, three world masters were suppressed in less than a breath, and the situation was instantly precarious.

"Good luck old thief, **** you!"

Among the powerhouses in the Immortal Burial Domain, the Lord of Divine Desolation looked resentful and cursed.

Compared with the two Great Compassionate True Buddhas, he resents the Immortal Lord Lucky even more. He and Daoist Lingyun signed a contract of heaven and earth with Immortal Lord Good Fortune. They were originally alliances. escape.

Although if he were to be placed in the position of Immortal Master Creation, he would also make this choice.

But it doesn't mean that he can understand the practice of Immortal Creation.

For a time, the mind and spirit of the Lord of Shenhuang were somewhat unbalanced, and he was eroded by the will of Buddhism and Taoism.

"God waste!"

When Daojun Lingyun saw this, he couldn't help but panic, and followed in the footsteps of the Lord of Divine Desolation.

The powerhouse on the side of the Immortal Burial Domain once again lost the combat power of the two world lords.

"Shameless bald donkey, even if I die, I don't want to be a Buddhist puppet."

A world lord burst into anger and gave a long whistle, arousing his own origin and wanting to expose himself.


However, the Great Compassionate True Buddha recited the Buddha's name, and the sound of the Buddha roared loudly.

On one side, a Buddhist country emerged, and among them, countless believers, Arhat Bodhisattva, sat cross-legged, recited the Buddhist scriptures in unison, and blessed the true Buddha of Great Compassion.


As soon as the Great Compassionate Buddha raised his hand, a huge 'swastika' rose into the sky, gathering infinite Buddha light, vast Buddha sounds, and encompassing thousands of Buddha countries.

Then, wrapped in an unmatched momentum, it fell with a bang.

Under the light of the Buddha's light, the sound of the Buddha swept through, and the Lord of the World who wanted to expose himself had a stagnant expression, and the anger on his face dissipated in an instant.

With no thoughts of the five poisons, such as greed, hatred, and ignorance, he sat down with the Buddha's will on his face.

In an instant, the Lord of the World was forcibly transformed into a devout Buddhist believer than a mortal old monk who had been fasting and chanting Buddha for decades.

Although it is not a complete conversion to Buddhism, it has temporarily lost the power to resist.

This is the power of the Nine Heavens True Immortal!

Even if the true Buddha of Great Compassion has not regained his peak power, it is enough to forcibly convert a suppressed world master in the middle of the virtual fairyland.

Over time, the remaining world lords did not suppress them in turn.

"Because of the mistakes of the little monk, the three world masters were released, and I asked the Buddha to punish him."

The nameless old monk stepped forward, put his hands together, and bowed to the Buddha of Great Compassion.

"It's okay, you've done a very bad job."

The Great Compassionate True Buddha showed a merciful look on his face: "That little guy cultivated the Heavenly Art of Fortune and Creation, and he is the disciple of that fellow, and he has the true immortal heritage in his body. If you can't stop it, it's not a mistake.

Moreover, the purpose of this seat has been achieved. "

While speaking, the Great Compassionate True Buddha swept away the many saved world lords, and the color of mercy on his face became more intense.

"True immortal heritage?"

The nameless old monk's eyes narrowed, and a flash of clarity flashed in his eyes.

As He had guessed, the phantom before that was the rhyme left by the Nine Heavens True Immortal.

"Judging from the situation of the little guy, the good fortune guy is probably born long ago, and he was resurrected before this seat, and this seat is already a step behind.

After that, the Immortal Burial Domain will definitely not be calm again. Some things must be put on the agenda in advance, and arrangements must be made early. "

The eyes of the Great Compassionate Buddha flickered.

"Yes, follow my Buddha's will."

The nameless old monk condensed in his heart and bowed.

As for what will happen in the future of Immortal Burial Domain, only the disciples under the True Immortal Sect can predict, because only the disciples of the True Immortals know that many Nine Heavens True Immortals cannot truly fall.

In other words, as early as the birth of the Immortal Burial Domain, the disciples of the true immortals were preparing for the resurrection of the true immortals.

In particular, many of the disciples of the True Immortals who stayed in the Immortal Burial Territory only stayed in the Immortal Immortal Territory in order to obtain the inheritance of the True Immortal.

But in fact, most of the disciples of the true immortals follow the will of the true immortals and prepare for the recovery of the true immortals.

Even if they did not follow the will of the real immortal, they were calculated by the real immortal, so the previous good luck fairy master and Taiyi Demon Venerable were all the body that the good luck true immortal prepared for themselves.

That is to say, with the recovery of the True Immortal of Fortune and the True Buddha of Great Compassion, the other True Immortals of the Nine Heavens will also recover.

At that time, the situation of Immortal Burial Domain will undergo huge changes.

For the nine-day true immortals such as the Great Compassionate True Buddha, as long as they are resurrected, not to mention the rapid recovery to the peak, but at least they can quickly restore the cultivation base of the peak of the virtual fairyland.

After all, for Jiutian Zhenxian, this road has already been traveled once, and now it is just a re-travel.

When the Nine Heavens True Immortals, such as the Great Compassionate True Buddha, return to the pinnacle of the Immortal Immortal Realm, the situation of the entire Immortal Burial Domain will change rapidly.

In today's Immortal Burial Domain, the only existences who are qualified to compete with the many Nine Heavens True Immortals are only the few masters of the peak world of the Void Immortal Realm.

Because only the world master at the peak of the virtual fairyland has the strength to compete with the nine-day true immortal.

But in the Immortal Burial Domain, how many world masters have broken through the peak of the virtual fairyland?

The nameless old monk can already meet the situation of the Immortal Burial Territory in the future. The nine-day true immortals occupy most of the Immortal Burial Territory, and several world masters at the peak of the virtual fairyland barely compete with it.

"Go down."

The Great Compassionate Buddha waved his hand and signaled the nameless old monk to leave.

The nameless old monk bowed slightly, then turned and went down to prepare for the comeback of the Great Mercy Sect.

Previously, although the Great Mercy Sect was regarded as a dominant world in the Immortal Burial Domain, it was not too high-profile, and it only occupied one side of the Great Thousand World.

At this moment, with the return of the True Buddha of Great Compassion, and the many world masters who have been transformed, the power of the Great Compassion Sect will inevitably skyrocket.

As the No. 2 figure in the Great Compassion Sect, the nameless old monk must prepare early.

Moreover, the news about other true immortals also needs him to investigate.


After the nameless old monk left, the Great Compassionate True Buddha closed his eyes again and recited the Buddhist scriptures in his mouth.

In front of him, a group of powerhouses in the Immortal Burial Domain who had been forcibly converted by him also sat cross-legged and recited the Buddhist scriptures with him.

Although these Immortal Burial Domain powerhouses have been forcibly transformed by the Great Compassionate True Buddha, it does not mean that they have been completely transformed.

Especially the Lord of the World, whose soul is strong enough, if he doesn't care, he may not have the possibility to break free from the shackles in the future.

In order to avoid this possibility, the True Buddha of Great Compassion must wash the minds of these immortal burial powerhouses with the sound of Buddha, so that they can completely convert to the Great Compassion Sect.

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