The Way of the Immortal Master - v2 Chapter 2273 misleading

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Guantian Pavilion's face that acts for the sky is very hateful, and even the other forces that are holy land sects are not used to it.

But I have to say that the reason why Guantian Pavilion is so arrogant is that it has enough capital.

As far as Meng Zhang knew, powerful sects such as the sects in the major holy places would try their best to support the celestial masters to meet various needs.

Among them, the Heavenly Secret Master of Guantian Pavilion seems to be particularly powerful, surpassing the other Heavenly Secret Masters.

The strongest celestial masters among the major holy land sects have always been recognized as coming from Guantian Pavilion.

Meng Zhang is now hiding in the dark to sense that he has indeed encountered a strong enemy in the field of celestial secrets this time.

The celestial technique on Daling Heshen does not have a clever envoy of celestial secret masters, it is just an instinctive spontaneous resistance, the shielding strength is limited, and it is about to be seen through by the other party.

Meng Zhang did not rush to take action, nor did he directly join the confrontation.

There are quite a few celestial masters in the major holy land sects, and now it is very likely that only the strongest Guantian Pavilion celestial master has shot.

If it is noticed that there is a cultivator who is secretly helping Daling Heshen, and the two sides have entered into a confrontation with the celestial technique, it is temporarily impossible to calculate the whereabouts of Dalinghe God, and other celestial masters will definitely help one after another.

In this way, Meng Zhang will be caught in the endless confrontation of the secret technique, and he will be outnumbered.

The level of celestial masters cultivated by Taiyimen is still very limited, and they are unable to participate in such celestial warfare.

Gu Yue Fenghua, the only one who could help Meng Zhang a little, would not change the situation of being outnumbered even if he joined in.

According to the information provided by the ancient capital Taoist, capturing the Daling River God is the will of the true immortals, and the major holy land sects must go all out to complete it.

If the major holy land sects were forced to sacrifice the celestial masters they had cultivated under the pressure of the true immortals, and let them forcibly calculate at all costs, then the pressure on Meng Zhang would be even greater, and it was very likely that they would not be able to resist.

Therefore, in this confrontation with the Secret Technique, Meng Zhang couldn't foolishly confront the opponent head-on, and he had to deal with it with more ingenious means.

Meng Zhang carefully ran the Da Yanshen calculation, and gently cleaned up the connection with the Daling River God.

The link that originally pointed to Meng Zhang on the Daling River God was moved by him and pointed in another direction.

Meng Zhang chose the True Dragon Clan as his target.

The secret headquarters of the indigenous gods is located in the depths of the West Sea, on the verge of the territory of the True Dragon Clan.

Over the years, the indigenous gods have clearly been sheltered and protected by the True Dragon Clan.

The major holy land sects are well aware of this, but they have nothing to do with the real dragon clan.

The True Dragon Clan shelters the indigenous gods, obviously targeting cultivators.

It is completely reasonable for the True Dragon Clan to take in and protect the Daling River God.

In fact, after the previous search for the Daling River God had been fruitless, the top sects of the major holy places guessed that someone was covering him up.

Among them, the real dragon family is the biggest suspect.

Meng Zhang guided the connection with the Daling River God to the True Dragon Clan, completely following the trend, which was in line with the speculation of the top sects of the major holy places.

These actions are easy to say, but Meng Zhang is very difficult to do.

Not only did he want to mislead the other party's secret master, but he couldn't expose himself to participate in it.

All his actions are very careful, trying not to reveal the slightest flaw.

If Meng Zhang's behavior is exposed, it will be a real firefight. No matter what you do afterwards, you can't undo it.

Meng Zhang's injury has not recovered, so he carried out this kind of laborious action.

After a while, he felt a sense of exhaustion.

Fortunately, his ability to mobilize the Heavenly Mystery Technique has little to do with his own cultivation level, and is limited by his injury.

Meng Zhang insisted on performing the Dayan divine calculation. Although it was very hard, he could barely persevere.

Before the other party's Tian Ji Shi knew it, Meng Zhang guided his calculated direction to the side of the True Dragon Clan.

Then, Meng Zhang suddenly cast a spell to cut off all connections with the Daling River God.

At this point, the clues to the Dalinghe God were suddenly interrupted after the real dragon family was involved.

With the background of the True Dragon Clan, he also cultivated a brilliant celestial master.

After realizing that the Heavenly Secret Master had estimated the whereabouts of the Dalinghe God, the Heavenly Secret Master of the True Dragon Clan promptly cut off all connections, which was a very normal reaction.

After doing all this, Meng Zhang did not continue to exert his strength, but carefully watched various changes.

After a long time, none of the Heavenly Secret Masters continued to calculate the whereabouts of the Dalinghe God.

Obviously, the other side's celestial master accepted this result and believed that the whereabouts of Dalinghe God was unknown and related to the real dragon clan.

No matter what kind of inheritance of the celestial masters, when calculating the celestial secrets, they must pay a certain price, and they must face the problem of the backlash of the heavens.

Now that a relatively clear result has been calculated, the other side's celestial master is unwilling to continue to pay the price.

If the Heavenly Secret Master does not know how to control his calculations, once the backlash of the Heavenly Dao comes, the end will be extremely miserable.

After a long time, seeing that there was no other change, Meng Zhang guessed that his misleading should have succeeded, and slowly drew his attention back.

If the major holy land sects are really misled by themselves, thinking that the True Dragon Clan has taken in the Daling River God, then the excitement will be great.

Especially now, the army of the True Dragon clan is pressing down on the realm, threatening the East China Sea and confronting the major sects of the Holy Land.

On one side is the will of the true immortal, which cannot be violated, and the Daling River God must be captured.

On one side is the real dragon clan with extraordinary background, very powerful, and aggressive.

Meng Zhang is really looking forward to what kind of response will be made by the senior leaders of the sects in the major holy places.

The best situation is that the two sides fight and fall into a long war.

In that case, the major holy land sects should no longer be able to deal with the Taiyi Sect.

Meng Zhang didn't know how long his actions this time could mislead the senior officials of the sects of the various holy places.

He must seize the precious time and spare no effort to improve the combat effectiveness of Taiyi Sect.

When Meng Zhang attacked the secret headquarters of the native gods this time, he gained a lot, especially the batch of source crystals.

If Meng Zhang can completely absorb and refine it, his cultivation will definitely be improved to a higher level.

Meng Zhang did not delay, and immediately began to retreat and practice, trying to completely absorb and refine these source crystals as quickly as possible.

Other monks in Taiyi Sect, especially those high-level monks, also seized the time to improve their cultivation.

Too wonderful in the underworld, was already absorbing and refining the crystals of divine power harvested from Devil May Cry Mountains.

Originally, he practiced step by step, but in order to gain more powerful power as soon as possible, he began to try to absorb the power of faith.

Generally speaking, ghosts and gods in the underworld are more difficult to absorb and utilize the power of faith than gods in the Yang world.

Among the indigenous gods in the Junchen world and the Shenchang world, many of them can absorb and utilize the power of belief at the level of the Yuanshen stage.

And the ghosts and gods in the underworld can try at least in the period of returning to the void.

Many born ghosts and gods are even more reluctant to absorb the power of belief.

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