The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 1084 - Godly Pot

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Chapter 1084: Godly Pot

Near the western border of Heavenly Star Nation was a mountain range called the Wild Goose Mountains.

Near the mountain was a large city called Wild Goose City.

The city was bustling with noise and excitement.

The aftermath of the events of the past few days was still present. Everyone in all the taverns was passionately discussing the events of that day.

“That Qin guy… I mean, King Qin is really something. I saw him beat up the Jiang family patriarch with my own eyes! He’s so cool!”

“Sigh, I pity the Jiang family! The Yushi patriarch also suffered greatly. I’ve heard that even if he manages to recover, his cultivation base would drop drastically.”

“Sigh! Those two families are really unlucky!”

In a tavern, the people discussed the news over liquor.

“I say, no one has ever been as brazen as King Qin. He’s unprecedented and will never be surpassed!”

“Just think about it. He’s gone up against the ten great sects and conferred families and even the primordial scions. Anyone who dared to offend even one of them would have already been long dead. However, King Qin seems to be prospering.

“Until now, the great sects and conferred families haven’t been able to do anything to him. He’s just that awesome!”

Many people agreed with his sentiments.

“Awesome! I really admire him!”

In the corner, Tang Hao took a sip of liquor and could not help but laugh.

After drinking for a while, he tossed a few crystals on the table and headed into the mountains.

He did not return to East End Nation. It was quite a few days’ journey from there to East End Nation, and he did not want to waste that time.

East End Nation was really remote. In the future, if he had anything to do, he would have to leave East End Nation and spend a lot of time traveling.

After doing some calculations, he had been in the First Continent for almost ten months. He did not have much time left. Soon, he would have to return to the Ninth Continent and get back to Earth.

During that period, he had to grow his power as much as possible.

He went deep into the mountains, entered a cave, and sat down.

He waved his hand and retrieved a white wolf that he had caught along the way. Then, he activated the Path of Time and Rebirth and pointed at it.

Enveloped by the power of time, the white wolf quickly aged. In the end, it was reduced to only skin and bones.

Soon, the process began to reverse. The white wolf gradually returned to its original state.

The Path of Time and Rebirth was truly profound. Tang Hao had only comprehended a little, and that was as much as he could do.

However, it was enough for now. In a pinch, it could intimidate the faction leaders.

Then, he checked the contents of his rings.

“I’m too poor!”

He sighed emotionally after looking through each of them.

Back then, he had mountains of treasures in each of the storage rings. Now, he only had a few left. Everything else was expended to block the Tribulation of Lightning.

Anyone who heard that would be livid.

The dozen or so items in the ring were all supreme treasures, but he had complained about being poor. Where was the justice?

He was a little surprised when he saw the lightning reservoir. “It’s time to repair the Barbarian God!” He muttered.

Next, he did exactly that. He took out the Barbarian God and began to repair it.

The Barbarian God was severely injured in the earlier battle. One of his arms was completely gone, and his body was full of injuries. It was very troublesome to repair, so Tang Hao simply crafted another one.

The Barbarian God was crafted using the remains he had obtained from the ancient barbarian tribe. An outer layer of armor was then crafted over it.

He removed the outer armor and began to craft new pieces from the materials he obtained from robbing countless people.

The materials he had were piled up into a mountain, and many of them were extremely rare. Combining the materials, he made an even bigger body.

A few days later, strange sounds could be heard from the depths of the mountain range.

At first, it was the sound of thunder. Then, it was a terrifying roar that did not sound like man or beast.

Many people heard it and went into the mountain to investigate, but they did not find anything.

However, the sounds became more and more frequent.

Then, someone saw an unknown creature in the mountain. It was a hundred meters tall and looked like a primordial god. Its qi aura was extremely terrifying.

In the blink of an eye, that thing disappeared.

At first, many people thought that someone was making up stories, but more and more sightings were reported.

Before anyone could see it clearly, that thing would disappear. It was very strange.

When Tang Hao came out of the mountains and returned to the city, he could hear everyone talking about it.

However, more people were discussing another matter.

“Did you hear? After learning that King Qin didn’t die, the primordial scions were furious. All the divine envoys were sent out to look for him! Apart from the divine envoys, the other Divine Mountains sent out many of their scions.”

“Hah, divine envoys? That’s going to be interesting!”

“Divine envoys?”

Tang Hao was surprised. He remembered that big bird.

“Hmph, stupid bird, I make you into a stew sooner or later!”

Tang Hao grunted coldly, and the killing intent in his eyes soared.

Back at the mountains, he began to ponder.

The Barbarian God had already been repaired. More precisely, it had been upgraded. It was much more powerful, especially the lightning reservoir that was filled with lightning water from the Tribulations.

There were still a lot of materials left, so he could not waste them.

After pondering for a long time, Tang Hao’s eyes lit up. He slapped his thigh and said, “Right. Why don’t I make a pot?”

“Those b*stards want to kill me, right? I’ll make a big pot and make a lot of stew!”

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. He felt that that was a great idea.

“The pot must be big, and it can also change its size at will. It needs to be very tough, and it should heat up automatically. The temperature can be adjusted so that I can make a good pot of stew.”

Tang Hao listed out the requirements and began to design.

Finally, he drew a blueprint.

“I’ll call it… the Godly Pot!”

Tang Hao gave it a name.

He inspected his supreme treasures again and dismantled some of the ones that he did not find much use. Then, he used those materials to make the Godly Pot.

After refining something as complicated as the Barbarian God, refining a pot was not a big deal.

With ultimate-grade materials and top-notch talismanic formations, Tang Hao finally crafted a supreme treasure.

On the day the pot was completed, a beam of treasure light shot up into the sky and pierced through the clouds.

The treasure light turned the night into day. Everyone within a thousand-mile radius could see it.

“Oh my god! What’s that?”

Many people from the sects in the mountain range were alarmed.

They looked toward the direction of the mountain with shock.

“Treasure light! That’s treasure light! A supreme treasure must have appeared!”

Many people remembered the rumors from a few days ago. Coupled with the treasure light in front of them, they were certain that a supreme treasure had appeared.

They were immediately excited. Groups of people rushed out from the different factions and hurriedly headed toward the mountains.

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