The eSports King’s Crush - Chapter 1678 someone who eats soft rice

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   Chapter 1678 Someone who eats soft rice

"I think it's good for Sister Bei to release the water properly." The little devil Bo stood up straight, and when facing Mo Bei, he didn't have the arrogance just now, but smiled sweetly, like a little angel: "Otherwise. , Someone who eats soft rice always feels depended on and cannot learn to grow."

It goes without saying who    someone refers to.

   The named Young Master Feng glanced over here, neither cold nor hot.

   When Han Junxi saw this, his thoughts came up. Could it be that Qin...z's son is at odds with King?

   That's easy!

  Han Junxi rolled his eyes and began to think of a strategy.

  The little devil Qin over there was fearless, holding a small face, but cute and loving: "Sister Bei, do you think I'm right?"

  Mo Bei lowered his eyes and gave no answer.

   But he also had a plan in his heart.

  Zhao Sanpang laughed twice, raised his eyebrows and said, "What are you waiting for, come on."

   "Okay." Mo Bei raised his cuff with one hand, looked at Qing Jun, pushed the door open, and entered without any hesitation.

   The others also walked over.

   Top single, mid laner, jungler, adc.

   That's right, Mo Bei was assigned to a support position.

   Rather than being arranged, it is better to say that she chose it herself.

  There is a sentence, An An is right, if she always leads the rhythm, it will make Han Xi and Teng Hui difficult to play.

   "Shi Niang" said that every player should always cooperate with his teammates, not just let his teammates cooperate with you.

  Mo Bei's finger stopped for a while.

   There seems to be the sloppy smile of the master back then.

   "Bei, you have to believe that other people in this team besides you can be on their own, so the game will be interesting."

   Mo Bei thought of this, and when he looked at the little man outside the glass door, the corner of his mouth softened, and his voice was faint: "Lock it."

   "Really?" Adolph was a little flustered: "I haven't played in the middle, hey!"

  Mo Bei raised his eyes: "The opposing team didn't send Ye Bing either."

   "Does it matter?" Adolph looked bewildered.

  Mo Bei opened the screen: "This is not the strongest lineup of the H country team."

   Adolph touched his chin and suddenly realized: "So we don't have to send the strongest? No wonder my captain didn't come."

  Who knows, but Mo Bei said: "When Huan Leng ends up on the court, we are the strongest now. I want to say that they can fight no matter what, and so do we. You lock the middle lane."


  No, God bey, who gave you the courage to say such a thing.

   I don’t look like you are omnipotent, you can do it anywhere.

   Can you give me back my way of confrontation!

   Adolf didn't have time to speak, the hero had already been locked for him.

   His facial expression says it all.

   "Wait a minute! Wait a minute, ah me, damn, does this hero look so good-looking?"

   Sure enough, he can change his mind in minutes.

   "Isn't it because of this reason that Panda has always loved the mid laner?"

As he said that, Adolf made the hero in his hand turn around, and brought a burst of flower petals: "Ah... I'm too beautiful to play by myself, these legs, this face, goddess." What are you shy about.

   The corner of Panda Bear's mouth twitched: ... you are ashamed, can you not bring me!

  He runs a public channel.

  The players of the H country team can also hear it.

   looked at each other for a while.

   “Are they analyzing tactics?”

   "It doesn't sound like it, can the deputy team translate it for us?"

  ZAI coughed: "There is nothing to translate, he is admiring his hero."

  H country team players:…

   (end of this chapter)

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